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Pastor George Nathaniel III

This posting will serve both series of "Not Cool 4 School" & "Defensive Driving Course" for this journal, and will look at a school bus driver and local Pastor in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota (Minneapolis/ St.Paul) a few month's back who was fired for leading prayer with student's on his bus route. I want to add this posting because of how the media and public focus is on the issue of one's right to prayer, and treating this issue as if the liberal mindset of America is discriminating Pastor Nathaniel ... there is obviously something that alot of folk's are missing here with their left/ right thinking, which I will explain after the newsread/ video below in my part.

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Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

First of all to Pastor Nathaniel ... this IS NOT a matter of having your rights violated and a bunch of evil atheist's out to get you and other's like yourself, and I am one that actually support's prayer in school as well (of course under certain guidelines with limitation's, such as individual's recess/ recreation and socializing with like minded friend's, in arts or whatever). You also made a mistake Sir by saying that this is about a Christian nation in your interview, sure Christianity is a dominating religion here, but this is also a democracy Sir ... that mean's even Pagan's, Jew's, Muslim's, and even Satanist's should also have to live by the same rules ... so this is not only a Christian nation, okay? And one of the reason's this is particularly annoying to me, is because of some of the reckless driver's I myself encounter on sundayz in this city here (Dallas) of folk's coming or going to church with gospel music blaring from their vehicles while they are singing, praying, etc ... and doing everything but paying atencion to their driving, with no consideration for other's that are on the road ... what I call driving intoxicated under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

While you are conducting your prayer or sing- a- long deal with the kid's, you are not focusing as much as you should on driving, or at least what you are being paid to, which includes the safety of those children ... maybe unintentionally but indirectly endangering the lives of those children, I am a father and a grandfather ... so you can understand how this would be an issue with me, eh? So this IS NOT about depriving you or any children of your right to pray. Yet we alwayz hear this when someone get's in a jam like this ... about your rights, etc, etc ... what about the children that you are supposed to get safely from point A to point B, eh? ... is it part of your contract to lead prayer and sing- a- long's with the kid's as part of your JOB? Have you not even been warned about this before by your company? ... are they atheist villain's out to get you too? As far as you Sir giving kid's the "choice" to pray or not while being transported ... that is not up to you Sir! nor anything but enforcing any conduct codes to them kid's if anything ... praying while going to and from school is not any policy of any pubic school district, so has nothing to do with your job. Would you give them the same equal "choice" to blast some of their pop music while your driving? or have Wiccan/ Pagan preaching/ ritual or such?, or to have student council political debate's out loud, or to do Yoga, stand on their head's and meditate or whatever? ... where does "prayer" even come into this? You are the one pushing the religious card here! Why did you want to become a school bus driver when your a pastor? ... which makes me wonder if you have an agenda, eh?

The thing about some of ya'll that is equally as nauseating ... is that ya'll claim to be such devout Christian's who live the Christian life around the clock ... being that you have 1001 places to pray and meet as it is ... perhap's you should be more focused on taking care of prayer and such in your homes and churches with your own families, friend's and such, or at least I would think as "responsible" Christian parent's and leader's that you already do that ... so there isnt any extra need to push more religious prayer, sing- a- long's and literature everywhere else you are too, and distracting the rest of society that may not belong to your denomination's or cult's ... and NO, I'm not an atheist, so dont try to pigeonhole me with/ in any of that ... I am a grandfather, father and American ... and this is about doing your bloody job more efficiently and having a lil decency and respect for the rest of society, eh? You deserve to be fired Sir, bottom line, cause your out of line.

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