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UPS/ FEDEX FAILURE: How the GOP (Grinch Of Present's) STOLE XMAS ... Where is the GOP's "Postal Accountability & Enhancement Act?" ... The "PUBLIC or PRIVATE Option" Edition (USPS PT.3)

This will serve as Part 3 of the USPS series to look at the importance of supporting the USPS (United States Postal Service) which has been under attack primarily by the Republican (GOP) Party postal/ parcel political privatization lobby posse since the creation of the 2006 "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act" put into effect during the last Bush/ Cheney Administration. To take a look at the outright failure in the private sector when push comes to shove of meeting the challenges and deadlines. Many of us know folk's who this ruined their Christmas, it certainly had an impact on my familia and one of my daughter's was furious over the money she spent just to guarantee delivery of so many gift's. But first some newsread and video below, then I will elaborate a tad on this reality of current.

***** CONGRESS.GOV: H.R.6407- Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act

***** INSTITUTE for PUBLIC ACCURACY: Degraded Postal Service Part of a "Manufactured" Crisis and a "Daylight Heist" of New Deal Art ... (I wanted to add this link related to some of the forced privatization of USPS ... which is clearly evident, as well as forcing into a postion to sell off their properties to individual billionaires, the list of shit going on is almost endless, and even other's such as the Royal Mail of the UK is being put into this position ... all manufactured. Understand that USPS is NOT paid for by tax dollarz, which many right wing folk's are falsely saying it is, it is totally funded by it's own business, and to top it off, they PAY Fed- Ex as a main contractor ... who need's who and who support's and payz what?)

***** NH LABOR NEWS: Why On Earth Is The USPS Paying FEDEX Stockholders Millions In Dividends ... this I wanted to link concerning who GETS money and business as well from USPS, such as FedEx and UPS.

Storm, e- commerce slow UPS deliveries ... Thanx to CNN

***** MAIL ONLINE: 'UPS ruined my Christmas' Thousands of families left without presents under the tree as shipping company fails to deliver packages on time

***** NBC NEWS/ U.S.: UPS, FedEx scramble to deliver delayed Christmas packages


***** PD/ RCJ: "USPS" PART'S 2 & 1


Commercial United States Postal Service USPS Priority Mail Is You ... Thanx to Yvonne


Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to the kid's locally

Hopefully this will be another wake up call to American's on the importance of diversity, choice, true free market, and accountability, especially when it comes to business. There is 101 excuses for this failure over the holiday season, whether it's the Dallas ice storm (which was only a couple dayz), too many people shopping online, etc ... the bottom line is this ... when the challenge came up ... ya'll at UPS and Fed- Ex failed, period. This nonsense that you didnt want to make your employee's work in such an emergency situation like this because of the holiday is a lame half- assed excuse (this directly to UPS, because I know 2 former UPS worker's) ... the reason why, is because as usual, ya'll were just being "cheap" as far as holiday wages, etc ... just like ya'll are "cheap" when it come's to pay and benefit's, and how you cut hour's to keep everyone under full time hour's to not have to pay any benefit's to them, what they done was hired thousand's of temp's for the season "only" at dirt cheap wages, and still failed, which serves ya'll right ... so ya'll are more about delivering profit's than packages/ present's, eh? And sadly there is no talk even of accountability or oversight for any of these shipping/ parcel mega giant's ... not a bit! Yet our long time dependable USPS ... you make all kind's of legislation to try to drive them out of business, whether it's making them raise billion's in securities for future benefit's of employee's who are not even born yet, to denying our postal service to expand and explore their business competitive skill's, sell a more diversified line of product's, service's etc, etc. This all simply politically legislated to try to drive the United States Postal Service into a position to where it has to be auctioned off in a way to the highest bidder, which most would go to these two failed enterprises above of course.

I was in the private sector myself for year's in the printing industry, so I know a lil about meeting deadline's, holiday rush and business, and keeping my customer's/ client's happy. I spent 21 year's just at 3 companies (and several more year's at other companies for shorter period's) ... averaging 7 year's at each of them and was a shop- foreman in the industry/ shop's, which should clearly define my resume as far as accountability in the private sector, being that if I couldnt have cut it, I would have been out the door in the first 6 month's, not endlessly forgiven, and selling excuses as to "why" I am so incompetent ... I mean ... that's how business worx and is supposed to eh? So these lame ass excuses again from one of these too big to fail type of entities get's old, that we see more of and more of time and again today, with this rush to consolidate everything into one entity with a hundred different names, all under basically the same board of director's and share holder's ... and excusing this nonsense promote's weakness and more of the same failure. USPS is the "business" that shined this last holiday season ... not your businesses ... ya'll failed, and I wouldnt mention it if it was just a "small" failure ... this was a "huge" failure, and sadly like so much else these dayz, customer's online dont have the free flexibility because of ya'll as to choose who they want to ship in many cases, because of the contract's ya'll have locked in with giant's like Amazon or other's. Even in many cases I discovered that USPS was even more efficient and competitive cost- wise, in some cases where UPS and Fed- Ex was over 10X times more in cost. So this nonsense to just shop around and such is bullshit, and people/ customer's have deadlines as well, that is why they pay "extra" to "guarantee" even your "competence", which should come with the base cost, not having to pay EXTRA to assure that you actually "provide" the service that ya'll are "supposed" to, that's bullshit too.

That's the Reality ... Word Out ....



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Infidel753 said...

I've been hearing about these delays. It's no wonder people are mad, and the excuses are ridiculous. Weather? It didn't occur to them that a lot of the country gets snow and ice in December? And the volume of online shopping? That's been increasing for years. They should have been prepared.

They could have handled it better. They could have rented extra trucks and hired temporary drivers. People care more about getting their stuff on time than whether the truck has the right logo on it.

Well, I can shop around, and I've always dealt with the postal service whenever possible. I'll be even more careful to do so from now on.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: I been using USPS for long of course, so I'm a long time customer whether it's general mail/ letter's or parcel's. Actually I have received though much at home (packages for my daughter for instance) from all 3 of these giant's (FE, UPS & USPS) and to be honest, the "service" from USPS was significantly better, and when I find a product/ service that worx well for me, I generally stay awhile with it, so maybe I may seem somewhat partial.

It's these folk's like Amazon that are feeling the pinch bad on this too, shelling out more as far as money or reimbersement's, which is sad, because more of that end should go to UPS and Fed- Ex ... THEY ARE the ones who couldnt cut it.

Thanx for your input here Infidel ....