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REP. MICHAEL GRIMM (NY): "Holding Representatives RESPONSIBLE" ... Apology or APATHY? ... The "Condemnation justifies RESIGNATION" Edition (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.8)

Congressman Michael Grimm of New York

Part 8 of the "Public Parasites" series of this journal will have to go to NY Congressman Michael Grimm, with plenty of reason which I will explain after the brief newsread and video below. And to be fair here I will link the right slanted "FOX News" as well, so that I cant be pigeonholed with some of the mainstream of my fellow democrat voter's or so called liberal's as one that is just out to attack the "right", after all ... I'm not a goddamn bully either ... I am "fair" regardless of what side or cult one may embrace, okay? And I dont write any of this shit because I am one of these political junkies like some, I actually probably loathe writing about politic's more than anything else in this journal, and love my music posting's the best, but feel it's unfortunately necessary.

Rep. Grimm: 'I lost my cool' ... Thanx to CNN

***** FOX NEWS/ POLITICS: Rep. Grimm apologizes to reporter after confrontation

Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens NY1 Reporter "I'll Break You in Half" ... Thanx to The New York Times 




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

When some folk's look at this, they will say ... okay, Mike apologized, no biggie etc, etc ... after all ... many of us lost our cool and jumped off on another fella from time to time that we feel deserved it, or even threw a few punches and had some thrown at us ... I myself had a few black eyes and certainly gave a few black eyes as well to dudes in the heat of the moment. I dont dispute that the reporter Mr. Scotto was getting off subject too much, and understand how one can get angry over it. But this isnt a casual beef/ brawl that we may get into on the street or at some bar or whatever after a few too many drinx, okay? And frankly I am shocked at the response of Rep. Grimm, and not because it seem's odd to have a politician do that, I mean, look how arrogant Gov. Chris Christie of neighbouring New Jersey is to reporter's of the people that he is SUPPOSED TO SERVE as example. And I know how tough Brooklyn is, having lived there myself, it sure as Hell is not nearly as laid back as places like Texas or California when it comes to being aggressive, fast and on the edge.

But what's shocking is that this is a man who is the best of the best as far as being trained in "discipline", a former US Marine with commendation's who been in battle, a former FBI agent, an attorney, even CEO and co- owner of a Texas based bio- fuel venture, etc. Losing your cool over something this simple? (This is just not a matter of "losing cool" or being just angry, Rep. Grimm told the reporter that he was going to throw him off the balcony right there on the spot, just inches away from him, with witnesses as well as video footage ... which can easily result in death). Of course the reporter got a lil off subject maybe, but the reporter gave you respect that you claim he didnt when he allowed you to fairly answer question's. If the subject/ question was too delicate/ sensitive as far as investigation's being conducted on you ... you Sir of ALL people should have known EXACTLY how to respond without even thinking much at that, telling Mr. Scotto that the "question" is inappropriate and that YOU CANT discuss something that is in the investigative process, because it would contaminate any investigation as well, and cannot be discussed without legal representation and authority to, and make Mr. Scotto look foolish if you word it properly.

The bottom line Sir ... is that all of ya'll that work in Congress or the Senate get bloody damn paycheck's and mega, mega benefit's packages and incentives ... ya'll take a goddamn oath to "serve", to "answer" to the peoples need's and concern's, to "represent" ... ya'll are supposed to be role model's for society, not a bunch of hood's, thug's, bullies, who shit their pant's and get all bent out of shape over a few question's. And too many American's these dayz get comfortable with this type of behaviour from our so called representation ... this is NOT what this goddamn country is about man! And taking Mr. Scotto out for a bite and a few beer's later with an apology is NOT GOOD ENOUGH ... this is not a couple fella's off the block, or some fella's on the battle field who got the redass, okay? You represent and answer to the people man! ... that's what you get a bloody paycheck for! This posting isnt about your past run- in's in a bar, or has a bloody thing to do with any pending investigation's on you ... this is about bullying this guy who is obviously more passive than you and not nearly as strong as you perhap's, for doing his job. A reporter that makes a Hell of alot less money than you do at that in the trenches earning his paycheck ... I would hope Sir for what the American people pay you to represent them, that you could do a better job at earning your paycheck, eh?

In my opinion ... these type's of action should be immediately condemned from any representative who get's paid by us, and especially one that has slipped more than once this way ... not to be overlooked and just a slap on the wrist. This is NOT a matter of a heated debate on the Hill with fellow politician's, or yelling at them, this is a matter of threatening the life of a citizen reporter in "person" face to face ... what if the reporter would have felt threatened? and pulled out a "gun" out of fear and just killed Rep. Grimm right there (in self defense), feeling his life "was in danger" ... would we be crying and whining over another dead worthless politician the next day, as usual, blaming the "gun", eh?

Here's the bottom line here ... If ANYONE of us citizen's were to threaten anyone saying verbally in their face/ person like that, that we would throw them off a balcony ... we would be in handcuff's and charged with a crime ... bank on it!, even if an apology from the victim was accepted in most cases across America and the victim "declined" to press charges, the state/ county can and most likely will pick up the charges regardless, this is the reality for the average American citizen! WTF makes ya'll exempt from being responsible for ya'll's action's?!! Nothing less should be accepted by the American people than your resignation!

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Demeur said...

Grimm is an educated man. He has two degrees but looking into his past employment we find that he was part of a few law enforcement agencies so I guess that's where his demeanor comes from. Seems the FBI and other police get their way with force and intimidation. That said I think Grimm would be better suited to the WWF or ultimate fight organizations out there and not in public service.

Oh and one more thing you may not have known. Congress is not governed under the same rules as the rest of us. Look it up. I was shocked to find that out myself.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Demeur, I first thought you were joking (humour), however, I need to look into that as far as governing rules too, I just dont know (?) ... but what I was basing my statement on is ... if you or I Demeur were to walk up to a gent (reporter) such as this Grim character did and told him were gonna throw him off the balcony with aggressive tone in his face like Grim reaper did ... under basic crimianl/ penal codes/ laws, etc ... we would be charged with something ... bank on it, even if reporter Scrotum said he forgave us and accepted our apology, the state/ county would most likely say "No, no, no ... were pickin up the charges" ... I mean "criminal laws" are "criminal laws" eh?, and applies as far as in know to all level's, thousand's of case/ docket's coast to coast will confirm that. Anywayz, just got in, need to fix something to eat ... Thanx for the info here.