Friday, January 24, 2014

CONGRESSIONAL EXTORTION: Speeches & Dinner's that equal Vacation's & Getting Rich Aspirations ... The "And We WONDER WHY?" Edition ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION & ETHIC'S PT.5) & **** MSNBC BREAKING NEWS UPDATE

***** NEWSFLASH: First let me update this posting with a breaking news video below from MSNBC, interrupting Congresswoman Jane Harman of California ... then we can get on to the LESS IMPORTANTE issues following from CNN ... Thank You {: )

MSNBC Interrupts US Congresswoman over NSA to Report Teen Pop Star Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI ... Thanx to Trewsers


Part 5 of the "Political Corruption & Ethic's" series will be a recent piece from Anderson Cooper and CNN to take a look at the flip side of what Washington/ Congress is also doing to corporation's on the side, and pretty much just how some in Congress think their job's are simply to learn how to get rich quick, and grooming themselves for their lobby career aspirations. And it's great to hear as well that CNN is going to be doing a whole year investigative series reporting on this, since this is another election's year. But first this link below from CNN is a short but great read and video, then I will add some further opinion of my own on this after.

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Ex- Shell Oil president: 'I felt extorted'




I call this "And We Wonder Why?" edition, because honestly I dont recall a time in modern US history where there has been this level of outright corruption I reckon since a few year's before and after 1930 (and we seen what happened then, which is very similar to what is happening now ... all over again), so I see it as nearly a century, but then when you have the same old deadwood as usual running the show from decade to decade, some history I reckon is bound to repeat itself unfortunately. Myself like million's of other American's are constantly wondering why, and were hit with so much that we can barely keep up with who's doing what, while they as well keep us at each other's throat's with their petty games and bitch fight's of course. When I talk to my grandson's for instance who 2 are teen's in high school and other's like nephew or nieces, young college and other high school student's about the importance of voting, I actually feel ashamed, and am not afraid to express my emotion's to them, because I feel compelled to tell them the truth (I hate lying to kid's ... and feel blessed with the blunt honesty I got from my mom and dad as a child) ... but YES, I tell them I feel shame and like I failed them to an extent. Why? ... because I am one just as guilty I feel that helped create this mess, I have only voted democrat or republican all my voting year's (although I have my reason's as I point out in this journal as well), yet as I point out in this journal, the flaw's in both of these parties and with the left/ right gang mentality ... that I have fell to as well in this voting game we play, I have favourite politician's and such as I point out through this journal and related series too. Then it's too easy to get caught up in this left/ right cesspool when your online and blogging, networking, etc, etc I found out, because you get caught in senseless and boring time wasting debate's with folk's and lose focus on what is really being done to us.

This story from CNN above I didnt even give much thought to before CNN brought it to my atencion, and YES ... I actually do believe the former President John Hofmeister of Shell Oil here, and I am not a real big fan of oil giant's either as you can see throughout this journal ... I believe every bloody word he sayz and what he feel's on this one. We already know too well some of the corruption and loathing to do anything for our nation's peoples and small businesses as it is, with almost unlimited vacation time off and walking out whenever they dont get their way, they are just so blunt and honest, especially the republican's telling us right out their going to screw us, they DONT hide a thing as far as some of their goal's, like the so called "Pledge to America" (this is sad, but a sraight look at asking "why?" and other question's, and over 3 year's ago in 2010, yet we are still in the same rut in 2014) or whatever, they act fast and gut you like a pig in the slaughterhouse. But then this also show's me why there may be more resentment from corporate entities as well as trying to buy off our representation, because of what they get hit with by some of the representation behind the scenes too ... therefore feeding to the growth of more corporate communism (Corporatcommunazica), an endless cycle it seem's in a cesspool of corruption and retribution.

That's about it for now on this ... Word Out ....


The 6 Worst Members of Congress ... Thanx to BREAKINGTHESET **** a lil bonus video I wanted to add here from Abby Martin of "Breaking The Set"



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Infidel753 said...

There is far too much money sloshing around in the political system these days. Campaigns for office have become incredibly expensive, and politicians with an eye on getting re-elected get used to thinking in terms of how to raise millions, which means they spend a lot of time dealing with super-rich donors like the Koch brothers. Even if they don't start out corrupt, they probably develop a distorted fixation on money from having to put so much emphasis on raising it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah ... Unfortunately I know Infidel ... so you can understand how I and million's of other's feel in America right now with what we have as far as representation ... and Thank You for your voice on here Infidel ....