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UKRAINE VIRUS- CRISIS: America's "Diarrea de la Boca", Miles of Stench & War of Words ... The "INSANE 4 UKRAINE Edition" ... (Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible PT.5) **** & "Media" POST NOTE

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Part 5 of the "Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible" series will be a looksy at this recent Ukrainian crisis that has spread like a goddamn virus all over Russia, Europe & America ... a downright pathetic situation at that for America to be involved with ... and to be honest here ... the only SOB that seem's to make any bloody sense to me in any of this shit is fellow Texan and former Congressman Ron Paul in this interview he gave with RT (Russia Today) ... and compliments to Ron Paul for getting so straight to the point without any of the bullshit! I'm disappointed to hear that Liz Wahl quit after this interview (she explains to CNN in the link below), but can understand her reasoning ... I like Liz and RT both I will add, and look to see you soon Liz back to covering news (I know that all the news media's have their lil slant's, I just read between the lines is all and indulge in ALL). But first below I will let CNN do their thing here with the news link's/ video's in below link, cause CNN been on this like a cheap suit on sunday and like 24/ 7, then I will throw in my part after.

***** CNN: Crimea lawmakers vote to leave Ukraine for Russia, set referendum date  (newsread/ video)

***** CNN: Anchor quits: I can't be a part of a network 'that whitewashes' Putin's actions (newsread/ video)




This is another subject that I didnt plan on even posting on, but since it is so huge (more than I expected), I will add it. Yesterday a few guyz I know were discussing this talking as if were goin to war next with Russia and asked what I thought on it? ... my response was "... how much? ...", they got a laugh out of it, but I was dead serious and explained to them after. I mean ... when this kind of shit start's building up with media and propaganda I alwayz start thinking about the money, who's behind the scenes, who benefit's the most, etc ... just like I said it was a failure move to invade Iraq year's back while most were cheering and thinking it was about shit like "9/11", "WMD", "saving women and homosexual's from oppression" or other stupidity, and gave my reason then, and I can say now that "I told you so" plain and simple (or other staged/ engineered invasion's). And dont get me wrong here, I am NOT anti- war or defense, I personally dont care about shit like titles/ chest pin's, bragging, etc ... sayin were "No#1 in the world" ... because it lead's to having to police and babysit every bloody fucken nation around the globe ... I mean ... you attack us ... and I would attack back with the most fierce force this country has ever used ... I dont believe in halfstepping or fucking around. I care more as an American about our quality of living, income, and having the determination, strength, money and weaponry (if needed) to be able to defend ourselves at the drop of a hat if/ when needed, not trying to put on a "world show" to get atencion, that's just stupid and get's you nothing, nor does it make you any fucken money! I dont give a shit if a nation has nukes as a threat, and frankly am not scared of it ... we have a Hell of alot of nukes ourselves ... get my drift?

Another thing, whenever this kind of shit comes up were alwayz sold the usual "sticker- cost", and how much we need to sacrifice as American's, how generous we should be, etc, etc ... as an American and Texan, I am sick and fucken tired of that nonsense and similar diarrhea of the mouth with it's stench that goes thousand's of miles around the globe, and these so called "cost's" are alwayz underestimated, once we get knee deep in it, it becomes more and more, then later year's after trying to figure out where we went wrong and showing figures of how much was wasted. Yet somehow, someway ... we American's end up getting financially fucked in the longrun because of the action's of our pre- paid representation, who dont know whether to laugh, cry or take a shit half of the time and cant even balance their own budget's with a blank check at that! And YES ... were already talking about funding that were not even hearing about, instead hearing that it will all be on the EU's or Russia's tab ... BULLSHIT!

Then we have these petty bitch fight's escalating into more senseless rhetoric, war's of word's, etc. First of all, Russia and Ukraine are closely intertwined and have been for year's, economically/ financially, energy- wise, culturally, etc ... this isnt our problemo and frankly none of our goddamn business over here, and the only American interest's are international banking or related entities. Russia has so much interest's in this Crimean Peninsula anywayz, even have a contractual agreement to have their troop's in there signed in agreement with Ukraine, and this is a vital part of their military area, just like Pearl Harbor was to mainland U.S. ... we dont need to be in any of that any more than Japan needed to be in Pearl Harbor, HI in 1941, it's NOT our turf! WE HAVE PROBLEM'S TOO in America ... we have our hand's full as it is, we have sacrificed over and over and over, and are just constructing a new pot for us to piss in when were broke. You can fantasize about how this is "Hitler- like" on Poo-Poo's (a nickname I gave to President Putin year's back) part as former Secretary of State Clinton done the other day by comparing some of Putin's moves ... which there is some truth to that ... but let's not let this rhetoric and such lead us to thinking this will lead to WW3 for now, eh? ... besides, I havent seen any bloody ethnic cleansing or related such as with Hitler or more recently with Assad in Syria or whatever. And I dont see any comparison with Hitler and Poo- Poo anywayz, except their both strong and determined leader's, Hitler was a dope fiend (speedfreak) and paranoid of everyone and everything from such and lived hidden in isolation during his reign mostly ... Poo- Poo (Putin) is alot more levelheaded and clever. And YES ... if western nation's put sanction's on Russia, can you blame Poo- Poo for retaliating or freezing west asset's or whatever?

