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Wealth Inequality & Capitalism SHOULD NOT "Create" ... but "Eliminate" POVERTY ... Weeding Out the "GREEDY, NEEDY, & POLARIZED PROSPERITY" (Poverty and Despair PT.2)

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What inspires this posting mostly is the constant talk I hear about how wealth inequality and capitalism is the WHOLE reason we have so much poverty, and that extreme poverty is simply a trademark of capitalism, then the flip- side solution I hear constantly that strict socialism is the answer to ALL our problem's and eliminating poverty, as if this is the only answer to the issues concerning wealth inequality, redistributing of wealth, poverty, etc, etc ... it's almost endless when it comes to this other polarizing way of thinking, I actually feel like an alien at times and so confused as to why folk's feel compelled to think this way? First of all, even though we actually do have unequal distribution of wealth, I feel at the same time that it is healthy for capitalism and especially progress and change too ... I dont believe in equality in the way that most folk's I hear do, whether which of these two polarizing cult's they embrace. I ask myself simple question's like ... why does wealth inequality or capitalism even cause anything like poverty and masses upon masses of new needy people? ... I mean ... it shouldnt ... in fact, looking at how it's designed ... it should eliminate poverty if anything ... even old school talk out of conservatives like trickle down economic's should work a Hell of alot better than what we are seeing. Sometimes I feel because of our lack to think out of the box and just look at simple basic's, that we become so screwed that many of us couldnt stand over a dead Armadillo in the road and piss on it without failing on that as well! And the real pisser to all of this, is that the answer's to so many of our problem's are right there in front of us, and so simple, yet we ignore it.

Inequality should be constructive and even cherished and embraced as any freedom/ liberty, instead of letting it work against us. I mean we use the word inequality to point out problem's that we have in our societies, but we dont look at the root of the actual problem and let the cancer flourish and nurture it with our herd mentality of thought. In fact, if we were all equal in wealth, likes/ dislikes, career's, goal's, how we dress, our arts, music, fetishes, taste's, etc, etc ... what a bloody boring goddamn world and life would be, eh? ... how much change or progress would that be, eh? Just because there is enormous wealth with some folk's and good healthy corporation's making healthy profit's, etc ... these should not create proverty ... none of which creates it ... only a hand full of individual's and their intoxicating addictive greed, our choices of political representation that they buy and feed us, and dumb ass mega breeding religious institution's to tell our families and communities what's for our own good and what we should value depending on which one of those cult's that we follow, all of course claiming that God send's them messages to give us and detailed instruction's ... all also good, and anyone opposed to them or thinking different, evil .... yet none of them even have a bit of regard for what they claim that God created, which is nature and the earth ... so somebody is sure full of shit, eh?

And what is WRONG with a certain amount of socialism? or having a good tax paid (by all) education system that groom's our young to carry on to better thing's in the future, that benefit all? What is wrong with taxes in reasonable amount's? Why are taxes and government made to look so evil and as if that is the cause to poverty as so many with reasonable wealth who made a few good investment's, worked hard and got some good break's preach, as if welfare, entitlement's, or helping folk's in a rut that we create with our extreme thinking and action's are the cause for all our blues, Hell, even those with wealth got break's, take advantage of GOVERNMENT tax break's, contract's, subsidies, etc, etc ... then publicly whine about how all this is terrible and government takeover ... a certain amount of government worx well for everyone at every income/ wealth level. None of this talk from either of these two extreme wayz of thought is true, it is 110% pure bullshit as much as thinking that a healthy stock market, profitable corporation's/ bank's and capitalism are the cause of all poverty and so called inequalities issues.

Another issue of concern is wages, a living wage, and driving the employment market's. Of course the popular pro- business view is that keep wages low, which keep's cost and inflation low, etc ... And there is some truth to that, being that I feel also that the minimum wage in America for example should be raised, but also understand that when you do, everything will automatically go up, those worker's that get that raise will be equally milked on their cost of living on every dime they got increased. So ... that is where thing's like government and the Federal Reserve and IRS, etc come in and are needed governing entities to at least try to keep some stability in these area's ... after all ... free market, choice and all that is one thing, but you need to have some balance in all, you cant just let ALL business go hog wild and start to dictate what is only good to their advantage, and everyone should be made to work in a fair range as far as business and hiring, wages, etc. (Again, there is nothing ill about the design of our system, just the corruption that has infiltrated it ... and NOT ALL of the "big money" has this addiction to extreme greed, which is another myth). "IF" you were to have NO governing oversight and intervention in these area's ... Hell, you would go back to folk's dumping everything from radioactive material's to toxin's and everything such in between at extreme level's into our water's, air and land (more than they currently do and get away with), you would have everyone pushing to have folk's work for $2 bux an hour like they do in some piss poor countries, etc. I mean ... you cant clean thing's up and get any balance if you dont have a body that addresses it and some oversight for order, that is where legislation worx to everyone's "interest", not just corporate lobbyist's. No kind of oversight and rules, etc to this area would simply lead to re- establishing "slavery" ... and IT WOULD ... dont think it wouldnt. You DONT need people working at slave wages to have a healthy business climate and a good profit margin and economy ... that shit is just excessive and another myth.

Tax break incentives to corporation's and business are even just as healthy as food stamp's and unemployment benefit's to our economy and trade, this is what people miss when they just think one of two wayz and dont look at the entire picture. But also, when we "do" give these corporate tax break's, what we need to do yet fail to do, is to make those break's and incentives with a contractual commitment from the corporation through legislation ... you know ... like, one hand washes the other, eh? ... we do for ya'll ... we want something in return for our "generosity" in other word's, same as when we give any entitlement to an average citizen, we dont do it without any commitment/ obligation for those, so any corporate entitlement should also have some string's attached, like creating a certain amount of job's domestically (USA), as well as banking and investing them dollar's/ break's and profit's that especially come from our consumption, re- invested in large part into domestic institution's, not just "offshore" account's, eh? ... get my drift?

We even have probably the most bipartisan President (Obama) that I have ever seen in my life, yet we have this cancer as well in his advisory sector ill advising him and twisting what he tries to propose into something else ... he has bent over backward's to work with everyone in all level's of society, he is really a man ahead of his time as well. And Hell no ... you dont have to have thousand's or million's of homeless starving people, veteran's living in the street's to have capitalism, or does it make capitalism healthy, or needed to make it work, or does it make those who are wealthy go to the poorhouse and lose all their wealth if we didnt have it ... you dont need to have people in gutter's to try to paint an image of good healthy capitalism, as a matter of fact, it is this that should show you how to improve capitalism to make it work better as it is designed to ... all another myth.

But ... we are slowly learning as we alwayz do from looking back at our mistakes, and with that will become the motivation and inspiration for the transition in thinking and action that will come in time, from all level's of wealth/ classes of the masses.

That's the REALITY ... Word Out ....





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