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Sheriff Lupe Valdez of Dallas County Texas

This Part 28 of the "Public Patriot's" series will be to highlight Dallas County' "top cop" Sheriff Lupe Valdez, and reason being most importantely, because there is more to than just fighting crime and locking up folk's to being a balanced cop in our democracy ... if you cant do for the community you serve ... you wont cut it, period! Another reason for highlighting Sheriff Valdez is because of the negative folk's you have that put a bad image on the LGBT community of America, such as this young lady ... then you have people in higher place's in public like this fella (oddly, they say this "Duck Dynasty" tele/ TV show is like the most popular on TV, but I have on the TV damn near daily, and never heard of this man or even the show ... imagine that!), who instead of leaving it alone, just want's to press a political and extremist religious issue and make a mountain of anger out of a molehill of basic differences. Although Mr. Robertson was being honest on his opinion or belief's (and after reading his background, I found it impressive and admirable, and even reading his full statement didnt seem of hatred or bigotry, I will add here in all fairness), being a star of sort for such a largely watched pop- culture tele show, is what made it turn into such a piece of news, then a battle start's, and those gay/ lesbian felt like he was comparing them to something other than simply gay/ human or whatever, and it get's overblown ... then fundamoralist's of like belief's/ opinion's feel to escalate the fury, and then they feel discriminated of their free- speech, etc, it just turn's into a mess. When you are in that kind of spotlight and a sort of star, it get's folk's fired up is all I'm saying. Is there not a different way to word your belief's/ opinion without throwing ancient religion's into it, or who a person sleep's (sex) with ... yet still make your point?

The thing is, across this nation and particularly in Texas ... people are not given the natural right of freedom, when denied to be able to form a familia (which is a nature/ God given right) and be recognized as so in marriage if they choose. But it just goes on and on, when the bottom line is, we been arguing this for year's and as far as I'm concerned, same sex marriages or union's with equal legal right's as any heterosexual union should have been legal decade's ago across the nation (other than just this), (a lil history over the centuries and cultures of what "marriage" is/ was). I am not saying folk's are all "equal", we are all "different" as our personality trait's or fingerprint, and that's my point here ... what we want to pursue in life as far as basic goal's and choices, etc ... BUT ... we should all have that equal shot without interference because of what we personally embrace as value's. And the fact of this matter, is that still in 2013 in a land of so called democracy that support's the right for people to just be themselves and freedom to pursue these basic goal's ... these folk's are still pounced on because of who they choose to have a relationship and share their lives with ... yet ... they have to abide by all the law's that the rest of us do, work equally as hard to make their lives, and contribute like all in their communities, and pay equal taxes like the rest of us do ... and are "denied" the simple right of being a "full citizen" still. So this is only about basic equal rights is all, just as anyone would expect in our democracy.

Folk's like the Sheriff have to work not "equally" as far as performance, but slave harder than other's actually, being that she has 3 strike's against her while coming up as she point's out in the below video ... one being a female, two being a lesbian, and three being hispanic ... so even the "opportunity" is not really in an equally balanced sense, eh? I worked with a few gal's/ women who were NOT even lesbian, they busted ass on the job totally, and were very dependable, and still got shafted on pay and raises ... this is the truth, so I seen it first hand time and again. Sheriff Valdez is also a veteran and ranked as a Captain in the U.S. Army who lived the American Dream you can say, and worked damn hard for it too. Starting off as 1 of 8 kid's from a San Antonio familia of parent's that were migrant worker's, she as well was in the trenches working the field's as a child, studied and worked hard paying her way through college, earning her master's degree, serving our nation's defense, and till this day as a Sheriff working on bridging this gap in our community ... so this is why I view folk's like Sheriff Lupe as elite and true community leader's and public type patriot's, standing strong with courage in the face of obstacle's. Thank You for your service to the community Sheriff and wishing you and your's a Merry Christmas and well New Year.

***** A lil closing joke here for the Sheriff from Ranch Chimp {: )

Question: What do you call a "milk man" wearing high heel's?

Answer: a "Dairy Queen"


Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez on Being Gay and Running for Office ... Thanx to TSNMEDIACHANNEL


Alan Ross Freedom Parade 2013 ... Thanx to DALLAS VOICE ... an annual summertime event that Sheriff Valdez also ride's in, deep in the heart of North Dallas' Oaklawn Community


Vitruvian Park at night ... a neighbourhood park here by my home, which is really beautiful at night






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Demeur said...

Darn if she was only black and had a disability too we could run her for president and watch Tea Baggers heads explode. hehehe

But seriously if the bible thumpers would stop thumping for a second and actually read the book they might learn a thing or two. What the bearded clown said was only slightly true as far as scripture goes. He seems to have forgotten the part about the wheat and the tares. Simply put you let others do what they will do and stick to your own standards.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your input Demeur ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Although you see Mr. Robertson as a bearded clown or perhap's by your standard's a "hick" or whatever ... he is at least somewhat honest and straight up of his view ... being that I have more trust and respect for one like him, than some say anonymous coward who hides behind a monitor and keyboard online to run his/ her mouth ... which become's meaningless and a waste of time for me at least, since it's not straight to begin with, if that makes any sense.