Do we think that you can just frighten a man like Putin? He has what many western leader's and especially American's lack ... and that's courage and ball's. What do you expect a man like him to think of folk's like say President Obama, Secy Kerry, Clinton or even Merkel of Germany, etc when he is meeting with folk's like that ... do you think he look's at them as warrior's or strong leader's? ... do you think he lives and dwell's in fear? or gives a shit if people are angry at him in the west simply because he may dislike the act of homosexuality? (President Putin's official stand/ reason on/ for laws against LGBT media/ propaganda was to protect children from pedophilia). You dont think he waited and planned this to come after the Sochi Olympics? (the main part of the Olympics, the Paralympics are still to play). You know he probably has the red- ass (in a bad mood) just over what they had to spend on that shit to get some international spotlight and good marketing! every city and government that has an Olympics alwayz has to pay out the ass.

No ... I would stay the Hell out of this, but I'm not confident we will ... since when is the last time we did the "right thing" on anything like this, eh? And my heart goes out to the folk's of Ukraine too ... but seriously ya'll (Ukraine) ... we cant solve ya'll's internal problem's and truely let ya'll be independent in doing so ... you know this, and besides to me ... it seem's like you have a clash within your own Ukrainian perimeter without Russia or anyone else on what direction you want your country to go, with 3 or so major POV's ... I dont have answer's, or feel as an American that it's my business, but wishing ya'll the best.

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***** POST NOTE: (Friday 07 march 2014) Some post statement here I wanted to add since there seem's to be a growing resentment toward's RT media concerning the resignation and post statement's of Liz Wahl. The talk is how much biased that RT is and smashing America as an agenda, a propaganda machine for President Putin, etc, etc. As I stated, I know how every media has their favouritism ... it doesnt matter what media it is, even American media's are the "same way" especially with the pop culture left/ right types, all have management's and producer's, etc ... all coach and examine what their journalist's are saying and ALL have "some" restriction's, period. An example of this would be to look at FOX & MSNBC, both are probably a couple of the most politically slanted/ biased news networx that I have ever seen, both dislike each other, both refuse to welcome each other as far as overall party views, and both spend a Hell of alot of time to strictly oppose the other ... yet I DONT shut out either of them, I want their POV ... you can say I am a lil more "liberated" or "balanced" than them in so, or I am beyond the left/ right, good/ evil way of politipop thinking. I am as pro- America as Liz, and I like Liz and appreciate her honesty and POV. I will still continue though to frequent ALL media's, I even frequent Al Jazeera America for instance, and even FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. So I will not "black out" RT/ RT America because of this incident between Liz and RT. I dont feel that RT is strictly about smashing America only, I feel they contribute to open free speech in our democracy by giving their perspective, and sometimes they cover thing's that some American media's REFUSE to.

I am also NOT against President Vladimir Putin, nor do I have any reason at all to think that he is an "evil" man, and there are even some thing's that I admire about a strong man and leader like him, even if I dont agree with everything he sayz. And I have heard what some say about Putin, such as Chancellor Merkel of Germany, saying that he's lost touch with reality or whatever, in my opinion Merkel has lost bloody damn touch with the German people and their country! I love America just as much as Liz or the next guy/ gal ... and am more like a "nationalist" when it comes to American values and culture. Furthermore, when it comes to propaganda and outright bullshit, especially politically ... there probably isnt many countries in the world who could even compete with the high dollar bullshit this country AMERICA has ... all and any are all part of the same game globally and coast to coast ... and ALL contribute their fair share to playing the hypocrisy card. I just wanted to make that clear here.


Fight- War of Words (Live In Phoenix 1993) ... Thanx to FIRSTPOSSESSION  .... I wanted to dedicate this song which is most fitting for this posting and partly inspired the title for this posting to the folk's of Ukraine ... a favourite song of mine and one of my most favourite vocalist's and songwriter's Rob Halford. This will also be included in this journal's "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



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