Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fat Brat Cat "LUX" ... FUX Portland' Barker/ Palmer Family ... "HOSTAGE COTTAGE" --- The "Puppy Chow Edition" ... (HELLUVA F'N DAY PT.9)

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Fat Cat "Lux"

Part 9 of the "Helluva F'n Day" series will have to go to this recent somewhat bizarre case in Portland I picked up on. When I first heard this, it sounded a lil fictional ... or like something I would expect from a Stephen King flick/ movie or book, but no, this is for real! Basically the 7 month old son Jesse of Teresa Barker and Lee Palmer grabbed the cat by the tail, the cat got the red- ass and started a hostage situation where this familia had to barricade themselves in a room even with their dog who was threatened as well ... and this is one of them cat's that's a big boy ... but what a story and I'm sure a Helluva f'n experience they wont forget soon!

This cat (Lux) in my opinion is a spoiled brat, and lucky to have such a forgiving and loving familia as Lee & Teresa ... a cat that need's another good swift kick in the ass as Lee appropriately handed him ... the poor 7 month kid Jesse is too bloody young to know any better, and this cat has a history of acting violent as well. My wife for instance usually is in charge of the household in our home ... but when a situation comes up like this, where if this was our cat and attacked my wife and/ or 7 month old child ... I would quickly become let's say "Head of Household" ... and believe me ... your lil plump roly- poly ass would probably be a dead mother fucker ... and soon be fillet'd on my dog's puppy chow dish! More newsread and video below.

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Man Card REVOKED after Father calls 911 after cat attack ... Thanx to Chris Heinemeyer

***** THE OREGONIAN: Aggravated cat is subdued by Portland police after terrorizing family (newsread/ video)




The MasturBones- Kill The Cat ... Thanx to VIAIRNERIO14 **** I will just add this music video for this posting which by my standard's I felt appropriate {: )



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