Friday, December 13, 2013

SENATOR WARREN'S "2 Sense" ... Too BIG to FAIL? ... NO ... Too RIGGED to NAIL is All ... The "Economies & Monopolies" Edition (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.8)

I wanted to post this Part 8 of a couple simple video's this week from Senator Warren because the media has been saturated with this widely publicized budget deal that was worked out by Sen. Murray and Congressman Ryan which is being covered as if it is some gift from God. And I'm sure it's nice and sweet and all that, and Murray and Ryan said they been working on it together for a year, etc, etc ... but basically all it is saying is that they wont sequester for a couple year's and price's will go up, and taxing, and benefit's for vet's and folk's retired, pension's and such will be "modified" which is basically slight cut's, etc .... which is pretty much a sort of half assed promise that we wont get fucked too hard over the next couple year's, so we can feel relieved of course and get on to planning on voting for the next round of corporate selected flunkies who will be funneled in with million's of dollar's from the corporate supporter's, etc. And hopefully as a result of their hard work, Congress can get an approval rating before the next election of higher than 9% from the American people ... which is also sweet and nice. Basically this was reached because they had to, because people are so sick and tired of nothing getting done, it's just when they do get anything done ... again, you get something taken away from you in the process. And I'm sure someone can read this and many of my posting's and think ... "that Ranch Chimp is one ungrateful SOB ... " ... and that's fine, but I expect to get what we pay for and retain what we have earned is all ... I'm not easy to jump for joy when a few peanut's are tossed to me, if you are ... good for you.

What I would love to see, I reckon you can say a fantasy of mine ... is to give Senator Warren an executive type power to work on engineering a plan and pulling a crew together to work on the economy without corporate political lobby interference and rigging the deck ... just one year at that, not asking too much, and see what she can do. If she fail's, well ... we didnt lose a thing and are back at square one ... but I think she could reverse this downward economic trend and turn this economy around and downsize some of these unofficial monopolies ... in fact ... I would bet my Dallas Cowboys training short's and sweatshirt on it! ... that's how confident I am in this woman! Some whiner's will call her a socialist who hates business and profit, blah, blah, blah ... SHE IS NOT ... in fact, she is very pro- business and profit, she know's business and politic's and also law ... she should be everything that Washington would want frankly ... BUT NOOOO ... they would rather praise other's in  the news daily that frankly dont do jack squat but screw thing's up more than they already are. Enough from me and listen to Senator Warren ... she is as straight to the point as it get's ... with her common 2 sense.

Elizabeth Warren destroys Bloomberg hosts on Social Security 'entitlements crisis' ... Thanx to MARIE MARR

Senator Elizabeth Warren: High- Stakes Gambling? Not With Our Savings ... Thanx to BLOOMBERG





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Infidel753 said...

What I would love to see, I reckon you can say a fantasy of mine ... is to give Senator Warren an executive type power to work on engineering a plan and pulling a crew together to work on the economy without corporate political lobby interference and rigging the deck

The next best thing would be for her to be President. She's probably not running, unfortunately.

Still, she needs a higher profile and I hope she'll reach it. She not only understands these issues, she can explain them so that people will understand. No wonder the parasite class is so worried about her.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh yeah Infidel ... I heard her saying somewhere's that she didnt plan on running, of course I would like to see her as President (but she also dont have that big support as far as "name"), but I also like seeing her on the Senate Banking Committee too, so I kinda have mixed feeling like with Sen. Sanders, being that they are REALLY doing some valuable work as Senator's, if that make's any sense.

Oh yeah, she is more despised than President Obama actually by that parasitic class, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, {: )she even make's politician's in Congress show their TRUE colour's, when all they talk about is how they want to be BIPARTISAN, work with the President, etc, etc ... cause they try to knock her down and every bloody thing she proposes {: ) She get's these SOB's that are pro- investment banker's on your saving's/ checking/ and retirement account's tongue tied even during grilling session's, the same one's who dont directly say anyhting, know no one, (not even who worx for them {: ) seen anything and have periodic memory deficiencies (only when their being grilled notice).

But yeah, that's one of the thing's that I like about Elizabeth, is that she can make thing's plain and simple explaining what otherwise is presented by those in the industry as over- complicated (which they designed it to be that way), yet at the same time she's a good hustler, cause you gotz to be a good hustler to crack the banking hustler's, because their the best of the best (and she made Jamie Dimon long ago and called his game). But she know's who can do what too, and who has the experience, so she is also good at selecting talent to set up a good hand picked crew.

Thanx for your voice on this Infidel ....