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This posting to also serve both series for this journal of "Public Patriot's" & "Sexploitation Nation" concerning the recent news behind the New Jersey waitress and former U.S. Marine Dayna Morales who claim's to have been discriminated by customer's at the restaraunte she worked at, being left a note on the receipt/ check from a familia and table she served saying that they didnt approve of her lifestyle and therefore could not tip her. So first some newsread and video below, then I will add my part to this. And if I am wrongly accusing Dayna myself in this posting I certainly will admit it later and apologize, but my gut instinct watching her closely make's me feel she is not being straight about this, and I feel that she like some other's in this growing American sub- culture actually do these thing's to attack straight/ heterosexual people, and perhap's people that are say of christian faith or value's.

***** NBC4 NEW YORK: Waitress in Anti- Gay Note Dispute Was Dishonorably Discharged From Marines: Source (newsread and video's)





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I'm glad I didnt do a posting on this when it first came up in the news, because I myself when I first heard it briefly thought how shameful this was, in particular about this young lady serving her country as a Marine, etc, and this shit like went viral quick ... just because she happen's to be lesbian/ gay. But after following up on this and watching Dayna in an interview, I frankly dont believe her story, and now even many folk's are questioning this, I'm not sure if she had admitted to falsely accusing this familia or not, last I heard is that Dayna still stick's to her story. I dont have any problemo with one not approving of one's (or mine) 'lifestyle' actually, I mean, some dont approve of my lifestyle, etc ... I never really gave a shit though. If I were a gay/ lesbian and they told me they didnt approve of my lifestyle, I would tell them to find another table and tell the boss I refuse to serve them basically, or even just tell them straight up ... " ask me if I care ... " ... but this happened after she already served them. What first made me question this is ... how would they know about her lifestyle? or even what her lifestyle was? or even that she is a lesbian? (some folk's may sound, look or act gay/ lesbian in other word's, but may NOT be, get what I mean? ... in other word's how can you know, unless they admit to it, or you had sex with them, eh?) ... so not much of this make's sense. If they also knew so much about her lifestyle and/ or who she sleep's with, they must have also known she was a U.S. Marine, eh? ... so were they opposed to the 'Marines lifestyle'?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) And if they already knew when they came in the restaraunte, because they said they were a frequent customer, why did they choose her table? I mean, they could have requested another server/ table/ section, get my drift?, so it didnt require much thought on my part, something just didnt add up basically from the get- go.

You see ... alot of folk's dont realize this, but "bigotry" has more than one face and phase in our nation ... there are many so called liberated bigot's in our country as well, of course they may not have southern accent's and are usually well educated people (but that doesnt mean they are intelligent or have any goddamn common sense either ... or let's say "utilize" the intelligence that comes with nature like common sense, eh?), even some highly praised and loved in their communities at that. But what these people dont come out and say, is about their equal hatred toward's folk's that may be straight/ heterosexual, and especially for those who may embrace a faith like christianity and have old school familia values. Some of these folk's assume even that the majority of the population are unknowingly gay/ bisexual themselves (yes, I have had gay people tell me this themselves).  There are even people that are so opposed to thing's like marriage, family, pro- life, etc ... that they are out to attack it and those who embrace it. But what some of ya'll dont realize in the fantasy world's that your twisted mindset is in, is that some folk's just may not feel like experimenting with the same sex and are simply by their nature only attracted to the opposite sex, just as much as you may be by your nature attracted to the same sex ... that doesnt mean their in some closet and denial either, eh? Just the same as some folk's for instance really feel bad as well about aborting their child, some may embrace old school christian familia value's, just like ya'll embrace your value's, etc.

The donation's once this went viral were coming in good and even customer's at the restaraunte she worked at were waiting in line to be served at her table, and even to give her big tip's, so many came to her rescue. I feel like the familia she accused didnt want to be on film because perhap's afraid of retaliation against them, because of how popular it is now ... so my heart goes out to this familia, especially the criticism this familia had to take and possible bullying because of Dayna. To be honest Dayna, I really dislike mother fucker's like you just as much as I dislike these extreme christian or muslim fundamoralist's, to me ya'll are about as much the same breed of cult's. And for me, this isnt just insulting to the gay/ lesbian community, but even to the Marine Corp Dayna ... but I really dont have any reason to believe your victimhood story ... in my view of this whole "charade" Dayna ... this familia are the victim's, and frankly you should be paying their bloody bill/ check! To me, your nothing more than a goddamn parasite.

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