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CORPORATE CARE & The OBAMACARE SCARE Polympics Games 2014: ... The "Socialized Bullshit & PRESIDENTIAL ScapeGoat Edition" (Health Care SNOWEjob PT.11) & (Nation of BS PT.10)



***** PD/ RCJ: HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" PART'S 5 THRU 1 ... (a related series focusing on reforming the costs/ milking/ expenditures of the industries)



Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

What inspires this posting is many factor's that are materializing along with all the bullshit propaganda and twisted myth's that is brewing for this 2014 mid- term election, more political olympics shit, along with all the mixed reaction's and most diverse opinion's I have gathered from folks over the last several months concerning the "Affordable Care Act" (aka ObamaCare), the media twist's, all the socialized bullshit over what some call socialized medicine/ health care, etc, etc. As I pointed out in past posting's ... "what a mess this will become" ... was not over- estimating it either. I started these series back around 5 year's ago, so it's been awhile ... and yet still, not a bloody thing has been done about actual "reform" of the spending in this, yet our President has tried to address it and bent over backward's to try to work with both polarizing parties to do so, but like everything else, they OPPOSED what he PROPOSED, time and again. I seen a short clip of Bill Maher from last weekend's "Meet the Press" in an interview saying something like ..."... the problem with ObamaCare is not being too much socialism, but too much capitalism ..." (similar wording) ... well ... Bill is one of the only ones in the mainstream making any bloody common sense and speaking honestly in this mess, cause the mainstream left or right certainly isnt ... and I agree with him (as you can see throughout this series) 110%!!

First of all in defense for our President who I see as a political scapegoat this and next election year, even though the name "ObamaCare" is catchy and cute ... this bloody damn pre- rigged plan hasnt a damn thing to do with what the President initially proposed, being a partial (20%) try- out of a public- option or what some call a single payer type plan ... of which during his campaign back in 08, over 70% of American's both left and right agreed they wanted ... they wanted something ... yet as I suspected and wrote back then, it would get corporately twisted into something else. I commend President Obama for at least bringing this into the mainstream of issues that was past due in our country, and at least bloody damn TRYING! I know that his rating's right now are lower than ever probably ... yet I even support him now more than ever, because of what everyone has twisted his agenda into, the constant attacks on this man, giving him ill advice and a plate of problems that was started all by them and the last Bush/ Cheney administration, and no human being put in a position of obstacles this President has, could even deal with it ... and NOW ... they are using him for a scapegoat for their acts! And President Obama is one of the best President's this country has ever turned out, whether you agree with most of what he does or not ... that's the reality.

I myself found at the end of 2013 by mail from my insurance provider, that my doctor will no longer be with their network because of new health care laws, and I really liked my doctor and was sad to lose him, because he motivated me to change my lifestyle and bad eating habits and really got me in shape ...  but ... I didnt bitch, moan or bellyache (BMB) about it, I already have a new doctor ... because I knew that my doctor was one that didnt accept any type of government funded patient's, such as those with Medicare/ Medicaid, he honestly told me in the past, because of the money factor ... so I understand, I think that had something to do with it, and I am with one of the largest insurance health care networx in this nation. I hear from others that they lost their doctor's as well, I heard complaint's from friend's who now tell me even though they dont have "ObamaCare" they are getting money taken out of their paycheck's to pay for it, because the companies they work for are having employees pay it now, I hear through the media that in some states like California and Florida that when you go into a restaraunte and order, your check has a new fee to help pay ObamaCare added on to it, etc.

There are other's that benefit from this who no way in Hell could afford to get covered or had pre- existing condition's ... and the reason you had to have Medicaid tossed in to pay for alot of folk's is because many folk's couldnt pay it's cost's anywayz ... you have to have assistance, otherwise you would have to penalize million's upon million's of people who dont even make a decent enough wage to afford health insurance, which can also eventually end up in court challenges in the US Supreme Courts and law suits. The number's of people enrolling are gaining, locally in Dallas/ Fort Worth for instance, county area hospital's are open 24/ 7 around the clock trying to enroll people before the end of March deadline ... and some are scared, because they figure if they dont sign up, they are going to get their income tax- refund's taken or wages garnished  or whatever ... these are the common laborer's and those making the lowest wages who worry if they can just make the rent or car payment month to month ... so of course enrollment will increase, but not for political parties to highlight as if it's because folk's are excited to get health care coverage ... some is out of fear.

