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OATH KEEPERS 2014: Emergency Collapse Plan ... & Dispelling the POP- CULTURE "Hysterical Insanity & Bigotry" over DEFENDING American's & Our CONSTITUTION ... (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.30)


Part 30 of the "Public Patriots" series will be to take a look at and honour what I consider as public patriotism and an oath to under no circumstances distort or trash the Constitution of the United States, but protect it and it's liberties and our communities and peoples. But first before anything else, please read the above "10 Orders" of this oath with a clear mind and no partisan political thinking for a moment, and ask yourself if these orders are in any way unreasonable or extreme? ... then I added a couple 2014 videos below for viewing from these folk's. After that ... I will put in my part as to why it is importante for American's to support these folk's, regardless if your left, right or independent, and to dispel some of the insane hysteria and pop- culture bigotry that spread's over group's that defend our nation and Constitution such as these men and women.

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To be totally honest here what I have heard about these patriotic type group's as far as being right wing extremist's or domestic terrorist's is absolutely hysterical and insane, with clear as day bigotry from some liberal's in our country (not all), it's unbelievable ... yet everyone is also talking about the common enemy that has plagued our nation in recent year's from neo corporate communism to corruption in our own representatives circles. Even folk's in the Occupy Wall Street movement have been called radical's or even extreme by many in our mainstream of pop- culture of political correctness and pre- programmed thinking ... that is what is insane! How in the world do you resolve serious issues without some kind of action? How do you "move" (as in movement) by passively sitting on your ass and doing nothing? How free or liberated do you think it is to not even defend what little rights you have left? or even how rational minded is that way of thinking?

What is really nutty about calling these folk's radical extremist's, is that your saying in so, that the above 10 order's to NOT kill innocent people, disarm them and to allow folk's the right to peaceful assembly, and to have grievances with their political representatives or whatever, is extreme or radical thinking? Would you prefer for there to be "no oath" and to be shot for such? ... it dont make any sense. You are also saying that our military, law enforcement and fire/ rescue folk's that psychologically evaluate these applicant's of these group's/ forces are basically hiring mostly people that are radical terror type extremist's ... to me that is just as nutty thinking on the left as those on the right that think that there is a mass conspiracy to lock us all up, eh? My point here is to show how nutty and even bigoted the thinking can be on both these polarizing sides of thought ... which must be some popular way of thinking or follow the "party" cult mentality type shit, because I dont see how in Hell you can look at any of this or the order's above or the detailed prep instructions in an emergency that Mr. Rhodes gives in the above video with a clear and sober head, and call that extreme or radical.

I have no reason in Hell to think that any of what these men and women of our armed forces, law enforcement and fire/ rescue team's and supporter's espouse is even tyrannical, excessive, unreasonable or extreme in any way ... yet hear over and over like a broken record that this is what these folk's intention's and agenda are. In fact looking at the above order's seem's to make prefect sense and not twisted at all, straight to the point of reason for a free democracy such as what this country has built and developed into as the great democracy that it is. We have a Constitution and rights that are 2nd to none worldwide, we have a governmental structure that is about the best that anyone could want, a form of capitalism that has even taken many folk's out of poverty looking at the history and it's progress ... yet so much of these thing's are being trampled on by what Mr. Stewart Rhodes above casually call's the "elite", which I will disagree with your labelling them as elite Sir ... to me their no more than leeches or parasites who contribute nothing to our society and nation for the most part and are more to the likeness by definition to racketeer's (example: our veteran's/ heroes, our innovative thinker's, scientist's, inventor's, entrepreneurs, etc are what I consider as worthy of the title of "elite"). We ALL regardless of what political party you embrace have a common enemy that worx against us all at all level's of our societies, rural or urban ... and it is best to try to stand together as much as possible, instead of divided on an issue like this.

There is alot more to these organization's than just being a type of "militia" is what many dont understand, these are networx of like minded folk's all over our country that are the actual first responders in many emergency situation's in communities that say FEMA may not be able to get to fast enough in an emergency. These are the kind of unsung heroes that we see/ view in news clips, but never hear much about what they have done, who rescue people from fires, or flood's, feed and blanket people before even Red Cross can get there, shelter people from the element's and harm in rural areas that no one can get to in a reasonable time frame,  the kind of folk's that are at scenes like 9/ 11 in the trenches putting their lives on the line to save people, etc. None of which are highlighted as to what they do in these types of situation's. As one man sayz ... an "oath" or ones "word" means more than anything, and with many of these folk's, that is their commitment to this country, their communities and people that they give and have and consider as sacred, and frankly, how many political leaders have you seen take an oath, yet violate that oath in record speed after? ... so it's also a matter of checks and balances, accountability, etc, eh? I have talked to several of these type people one on one and know how sincere that most of these folk's are, many are good people and have strong familia values and love their nation and communities more than many ... they are NOT our enemy regardless of what political side or view they may embrace the most, that "oath" mean's something to them ... and should to us as well.

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***** Anyone in Government, Military or Law Enforcement who ever hands down orders to shoot and kill American citizens who assemble to question and demand accountability and justice in our democracy ... is the enemy and a traitor ... and should be dealt with sooner than later
 - - - Thomas Hudson Pickering




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