Tuesday, January 28, 2014

STATE of the UNION 2014: ... Ranch Chimp's QUICK, EASY, NON- BULLSHIT SOTU & American Politic's for the WORKING AMERICAN on The Go ....

The media's for the last couple dayz have been saturated with the "State of the Union", with endless hour's of what to expect "again", what may happen "again", what may change in America's political bitch fight's "again", etc, etc ... with almost endless talk about 2016, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie and that ilk ... and most of the folk's I know and talk to dont have the time to keep up with it all. So for them and all ya'll that actually have to work for a living (male, female & transgender), 2nd shift, graveyard shift, 2 or 3 part time job's, etc ... here is the SOTU and the state of American politic's, simple, sweet, no twisted political bullshit slant and to the point {: )

Get it? ....

Word Out ....


**** POST NOTE: This post is done in humour, not to insult the President's job and address, I am a supporter of President Obama 110%, and will continue to support "him" through his entire term in office.



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