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LIVE OAK HIGH/ MORGAN HILLS (CA): To BAG the Flag for the NAG Hag(s) ... "The PolitiPussy Edition" ... (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.9) & (BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S PT.8)


A politically correct solution flag .... which would truly represent the meaning behind "Cinco de Mayo"

This posting to also serve 2 series of this journal "Not Cool 4 School" & "Battle of the Dolls" both. Because this kind of politically correct nonsense is overblown and NOT cool for school, and because like in the battle of the dolls series, this is another issue that get's so many of the deadwood old hag's panties in a bind on both of the popular polarizing sides of the leftee's and rightee's. But while I let my eyes dry from the tears ... and make sure I'm in a safe hiding place because of my fears, some newsread and video linked below from CNN then my input/ opinion on this nonsense after ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

***** CNN/ JUSTICE: Court: School was within its rights to ban U.S. flag T- shirts on Cinco de Mayo





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas

Basically what happened a few year's back is some MILD confrontation between student's (quoted as being "almost violent") when a few student's wearing some American flag shirt's taunted a few student's carrying Mexican flag's ... some shit talking and word's went back and forth ... the school district and some parent's with their advanced state of super paranoia thought and brain food ... started to fantasize about fictional race riot's breaking out and thinking of a few tossed word's and face- slap's or a punch/ pushes as "violence" that will erupt into a state- wide race war or whatever ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) If some kid's get into some physical out of control violence like in any school incident ... you/ school deal with the kid's involved ... you dont make all these rules, as if kid's dont have enough rules shoved down their throat's as it is ... and just punish everybody who want's to express themselves. Or you can just make a policy that prohibits any flags or make everybody wear plain blank shirts so they all look alike ... you could even take it further out of political correctness and frailty, and make them all wear paper bag's on their head's, eh?

What is so nauseating about this and these times is how the older generation's do all they can to try to stop kids from being kids and buck the nature of such, including feeding them fucken pharmaceutical drug's to make them relax and be more submissive, while telling them to not do thing's like smoke pot or drink a beer. I mean kid's disagree like the rest of human's and sometimes it result's in conflict that may be a "tad" physical ... Hell ... we all (many of us) engaged in this when we were kid's ourselves for some reason or another ... most popular kind's are between sports team rival's between school's or whatever ... fighting over mates/ dating, neighbourhood's/ turf's, tossing a few offensive word's at each other, etc ... then .. we get over it and it's forgotten ... simple. No real threat's came here ... no gun battles or stabbing's or even any REAL physical fight's ... Jesus F'n Christ! what the fuck have we become in our so called liberated civilised thinking?

No ... I dont see a thing wrong with students wearing a t- shirt with an American flag or Mexican flag or whatever, or see a thing wrong with a kid wanting to wear a Christian cross around their neck on a necklace (actually Dallas school's had a ban on wearing crosses out of offending pussies too) or if a kid want's to wear a satanic/ pagan pentagram ... or a t- shirt of a rap or metal music artist or anything else ... this is how folk's dress themselves in order to identify themselves with what their "into" is all ... like art. And if some kid's get into a lil squabble over it ... shit happen's eh? ... the majority of kid's will not even get involved and not ALL follow the herd mentality of thought and opinion, or are left or right ... or have been contaminated mentally as we older folk's have yet. Of course as a parent and grandparent I have concern and try to talk to the kid's and if I can give some advice ... but I dont press it ... this is just more silly nonsense.

BTW ... a friend not long ago asked me what was up with the colour's I chose for this blog ... it actually was inspired by my neighbourhood, which is Northwest Dallas (Love Field, Bachman Lake, and Webb Chapel areas) and colour's of the Mexican American community here ... and I'm anglo/ euro descent myself, as well as damn near a nationalist when it comes to my country and the American flag, it represent's colourz of my community is all. The Mexican flag as well as the American flag worked together as one in the 19th century (1800's) for instance against oppression ... these two flag's should be side by side and represent the same thing which is freedom and independence, Mexico and USA not only border each other, but are both AMERICAN countries and have more in common than we realize at times. Texas itself looking at a map even goes deep into Mexico and was once a state of Mexico (Tejas) ... California is as closely united.

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