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DIAMANDA GALAS (PT.3): Interview on AIDS/HIV, Guns, Violence, Liberals, Hypocrisy & Music ... & "Skotoseme (w/ John Paul Jones)", "Double Barrel Prayer", "Lamentations & Sono L'Antichristo"

Part 3 of Diamanda Galas (part's 2 & 1 here) will be a couple 1992 interview's, some of her view's/ opinion's on thing's from AIDS, gun's, violence, liberals to music. Whether or not you agree or disagree with her on anything, it is a treat to hear her out, because she is so straight, and sitting down with a person like her for some chat is the real treat, because of so much being smothered today in political pop culture correctness, which some of the stuff today to me is really nauseating and boring to have to listen to, and being straight get's a tad rare in todayz society, so that is what makes it worth it (Yes, I've met Diamanda too). Of course a strong inspiration for her AIDS activism comes too from the death of her brother Philip- Dimitri, and alot of progress has been made in the last quarter century on that, but it still is a disease/ virus of concern, especially in the young heterosexual communities. A long time friend of mine for over 30 year's now and fellow musician was diagnosed HIV+ back around 2001/ 2002, he has been on med's since and doing fine so far. Although a couple other friend's from year's back died from it, having it went into full blown AIDS, one of them was a lady who actually got it from her husband.

Ms. Galas is one that is misunderstood as well (although she probably dont give a shit either, I actually have alot in common with her on that), she has been popularly labeled as a witch, devil worshipper or other related nonsense, although if you really listen to her closely and what she stand's for and against ... she is none of any. She is an outstanding vocalist in any genre, pianist, composer, intense showmanship aura, intelligent, straight spoken, beautiful, level headed, truely a "freethinker", strong and determined ... the cream of the crop in my opinion of an American woman!

I also wanted to include some of her work she done year's back with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, some of her other worx, which all have a story/ message to tell, so seeing Ms. Galas perform is alot more than just a concert ... and it's a serious message and eye opener, she doesnt care to get applause and cheered too much in her show, she prefer's for folk's to come away with a message and food for thought, and would rather folk's just remain quiet you can say, and Thanx Diamanda for all the great art/ music and wishing you your fondest wishes for the new year. Enough from me ... Enjoy! {: )





Diamanda Galas- Interview + Live Toronto 1992 ... Thanx to OLDTOTAPER

Diamanda Galas- Double Barrel Prayer ... Thanx to MARTHYNNA

Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones- Skotoseme (live) ... Thanx to GINNYROLL

Diamanda Galas- CBC Interview + Live Toronto 1992 ... Thanx to OLDTOTAPER

Diamanda Galas. Plague Mass. Lamentations & Sono L'Antichristo (live NYC 1991) ... Thanx to ONLY DIAMANDA GALAS


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