Monday, February 3, 2014

MOTLEY CRUE: "Live Wire", "Take Me To The Top", "Shout At The Devil", & "Piece Of Your Action"


This posting to honour and look at for this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will go to a rock crew that are supposedly about to retire and call it quit's for good from interview's I read ... another LA based crew, Motley Crue. This last tour I gather is supposed to be a lengthy one and running into 2015, so a long road stretch it looks like, and with a year long tour and the amount of world tour's that they already done over the last 3 decades ... they will certainly need a break {: )

This crew went from the garage band gig's and local circuit's with associate's and such going back to high school, to headlining some of the largest rock festival's around the globe, as well as selling over 100 million album's ... more of a polished type 1980's style hard rock with a glam type image at first, and even though Vince Neil wasnt really a noted vocalist, he was more of an image guy that could drive a crowd, but I loved his style and vocal's as well, because he was just prefect for this crew ... when he was hired I read that they just decided to take him in, whether he could sing or not, just because he could drive a crowd, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) When I seen them back in the early 1980's I was really impressed though with especially the guitar work of Mick Mars and bass of Nikki Sixx ... and Mick Mars really had some classy lick's, and how he alter's his tuning and pitch bending, making his style unique, which I didnt know too much about this crew when I first saw them, but found that Mars was really impressive in his work and style. The group all around also had really nice harmonizing which helped enhance Vince's vocal's ... Tommy Lee (Pamela Anderson's hubby) as a drummer was pretty basic, but had alot of style and flash as far as performance.

But this band certainly went commercial as it get's and went to the top literally speaking with just simple good rock music and a great stage image to present their work, that worked so well, while keeping it raw ... and a really fun uplifting type party style group! In this posting I wanted to focus on those song's that broke them through the gates that led to their great success, from their earliest album's, and of course a few of my favourite's from these gent's ... and Thanx for all the great music and show's guyz ... love ya'll! ... Enjoy!





Motley Crue- Live Wire (Official Music Video) ... Thanx to WIMPYLIBERALBUSTER32

Motley Crue- Take Me To The Top (live 1982) Perkins Palace ... Thanx to PTV718

Shout At The Devil- Motley Crue (HD) ... Thanx to WHERE MUSIC LIVES

Motley Crue- Piece Of Your Action ... Thanx to CRUELAND




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