I know a few guyz that are contractors and work for themselves, that have to also have large pick- ups and tool boxes on back to make a living and barely make enough to cover their bills as it is, who are constantly battling gas prices, who worry about their out of pocket, I know small business owners who worry about the costs and how they can pay for it, so I hear from many. Other's have told me that they cant really even afford their out of pocket or deductible, and just hope and pray that they dont get too sick, because it would drive them almost bankrupt with their end of the costs, etc. On the other hand I see commercial's on the tele/ TV for HealthCare.gov that have a young man about 20 or so on the basketball court, saying he just got "covered" and feel's great, with his monthly plan just costing $26 a month ... I've talked to a few young folk's around that age that told me their cost's were much higher, so it depend's I reckon on various factor's, or else the tele commercial is a rare case. The guyz that are contractor's and a few other's have told me that the "plan's" that do fit their budget's in it, have higher deductibles/ out- of- pocket than other insurance they have ever had, I myself have never yet went to the ObamaCare website or tried to sign up, because I am already insured, so I am going on what folk's have been personally telling me. And now it's all turning into another political game.

You have the Republicans bitching up a storm over this so called "ObamaCare", even though their corporate constituents are making a bundle in the billions off this, who line their political pockets and campaigns (and even Democrats getting funded by the same entities) ... you know why? ... because they frankly are even doing worse in the polls than Democrat's and havent a bloody damn thing to offer, or talk about in their campaign's except "ObamaCare, ObamaCare, ObamaCare is evil and socialized health care" etc, or to propose cutting our veterans, elderly, working people more and more, trying to privatize your Social Security so that Wall Street can gamble that as well in offshore investment's , and trying to put our postal service (USPS) in a position close to bankruptcy so they can privatize that as well for their corporate buddies, together both worth probably a couple trillion dollarz (SS & USPS) in the longhaul, they are trying to call USPS a "monopoly" ... imagine that, the same people who are making the mega bank's and energy/ oil provider's "too big to fail" as well as private monopolies. And now if polls mean anything, over 2 thirds of Americans are fed up with both parties at that. These same people bitching about ObamaCare on the right, are the same people that passed it and helped draft the plan (along with even some Democrats) with health insurance/ pharmaceutical/ medical providing corporate lobbyist's and attorneyz into having nothing to do with the President's proposed plan as it is. This is the saturation of outright bullshit that is in this nation. So ObamaCare is NOT the President's proposal or plan or frankly isnt even what most American's wanted whether their left or right, nor is government dictating or regulating it enough in my opinion, or in the best interest's and universally for ALL as far as coverage and what is provided.

My point is here ... that when we have all these additional fee's to pay with mandatory laws and rules now, even if it's a tax form ... we should get something besides a bunch of corporation's with a record of milking each other dry and their board of directors to have some oversight in this and voice of the people and policy holder's ... we dont ... therefore there isnt a bloody damn thing socialized about it ... it is nothing but a law binding corporate care  health care system ... by folks who frankly are into profit, not saving lives or the universal good health being of humanity. I am more of a socialist when it comes to issues such as universal health care ... I AM even willing to pay a increased tax to have such and realize the importance of such as other nation's have, I am also like that when it comes to education of our young ... there are certain basic need's that I leave OUT profiteering ... they already have 1001 other thing's that can be made in to profit ventures as it is. All this "talk/ media" about what we have or what this is, is just about as nauseating in our country as having to listen to damn near a half hour of bloody damn pharmaceutical or health insurance company commercial's for every damn one hour of tele/ TV programming we view, on pay- cable station's at that where we have to pay to listen to the shit! No doubt this is a tad better than what we had before as far as how these corporate entities deal with some of us, but the bottom line is ... this is NOT universal health care, socialized medicine, public option/ single payer or related ... so both political sides (especially Republicans) should stop lying and call it what it truely is, what their telling us is nothing but socialized bullshit!

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***** POST NOTE: For the reader who doesnt know me personally, although I vote as a mainstream Democrat, I am actually kind of liberal on some thing's and kind of conservative on some thing's, then I also have a alternative perspective on some thing's, so I kind of look for what worx and dont is all (depending on the issue), I dont necessarily embrace only one party, and dont really judge or evaluate folks according to what party they belong to, or what race/ ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc. In other word's ... if your a Martian and have something that worx and makes sense and the scientific/ factual data/ evidence to back it up, I want to hear it, if that makes any sense. I mention this is because so many times over the year's I have met or talked to folk's, they constantly ask or wonder what I am as far as liberal or conservative? I was inspired by alot of different people as a kid growing up is part of that, and lived in some of the most liberated and most conservative areas of the country as well.


Bill Maher on NBC's 'Meet The Press'- 3/ 16/ 2014 ... Thanx to JOHN DOE ... I just want to add this short clip from 'Meet The Press' that I was talking about above ... it may seem humorous, but sadly it's the TRUTH



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