Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ROY CLARK: "Malaguena", "Ghost Riders In The Sky", "12th Street Rag" & "Dueling Banjos w/ Buck Trent"

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This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society is another that is way past due, Mr. Roy Clark, but I'm getting around to these folk's slowly but surely, so forgive me Roy! {: ) When I look at Roy Clark, I look at a master of strings kind of like I look at Jimmy Page as example, but more of a session type guitarist/ strings man ... being that this guy can do it all inside out and backwards, though not the likely guitarist you may expect looking at his background, being that when he started playing guitar, banjo and mandolin's, he was a teen and active as a baseball player and boxer, later was a airplane pilot, but decided to devote his time mostly to his pickin, and this guy sure as Hell is no stranger to any in the industry of any genre. Oddly though, he gained probably most of his popularity as a comedian and his tele/ TV appearances, but this guy is what I put in the ranks of the best of the best as far as strings ... most noted probably for classic Country & Western ... but you pretty much name it ... Roy can cover it, which is also why he could make a small fortune if he chose not even leaving home and doing just session work if he wanted, but Roy alwayz liked being out there in the scene. This guy was playing Nashville's Grand Ole Opry at like 17 too.

Roy was born in Meherrin,VA, and grew up in Staten Island (NYC area) and down in DC, as far as I know he still lives just a tad north of the Ranch here in Tulsa, OK and still kickin the pickin. But what a Hell of a guitarist and banjo player this man is! His influences cannot be categorized to any specific genre, they are all over the place. Below I pulled a few favourites to highlight for this post that displayz the variety of his worx. And Thank You Sir for all the great stuff ... you just plain kick- ass and really enjoy your work! ... Enjoy!





Roy Clark- The Guitar Wizard! ... Thanx to OODISCOINFERNOROXOO ... this is a cover of the classic Ernesto Lecuona "Malaguena"- 1928, not mentioned on the video

Glen Campbell & Roy Clark Play 'Ghost Riders in the Sky' ... Thanx to Andromeda Nebula

Roy Clark- 12th Street Rag ... Thanx to KEVIN GARDNER

Roy Clark & Buck Trent- Dueling Banjos ... Thanx to ANDROMEDA NEBULA




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