Thursday, December 5, 2013

PARADISE to MEGA- ICE: "DALLAS- Land of FIRE & ICE", The "All in a DAY on the RANCH" Edition ... DONT BE ALARMED PT. 13 ... You're in Dallas {: 0 **** & 12/ 06- 09/ 13 Updates

Central Dallas "Lightning Show"

Part 13 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will look at what I call the Yo- Yo climate season's of Dallas- Fort Worth and the variable sudden changes in weather here ... there's an ole saying here on the ranch, that if you dont like the weather ... stick around a day or two ... it'll change! {: ) Dayz like today or this week must be a shock to tourist's who never been here, wondering what in Hell is going on?!! I mean ... yesterday you could be laying at the pool under a palm tree, frozen Margarita in hand, etc at a pleasant dry sunny 80 degree's ... yet today ... ankle deep in ice! ... enjoying the beautiful array of flower's/ garden's one day ... and smothered in a array of freeway vehicle wreck's the next due to ice covered freewayz, even on a hot summer day in the upper 90's, enjoying the fun in sun ... and BOOM, in a matter of a couple hour's get bombarded with hail stones the size of golf ball's and 3"-4" deep in the street's ... a nice calm spring day ... and a lightning storm better than a light show at a big rock concert event! ... or an afternoon with calmed wind's in hour's will turn into tornado cloud's forming overhead. Dallas has to be the most exciting weather city I have ever seen in the USA ( I never been to Alaska or Hawaii though ).

Once year's back one morning on the job (never forget it, because it was "April Fools" day) a co- worker walk's in the door on a beautiful sunny morning April 1st (he just moved here from Los Angeles) and he said "Mornin Tom" I said "Mornin Aaron ... did ya bring a coat?" (he was just wearing a short sleeve shirt) ... he looked puzzled and said "No ... why?" I told him were fixin to get an ice/ sleet/ snow storm in a couple hour's , it was on the news weather ... he actually laughed and said .... "Yeah Tom ... I know ... "April Fools" ... I just smiled and said ... "Okee Dokey" ... man oh man did he freak out by lunch time when he said he didnt know how to drive in ice to get home in such a mess, and never seen anything like it ... it was at least 2" to 3" inches deep already of ice and sleet. Well, enough from me and on to below video and newsread, then some images/ photos from around town thoughout the year ... Enjoy!

Huge ice storm slams southern states ... Thanx to CNN **** as they explain in the video, the day before the ice came, beautiful warm weather

***** CNN/ U.S.: Storm's 1- 2- 3 punch: Frigid, snowy and icy  (newsread)


**** FRI. 12/ 06/ 13 UPDATE: It did get lousy overnight and unfortunately more is on the way today and tomorrow (saturday), the problemo is that temp's wont get out of freezing and not higher temp's than teen's this weekend. What happen's is because of the abundant amount of tree's especially in our neighbourhood's, the ice gather's on the leaves, and the weight break's the branches which fall on the power lines breaking them and causing power outages. This morning there are roughly 242,000 folk's put out of power due to this, so I hope it doesnt get much more (it's still early am friday as I write this), but this isnt too bad considering this is a metro area with a population of 7 million people, but power outages in temp's like this is a bitch! So far I heard this morning that 500+ flight's were cancelled at Dallas- Fort Worth International Airport (and I assume more at other local airport's) because of this too. My daughter emailed me who is supposed to be flying in this morning from Detroit, for me to pick her up, Detroit oddly isnt bad as Dallas, but not sure if she will be able to just get into DFW now (ice in these storm's can gather/ accumulate on wing's even landing into cities and put tremendous weight/ strain on them, even though there are some ice protection system's for that, there are still issue's, airflow, antenna's, etc) ... and she had a show scheduled (she sing's) for saturday evening in Dallas, and was supposed to run the downtown Dallas marathon sunday, so these type thing's cost us all alot of money too across the board. The good news is that utility crew's have been out all night across the metroplex and busting ass.


Dallas ice storm Dec. 2013 ... Thanx to TONY C




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Infidel753 said...

Some of those photos are spectacular. Where is the waterfall in the last one?

Ranch Chimp said...

The waterfall's Infidel is right by the small hill I took you up on that day at Revershon Park which neighbour's Turtle Creek Park less than a block or so away from the Hill I took you up on, if you recall, it had the old stone tables and stone armchair's, and I told you it was a secluded place in the city that me and friend's would gather at late night sometimes ... actually the fall's area of the park is well known for "cruisin" for gay people to hang out and ... I reckon you can say "meet" {: )

Thanx for your here Infidel ... yes ... it is bone chilling cold here this morning in Dallas! {: )