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SENATE REPUBLICAN'S "DENY" Veteran's Expanded Benefit's ... The "RECOGNIZE The ENEMY" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.17), (TRUTH or TREASON PT.24) & (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.37)

**** Thank You for your service to our country? ... NOT according to these above Republican's how they voted!

A disappointed Independent Senator Bernie Sanders after the vote

This posting will serve all 3 series of this journal listed in post title and linked below. Since the start of the "Truth or Treason" series for instance, I pointed out how we were in for a real bashing to come ... you can see that they already financially attacked our elderly/ retired, our children/ school's, misused and abused our taxes and spending priorities, trying to privatize our Social Security to Wall Street offshore investment's, trying to drive our USPS into bankruptcy, made cut's to our domestic stimulus money such as SNAP (food stamp's) who many working, unemployed, senior's and veteran's need in these trying times ... that actually help our domestic economy across the nation, and now of course they are denying proposed benefit's expansion which was needed to all those who served and active member's of our military. A small amount percentage- wise that they even denied and is past due and previously promised ... these same liar's time and again gave their word of support for our troop's/ veteran's ... and again have failed them, our country and American's of every race, gender, income level, political background's, etc. Yet they constantly cut, slash and bash every American except themselves and their corporate sponsor's in the name of partisan politic's ... and all in the name of what they casually call "reform's" ... while the only thing that need's reform's in our nation (and many other nation's as this sweep's the globe executed by the same enemy) is those in Washington who allow this to happen to our nation.

I have talked with several people over the last week about this here in Texas, and some veteran's ... a couple veteran's I talked to didnt even believe it at first ... but it's the reality, and there is no excuse to deny what is happening in our nation and to our people from this corrupted cesspool that we have in Washington. The major media's unfortunately havent covered this as much as they should along with some other issue's of concern, because there is so much else that is distracting it, and instead were mostly getting campaign talk to re- elect the same pre- planned, pre- paid politician's again, as we do over and over. It doesnt matter what side you are on ... we are under attack PERIOD!

Senator Sanders has been strong on support for our veteran's and on so much else concerning the American people as a whole, such as strong on supporting and preserving our Social Security and our postal service. President Obama has been more supportive than anyone since day one in office, as well as the First Lady when it comes to veteran's, more than any President I can remember, even making sure that defective Humvee vehicles were updated on the field to protect our troop's in action, the last Bush/ Cheney administration totally ignored it. Our President has went out of his way to support veteran's time and again, despite all the opposition and hatred toward's him and the agenda and pile of problem's that he has had to deal with, most that was dropped off on him by the last Bush/ Cheney administration ... this is a proven fact.

I had alot of familia and friend's over the year's that took this oath and served this nation, so you can understand how I feel about this ... there should be a place where the line get's drawn. I cant say much more here other than what I have in these series, besides to those who I talk to in person as far as solution's to this ... and not in this online social network/ media, but on a more personal level. I hope that veteran's especially recognize THIS ENEMY ... after all ... the oath is to defend and protect our nation "foreign and domestic", and our Constitution ... more below ....

This is the REALITY ... Word Out ....

Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS

***** THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Expanded veterans benefits bill fails over GOP's budget- busting objectives



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