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MALAYSIA AIR FLIGHT 370: Plight of the Mystery Night Flight of Fright ... The LOST & NOT FOUND Edition ... (ABOVE & BELOW PT.17) ... w/ "UFO" & "PING" Updates

I wanted to include this for the record as Part 17 of this series, because this thing has baffled the Hell out of me, and it did happen in Earth's atmosphere ... and what once was above, seem's now below. I have been trying to follow this as much as possible, because I could hardly believe that some kind of trace of this plane/ jet hasnt been found yet ... something ... after all, it's been over a week. I sure dont know much about aviation, but just looking at the size of this craft at roughly 209' ft in length, a 200' ft wingspan, and 60' ft tall, with all the I- pads, phones, laptops or whatever of passenger's and all the devices of tracking they have in these planes ... not a thing has been found yet? ... no floating debris either, which I thought if it did go into the ocean ... something must have surfaced by now, because it would have broke to pieces, or on land as a crash would have been some kind of explosion or whatever (?) But when I was talking about this with friend's over the last weekend, I couldnt help for my suspicion's to arise. I started wondering if it was possible that this craft was somehow deliberately stolen and maybe stashed somewhere to be used possibly later as a type of "flying bomb" armed with explosives to use against some nation at a later date (?). Hopefully they will find something soon, regardless of how large the search area is ... there is alot of folks internationally with the best equipment in the search ... I really feel sorry for the families of the passengers in all of this. The latest from CNN below ....

***** CNN: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Get up to speed on the latest developments

I will call this update below a "UFO" update, meaning "unidentified floating object's"

***** CNN: (friday 28 march 2014) New objects sighted as Flight 370 search shifts dramatically ... Well, so far my thought's as far as someone stealing the plane look not likely ... according to expert's it just crashed, where in Hell it crashed still is a confusing mess 3 weeks after! The search areas have changed drastically, hundred's of miles apart, several folk's say they have debris spotted, yet no one has been able to get to any of it yet, etc. Absolutely incredible ... something of actual confirmation has got to come soon, I didnt even think something so large could be so undetected or traced, but I also didnt anticipate just how huge in the ocean this search area is, and the awful weather condition's that some met with during the search ... I heard they faced actual 20' ft choppy waves on the water ... something is bound to come up soon. I dont think I ever seen so many bloody theories in my life as what CNN has been covering 24/ 7, from an endless line of expert's ... it certainly has been somewhat educational. I dont blame these families for being pissed on this ... I mean ... it seem's like every damn day you highlight that debris has been seen, but no one yet seem's to be able to confirm it or get any of it.




POST NOTE (sun. 30 march 2014): The way this is looking, I wouldnt be at all suprised if even a few folk's/ entities wouldnt be in any hurry to find this plane, being that even though Malaysia Air agreed to give all victim's surviving families $5000 each (WOW!! a whole $5000 dollars!), there are also numerous attorneyz talking about class action lawsuit's. So I dont know if it's wise to just take the $5000 and leave it there, eh? There are too many question's and not many answer's, no bodies yet, no wreckage yet, etc There is also talk that it could have been intentional on a pilot's part, there is also talk that lithium batteries may have been being shipped in the cargo, and lobbyist's in the past have bucked regulating this type of transport they felt was unsafe. I agree on the lithium battery cargo thing (which I never even thought of before I heard this) ... I mean ... what the Hell are they transporting cargo's like that on commercial passenger airlines for? ... well ... it must be to do with the usual about making money/ profit's (instead of using freight flight's) ... I dont think many paying customer's (passenger's) would like to be flying with cargo's like that under them any more than any hazardous material's. Well ... we will see what happen's.


These new updates added is the latest underwater search a month after, that I'll just call the search for the last ping to sing update, since the ping signal is about to go out after a month or so. What a difficult search this has been, I actually thought by now especially after a month that something would have came up.

***** CNN/ WORLD: (added saturday 05 april 2014) A month after fight disappearance, Malaysia remains determined to find plane

***** CNN/ WORLD: (added wednesday 09 april 2014) Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 2 new signals in search area buoy hope



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