Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KNOCK OUT GAME 2014: A GAME to FAME that will Breed America's RACE FACE ... & Where the GUN Cant be BLAMED for the GAME ... (SELF DEFENSE PT.25)

Part 25 of the "Self Defense" series will look at the new popculture game called "Knock Out", and I didnt even plan on doing a posting on this, I first heard about this and just blew it off as kid's being kid's is all, and I certainly took a few good hit's/ punches to my face myself over the year's, and took a few good asswhippin's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) so no biggie, eh? ... just another popular YouTube way to fame these dayz, such as the popular "gallon smashing" game. But as I read up on this and viewed some news video's etc ... what I see coming is really a simple game that can not only lead to death of some of the victim's, but a rise and breeding of America's old school fashioned "race face", But first some newsread and video below, then I will add my part to this.

Fight Club: Vicious 'Knockout' game spreads as random gang attacks rise ... Thanx to RT

***** Houston Chronicle: Katy man charged with hate crime in 'knockout attack' ... (newsread)

Teen Playing The Knockout Game Gets Shot Twice By Victim ... Thanx to THE ADVISE SHOW TV

***** MAIL ONLINE: Hate crime suspect arrested for attacking seven women in New York 'knock- out' attacks




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

Sure there may be a few gang's involved in this game, like tradition jump- in style gig's that usually gang member's do with other gang member's, etc ... and some of it may also be race related, hatred, etc ... however ... what alot of these youngster's dont realize is what their breeding while just having a lil fun. I mean, I seriously feel like alot of these kid's dont really intend to do something like permanent damage to anyone, or to rob folk's, or having their hit result in someone's death ... many kid's just dont realize the impact of this. You had this one kid in the Houston area, who by my definition is NOT a true racist (I have met real racist's, the real deal, not some hillbillies who just use insulting slur's toward's people of colour, the kind that would like genocide and are strict segregationist's based on "race/ skin colour" only) ... but he actually admitted to selecting this elderly black man ... simply to get "fame" ... he wanted to be "nationwide" as far as publicity ... and when you go to that extent to get publicity, that tell's me that you have something definitely lacking in your life ... in other word's, you probably dont have any real life ... which is sad in a way, and many kid's of such game's dont, and rely on approval from other's that coach them into doing thing's like this, it's a follow the leader type thing, eh?

The bottom line here, is that this has really been boiling a new batch of these old school race relation's, even Rev. Al Sharpton was attacked, just because he said he didnt condone to this attacking Jew's as example ... immediately many white's who are on that "race edge" started blaming Rev. Al of defending Jew's, which brew's to show that he is against white anglo's and support's everything from Jew banker's to oppression of Palestinian's and everything in between, by the time these racially edged folk's get done with it. Next they will attack our President (Obama) again and every other person of colour that is in a higher position, eh? ... it's just a matter of time at the rate this is going. That is why it is importante to suppress this action before it lead's to a whole new issue that doesnt even no way connect to kid's simply playing a game.

You also have to understand that many regardless of what race they are in a country with so many legal gun's (and if they didnt have gun's, they would use other weapon's, maybe even explosives), are going to excercise their right to bear arm's and defend themselves ... their not going to wait for police video's and investigator's to solve this after the fact and the asswhippin's, etc. Nor is simply cop's video- taping this going to do much good at stopping it, so this need's to be a community effort from many folk's ... including especially the kid's. And alot of times these kid's may just choose someone who look's let's say vulnerable or passive in some way, I mean, they will be somewhat selective in many cases, their not likely to attack some biker's or some guy's on a construction site, eh? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) But also understand that when people fear for their lives because of their vulnerabilities of any, they may try to retaliate, and some as you can see above will do so in self defense, not because they want to shoot someone, but they will feel they have no choice.

This also damages all the work that folk's have put into trying to defend Trayvon Martin against what is an increasing problem with self appointed community watch- dog's who dont see enough action like Zimmerman, because looking at the Trayvon Martin case ... he was actually being "stalked" by Zimmerman, and in the wrong place at the wrong time ... just wearing that hoodie and having that urban look. This kid in the above video that got shot twice by the victim that he hit (or tasered in this case), just look at this kid in the interview, he had no idea what was waiting for him, and he probably is going to even get his life ruined more while incarcerated, not rehabilitated, cause doing time will change you man ... it will harden you ... or you wont make it. If and when one of these young kid's get shot and maybe even killed ... you wont be able to blame the gun ... only the "game". But enough from me on this for now.

That's the REALITY ... Word Out ....

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Infidel753 said...

It's been disappointing how many liberal blogs have either ignored the "knockout" game or flat-out claimed it doesn't exist, by which they really mean "Stop talking about this, because it doesn't fit the narrative." Reality doesn't go away, nor will people stop thinking about the problem, just because a few individuals refuse to talk about it.

alot of these kid's dont really intend to do something like permanent damage to anyone, or to rob folk's, or having their hit result in someone's death ... many kid's just dont realize the impact of this.

I can guarantee you, nobody gives a shit. When people don't feel safe, that's the only thing they care about -- all other considerations go out the window until the threat is taken care of. The authorities need to do whatever is necessary to put a stop to this, or -- as you suggested in the second-to-last paragraph -- somebody else will.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: I have noticed it seem's that this Houston/ Katy area kid got quite a bit of coverage from those who claim to be liberal, but I just figured that's because many of those type liberal's also harbour a "race face", being that they only focus on white's who commit act's and are I reckon frightened to discuss other issue's concerning folk's of colour or who may be gay or muslim, etc, etc ... the "neo" liberal's of today are about as easy to "read" and predict as their "neo" conservative counterpart's, being that they function mentally similarly yet polarized strongly on "what" they support and are against ... I reckon a type of herd mentality. I vote "democrat" for instance, and am even liberated on many issue's as you can see in this journal, I just dont fit into any of these popculture liberal cult's or gang's, I get no support financially from anyone on here, have any following, or have to cater to anyone, so I am actually a lil more free on what I can address, many of them are in their own psychological prison's of sort and rather limited, so their opinion's or lack of is rather a tad boring to someone like myself ... I mean ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you know exactly how they will react and what they will say before they even lift their pen or open their mouth's {: )

On the other hand/ flip- side you have these neo- conservative's of today (not truely conservative either) who will rant and just use this to find an excuse to blame it all on black's or to hide anonymously online and rant "nigger/ nigglet" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... equally as politically correct and frightened as the liberal's and just as biased, just on an opposite side {: )

But YES ... this need's to be addressed, because agian, this can evolve into another issue that will take us right back into a cesspoool like the past on race relation's ... hiding and ignoring this, will NOT suppress it ... you can only hope in that case that it would just burn it's way out over time. But ... that's just my opinion ... and Thank You for your opinion and input here Infidel ... .