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CANNABIS ENTREPRENEURIALISM & "GROWING" MARKETS: ... Removing the EVIL from GOOD ... & Rev. Ranch Chimp sez ... "Let We(ed) ALL Join(t) TOGETHER In Spirit(s)" ... (PROFITS & POTFITS PT.1)

This posting is to simply highlight the big positive of legalizing the use of cannabis in these financially trying times for so many, and this posting to look at just that, not to look at the many folk's that want to argue how bad/ evil this drug is, and showing just kid's or old school hippies hanging out and smoking joint's or on bong's, yet much credit and Thanx at the same time for all those old schooler's and the younger generation's who pushed so hard for this and their work over decade's, because were almost there! I want to also point out that I have never seen a case of physical addiction with marijuana (only psychological), meaning that, I have experienced real withdrawal from cocaine, opiates, prescription drug's and cigarettes/ nicotine when I was younger, and also know that alcohol for those who use it regularly has a withdrawal, the thing about marijuana, there is no physical withdrawal, dope sickness, dope dream's, etc. The drug's that are sold and prescribed to us daily to million's and million's of American's, are far worse for you than marijuana ... and some of the shit pharma industries peddle on our children, make marijuana look like a health herb!

Also let me add here that I didnt do this posting for "me" ... I honestly havent even smoked marijuana in 20 year's ... I'm 58 years old, so not real big on drinking, marijuana/ drug's (even pharmaceutical), smoking, etc ... those dayz are of my past ... I know quite a few folk's though that DO smoke pot/ marijuana daily, like I did when I was younger (but I also know folk's that have never smoked pot or cared to smoke anything ever), so this is about doing what is "best" for our society, I can buy pot/ marijuana right now 24/ 7/ 365 without going to a shop/ store as it is whenever I want it, if I wanted, and THAT'S exactly my point. This is one of those thing's with me a lil like "same sex marriage", it's obvious being with my wife for 30 year's that marriage to me was with a man and woman ... but that's "me and my wife" and was "our" choice, it is only fair, right and basic liberty/ freedom to allow other's to "choose" who they want to marry, and is healthy for our society, business/ economy and democracy overall. But first some newsread and video's below I chose, then a few cent's I wanted to add here.

Marijuana like you've never seen it before ... Thanx to 60 MINUTES

***** ENTREPRENEUR: Why Colorado and Washington Were Wise to Legalize Pot

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Cannabis Comes To Wall Street: Marijuana Entrepreneurs Pitch Investors In New York City ... Thanx to IBTIMESTV


Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to the kid's locally

This is actually a "growing" market too in both wayz ... as far as cultivation and business, and there are more positives to this than negatives, so dont let the naysayers discourage or frighten you in any of this. I have talked about this to friend's year's ago, about all that can be done as far as business and different product's that can become of this one plant, when we were doing simple thing's like making brownies to snack on or tea to drink as well as smoking it back as far as 40 year's ago, and I am one that used alot of marijuana over the year's, I grew/ cultivated even some plant's, pruned and hung and dried them, etc, etc. And I'm not one of these people like politician's or folk's on the tele/ TV that say they "experimented" or didnt "inhale" etc ... I mean ... I didnt experiment or simply "try" ... I was more like a goddamn degreed scientist when it comes to this shit and daily user, so I smoked pot ... TO GET HIGH, nothing else. Listening to some of these candy- ass politician's is almost nauseating with their bullshit, that they been around it in a dorm back in college, or didnt know when they tried it, or what is was, or even most disgustingly having to listen to former President Bill Clinton say he didnt "inhale", at least President Obama admitted that he used cocaine as well as pot and inhaled the pot because "that was the point" (in his own word's) and was somewhat straight! I can tell you from just the video's and photo's I been viewing, that the flowertop's/ bud's that I have seen in these businesses are the best of the best that I have ever seen, so those who complain about the price or taxation end ... let me just say you get what you pay for, this stuff is worth it's pricing by far, and this legalized crop's are the cream of the crop, believe me!

There is so many product's to come from this for recreation or medical reason's, and you CANT even say that about alcohol, I dont know of any medical positives psychologically or physically that can come from alcohol (or what they call "spirits" {: ), yet, it is widely accepted to be okay, yet can be also related to so many casualties in drunk driving, domestic violence, liver disease ... I had a friend die in my arm's from drinking and liver disease, and knew a few other's that lost their lives, families and job's, etc ... and many folk's have experienced the same, so that speak's for itself, eh? I have drove drunk and stoned both, and there is NO COMPARISON at all, or even in the "high". But of course you will hear alot of nonsense in the media's from so called degreed expert's, especially right now being this is so new and so experimental as far as being in the mainstream. Politician's will be very delicate as well as their corporate finance supporter's for awhile to see how the poll's of thought will go on them, so expect the usual pussy- footing around and political correctness. Many will still paint it as evil, etc ... but when it finally get's enough time to prove itself ... those who are frightened to speak out in strong support will use it like crazy to their advantage in some way and be crawling over each other to promote it as usual and try to get a piece of it for some reason.

Congratulation's and BIG THANX to those states of Colorado and Washington who pushed for this, breaking the ground, and to those states who are also going to be looking at changing this mindset and do the right thing,  by seeing the good of this, and hopefully this will encourage and inspire many more to join(t) in together. Right now Washington (DC) is staying mostly tight lipped as far as enforcing the federal law's against it and shying away from this ... why? ... because everyone want's to see how this will work and are anxious, whether they admit to it or not. Dont worry about the talk about it's still a federal crime or whatever, or how they "may" prosecute, etc ... do you realize how/ what that would look like in any court, when/ if federal law tries to intervene and jack with this? Who and how will/ would they prosecute? ... the same entities that your allowing to get tax dollar's from it?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... meaning ya'll's hand's are just as dirty, even though you done or say nothing, know nothing or see nothing {: ) ... trust me, ya'll dont even want to go there! {: ) Right now most are staying hushed up to sort of use it as a social experiment. I hope that many more states will push for this, especially Texas with it's large population and money, because this is a great business to support in this state, because it's already huge in the black market and illegal import's end.

Of course other's will have to take a bite and loss, such as the small petty court's and cheap petty lawyer's that sell no- contest cop- out plea's for $500 to $1000 a pop (per case ... then these SOB's actually "group" these cases/ docket's at the hearing's, they may plea deal 10 cases at $500 bux a pop during one hearing, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... talk about a "racket" {: ) ... to all those middle income kid's who get popped and citated, private jail's will take a little loss as well for those who are too poor to pay the fines where they incarcerate them and get 10's of thousand's per inmate, and of course the court's in miscellaneous fines and cost's, million's to local law enforcement agencies who been milking these federal drug battle fund's ... so you can see clearly why pot/ marijuana WAS REALLY illegal ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) BUT ... it will create a NEW line of market's/ product's, investor's/ entrepreneur's, employment/ businesses too.

Enough said for now ... Word Out ....





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