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CHILDHOOD POVERTY IN AMERICA: ... A HALF- PLATE over a HALF- CENTURY ... The "2nd Helpin" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.18) & (THINKING of the KID'S? PT.3)

***** BERNIE SANDERS: Childhood Poverty In America

This posting to also serve both the "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" & "Thinking of the Kid's?" series for this journal. It's been a half century since President L.B Johnson's war on poverty was declared ... which seem's more like a war on kids ... and still here in 2014 we still have to push relentlessly for so called "change" ... the change though that you see more of over the last half century is this in America. It's great that this passed the Senate and hope that it can get somewhere in actuality ... the great thing is pushing this during the election year and Thanx to Senator Mikulski (MD), Senator Sanders (VT) and all involved, cause sometimes you need a lil force or some bargaining chip's. Some will feed you the endless arguement that this poverty and neglect of our young whether it's in education, health care, food, daily necessities, etc ... is ALL only a part of capitalism ... I never did buy that and factually it's a lie, as a matter of fact, the way capitalism is designed it can and has brought people out of poverty and was designed to nourish the future offspring to do better and greater than we have ... so it's a bullshit arguement, twisted, delayed and suppressed by special interest's. Some other's will try to make you feel good by telling you something like "... well at least were better off than those poor in Somalia " (or some other impoverished nation) ... and we should respond to these so called "leader's" by saying ... "this aint fucken Somalia, okay?" ... and ... "what the fuck are you doing to serve your nation and earn your fucken paycheck?". We spent year's working hard and building up the great democracy that this is ... many will not let you just simply take that away with word's and corporate/ banking inspired drafted legislation without a fight ... get that shit straight.

The links above have news coverage of what has been happening to this nation, and they go back to at least 2009, I have been covering this since the beginning of this journal in 2008. So far since then, we have had every excuse and lie told to us by the mainstream of political representation about what they are doing to help our country domestically from losing so much of it's wealth amongst the working and middle classes who made this country so great, so much of promises to work on it, and constantly told through them and their media sources, how we are improving and doing better, etc, etc ... and an endless stream of solid 100% USDA bullshit, nothing else, this country has been on the decline since, and there has not even been a recovery from the recession, regardless of the bullshit you hear about there has ... that's the reality. While they focus all their concern on issues other than this nation and allow these entities to rape this country over and over and over ... this is what the problem is, yet they throw these little social issues at us like having to fight for equal rights for women, gay's, etc ... and tell us if we dont continue to vote for them, they will take them rights, or not allow them, etc. The fact is, as I have pointed out time and again since the start of this journal, that millions of American's are seeing this and getting sick of the threat's, soon we will wake up and come to a point where we say, "so what!" ... you wont let gay/ lesbian marriage? ... no big deal ... you wont let women have equal rights across the board? ... so what!, or any of the other shit they use to keep our minds and opinion's off what they are doing to us and this nation by distracting us and keeping us fighting each other with these social issues. Then there are the so many like myself that frankly dont give a shit what you say we can do as far as our relationship's or rights ... we will do what the Hell we feel like. Basically we will get to the point where we will get sick of "asking" and start "taking", and making our own decision's and molding our own future without them ... this is why I call this period the awakening, it's just a matter of time. Right this moment 6 year's after I started this journal ... already over 70% of American's are sick and tired of both dominating political parties ... period.

No doubt when we alwayz brag of how were No#1 in America  as far as so called developed/ industrialized countries ... there is no doubt looking at the stats & figures that we are No#1 or run a close first place when it comes to abuse of our children and not planning our future, and Texas is a perfect example, being that this state is as smothered in wealth as it get's, yet at the bottom almost when it comes to education and child care need's and neglect of so much related. And it's not like all the politician's are corrupt or in some conspiracy, the bottom line is we need to get "some" of the money out of politic's. There are many who unlike someone like Sen. Sanders below, Warren, Ron/ Rand Paul, Jesse Ventura (former politician), etc ... in other word's folk's who show strength ... dont have those qualities, and too many of what we have sort of live in some state of fear, and are afraid to propose and speak up and/ or go against the grain. The bottom line is, those types simply cant be in position's to lead or get the job done, they dwell on fear or political correctness ... and that can only lead to failure and lack of any progress in a time efficient manner.

Some of these neo- conservative types of today, will say that alot of this poverty is generational, lazy people, welfare recipient's, etc, etc ... here is the reality though ... much of the poverty you see today has been forced and indirectly legislated on people, the kind that take middle income working and tax paying families of decades, rob's their homes through foreclosures, put's student's with basic 4 year degrees and even further in bankruptcy position's, then legislating law's to where they cant legally file bankruptcy ever, people that have for year's paid good premium's for healthcare, yet you had let medical provider's get away with taking advantage of them, and the list goes on ... you are taking productive middle America which is the butter on the bread of our domestic economy and tossing everything they have worked and fought for to the dog's and ripping them off ... that's the REALITY! And those who are running this country into the ground are trying to get that same thing happening across this nation, where the gap between wealth and poverty is much greater, which is an unhealthy economic's attitude, plan and vision for the future of the country, a country that so many even in Washington has sold out to the highest bidder year's ago. But enough from me and on to Bernie below for the lowdown ... and Thank You Senator!


Childhood Poverty in America ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS ... when Bernie sayz below that we would think that we have the moral responsibility to take better care of our children/ offspring (?) ... Well ... that's logical and certainly "natural" to nurture and "do for" the best we can for our future generation's ... oddly, this is not only "natural" and logical balanced thinking ... but looking at so many other animal's in the animal kingdom ... they "act" with MORE "moral responsibility" than human's in this area ... imagine that! ... it's certainly the reality ... just look at other animal's.

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It's Ugly ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS ... Yes ... it is ugly, but if stat's mean anything ... they say that 45% of the Food Stamp recipient's in our country are children? ... that should qualify for a BIG "American No#1", eh?

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***** POST NOTE: The reason that this journal has series highlighting Senator Sanders, is the same reason this journal has a series for Senator Elizabeth Warren for instance, or other's that I highlight throughout this journal. Take Sanders & Warren ... these 2 Senator's are really exceptional in job performance as far as politician's in the mainstream of politic's, that is why they pop up throughout this journal and related series. I mention and stress this throughout the journal or to folk's that I meet and talk to, because time and again I have talked to so many folk's who didnt know who these 2 Senator's were or even heard of them ... Yes, just last weekend even I was talking to a younger couple in their early 30's, who thought they were pretty much informed or up on the political arena and fairly outspoken, who said they never even heard of these folk's, but yet they knew about folk's like Gov. Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton as example who are constantly being groomed for Presidential choices to come in 2016 by the media's ... neither of which in my opinion I would choose to have in the Oval Office. But this is what and how our political system has been contaminated into with of course what the "money" chooses to groom as our next President or political heroes/ saviour's of some sort, so that is why I highlight folk's throughout this journal like these 2. The choices they present us with are pretty lame as far as leadership choices is what I am saying ... same as someone like Mitt Romney ... folk's that are rather weak on standing up to large corporate or banking icon's for instance, or alot more talk than action, and frankly pretty much worthless as having true leadership qualities (unless they prove and show otherwise, but too many havent yet). We waste too much valuable time on those who dont deserve our time too much, because of these choices.


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