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USPS vs. DARRELL ISSA: His LOVE & CONCERN for America's Post Office ... The "BITCHIN, ITCHIN, FIXIN'S & FICTION Edition" (USPS PT.4)

Part 4 of the "USPS" series is just to update what is currently happening in this mess 2014. I call this the "Bitchin, Itchin, Fixin's & Fiction" edition, because you have all these profiteer icon's (more like racketeer's actually) itchin to get a hold of that $60/ $65 billion in annual business that USPS has, politician's (primarily Republican's and of course a few of the usual Democrat's that sleep with them on certain issues) bitchin up a storm over cost efficiency (most are politician's who claim to be fiscally conservative, but you can see with their spending priorities, that too is a lie) and union's, benefit's and spending of the Post Office, yet on the other hand they say to stay out of business, but their trying to destroy this self sustaining business, and every month there is something new in small increment's going on city to city, town to town, coast to coast across our nation of what their fixin (getting ready) to close, sell the building's/ properties/ real estate owned by the USPS to the next billion dollar investor, which is alot of "fixin's" ... and along with all, running their mouth's with nothing but fictional stories of the road to disaster that the Post Office is on, the same their trying to do to our Social Security or just about anything else that we have and built over decades of any worth. Hell, folks like Congressman Paul Ryan wants to even trade in your Medicare and give ya'll older citizen's a vouchure for about $7000 grand to run around state to state and shop around, haggle/ hustle to find the best deal for a surgery/ medical health care or whatever (that's brilliant, eh?, makes you wonder what planet some of these politician's live on?).

Now it may sound like I'm joking, a couple folk's around town started laughing when I told them some of these things I explain in this posting .... but this is NO JOKE, rest assured. I have talked to a few libertarians/ republicans locally for instance, just to inform them on some of the lies they been told ... some actually thought that the USPS was goverment/ tax funded and that all it was doing is wasting tax payer's money ...  no shit, this is the truth, they were suprised when I proved to them that this is also a lie, by their own Republican Party representatives or news sources ... I mean ... when your getting fucked, you ought to at least know who's fucking you, eh? As another matter of fact, what suprised these gent's that I explained this to that they were not aware of, is that USPS not only get's no fund's from tax money to keep it generating its massive business, they also stimulate so many other companies financially by contracting out business to them ... just UPS and FedEx alone get nearly $2 billion a year in business from USPS. Now folks like Congressman Issa who rant up and down and every which way about how pro- business they are and all about too much government being too "nosey" and "interfering" in business matters, regulations or such, especially large independent revenue/ profit generating businesses with a great track record such as USPS ... they cant seem to keep their Washington noses out of their business ... and why is that? ... you dont need a degree in business to figure that one out, eh?

Other's think that this is a blessing in disguise and that by dissolving this USPS is the break- up of a monopoly (USPS), a monopoly that has too much control over the market ... imagine that, these same people though wouldnt give say USPS a few billion to save them if it came down to it, but would give international investment banker's hundred's of billion's to gamble offshore and lose more, and to become a bigger liability than they already are to the global market! They will tell you enterpreneurial stories and have seminar's on how to now start up a new mom & pop mail center service franchise in your community, kind of peddling them off like them ole fried chicken/ greasy spoon franchise/ joint's, or them classes on how to flip houses/ real estate that are junk and rip someone else off in the process ... having meeting's/ presentations/ seminars for like $99.95 in 4 easy installments on your MasterCard/ Visa and they'll show you and your kids how you can make a bundle and be patriotic at the same time by going into the mailing/ parcel business ... if ya got a pick- up truck even better, they'll show you how to do the parcel transport business and save America and make a bundle as a sub- contractor. Dont misunderstand me either, I am very much pro- business, and go out of my way as a consumer to support and shop small local businesses ... but what your being told and what is being manufactured and presented as a postal crisis, etc ... is nothing more than like deceptive advertising.

Folk's across the nation are protesting these closures and sell- outs, and folk's like in Portland ("Labor Notes" linked below) I commend, for even after being arrested for just trying to set up a meeting to negotiate some of this and charged with trespassing violation/ laws ... they will actually plead "not guilty" and request "jury trials" ... way to go, take em down for the fucken count! ... and that is how many of us should react coast to coast ... going down at least fighting, and utilizing what bloody little rights we have left that havent been contaminated yet with back door legislation to suppress or neutralize a specific right. And these protests and pushes to privatize all mail/ postal/ parcel business is done not only by these ingrate iconic profiteers in America, but they are also pushing it in other countries from what I gathered such as Pakistan and even the Royal Mail Service in the UK for examples ... the same entities behind this are the same entities who are driving austerity measures globally, and ratholing all the wealth, revenues and resources of nations and trying to of course "globalize" us to all have equal pay (which is peanuts pay) across the globe and be one big happy familia, while telling us that we need to compete more, stay at each others throat's, sacrifice and give more to them while they buy out the remainders of our peoples government's representation and legislate enough new laws through their pocketed politician's to make you feel "free" constitutionally, but with restriction's of like a person under "house arrest". And believe me ... thats also alot of "fixin's"!

You have to wonder though at the same time ... will all this work any more efficient than the Post Office we have built? I doubt it, eh? All of the sudden we will have thousand's of independently owned 'do- drop- in' joint's all over America, with no oversight of these businesses, no background check's of who they employ and who is handling your mail/ parcel's from one week to the next ... will they do criminal background check's and drug testing/ screening, or check driving record's of driver's like USPS? ... how many deliveries may get missed or not delivered in a time efficient manner?, how many packages may end up missing or stolen?, how much privacy will you have a far as your billing transaction's or having mail that may be opened?, and who would you file complaints/ grievances with? ... will they give the same amount of opportunity that the USPS has given to so many Veteran's over the decades? will they give any incentive for themselves or employee's/ sub- contractor's to have any integrity/ honesty and pride in their work as the USPS? ... and how many decent paying job's will this eliminate and/ or create?, being they will eliminate all the decent payroll from USPS and replace it all with non- union, non- benefit, minimal wage employees basically with perhap's 50% less staffing ... and the "mom & pop" joints that open will probably only employ mom and pop, maybe a couple familia members, etc. .... wow! ... that's a brilliant display and plan for job creation in America, eh? ... and how "efficient" or "reformed and redesigned" does that sound/ look? Of course California Congressman  Darrell Issa talks about how this is all about his concern and love for the Post Office in the below MSNBC linked video, and he sound's so sincere the way he sayz it, he almost brought tear's of patriotism to my eyes ... but I sure as Hell know where his eyes are at or focusing on, and it hasnt a bloody damn thing to do with saving our postal service in America ... I'll leave it there ... more below ... go figure yourself.

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