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SANDERS/ WARREN 2016: America's need to RALLY for Any REAL Rivalry ... Call's for an Armed CALVARY ... (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.9) & (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.19)



This posting to serve both the "Elizabeth Warren" & "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series of this journal. And what inspires this posting is the endless media saturation concerning the push for Hillary Clinton now by so many mainstream Democrats, an overwhelming majority actually, and already from what I gather Boeing Corp. has millions to put on her, not to mention every other big money entity who are currently laying low right now but ready to do the same, and of course there is also perhaps this Clinton- Obama deal talk too, which of course I been suspecting ... otherwise I wouldnt even post on this yet, if it wasnt that critical. YET ... of course Clinton has been smiling and declining to announce a thing, although I would bet my Dallas Cowboys training shorts that she is going to run at the rate this is going right now, I just think she's playing it off and building this anticipation cult circle of sort, all the spotlight is on her only, from news media to tele shows, to radio shows, etc. I mean ... you know damn well hundreds of millions in campaign funding is in the kitty already and will hit the arena like a goddamn tsunami once she gives the green light, with of course, millions of people jumping for joy, etc. Maybe she will decide not to run, but how likely is that considering all the spotlight there is on her now to run, as well as campaigning organizations already in motion to back her?

But there hasnt even been any talk yet about competition from Democrats, and I realize its early, but they're also pushing this Clinton campaign as if the election was this November, and hard! With the money that will be pumped into this next election 2016, which will probably be the most in history I am guessing, there needs to be some alternative, competition, a sort of rally from Americans for any kind of real rivalry ... and to do that against such power houses like the Clinton's ... you will need a calvary armed and ready to go at it at the drop of a hat and point out the issues and exactly where the Clinton's stand on them, THAT is what IS IMPORTANTE, not this nonsense talk on her new hairstyle, new outfit, being a new grandma, or how many pop- bands/ celebrities or whatever endorse her ... THE ISSUES that make and break our lives, country and economies is what is IMPORTANTE, and a record on those issues too. Sanders and Warren have a lengthy record and resume on where they stand as you can see throughout these series in this journal, I have been supporting these two for a long time now. I question deeply where Clinton stands?, and know that her husband Bill will have alot of influence whether its known or not, if/ when she got in a position like President, she has been very close as well with the very entities that have taken this country into the ground.

As a voter I sacrifice as it is, I vote Democrat even though I am bi/ tri- partisan and more independent, I am very strong on support for our veterans/ military, I am pro- business, as well as very strong on pro- gun rights, yet I also am more willing to vote for a more progressive person on the Dem side who may be willing to attack gun rights (although folks like myself who grew up with gun's will be pro- gun/ defense probably for life and alwayz use them regardless of any politician's opinion and stand on them) ... simply because of the serious issues we face concerning the push for austerity and corporate communism, slashing our Social Security, and giving all our money away to offshore foreign investment banking ventures, etc, etc ... so I had to "weigh" myself on the hard choices of who to vote for, what is more importante, etc, as I point out throughout this journal. I like million's of other American's spend alot of time to "vote", in lines, etc ... I really doubt that those pumping the most into these election's today that are worth million's or billion's even vote at all ... why would they? ... we or our political representation would probably be lucky to even get 5 minutes of their time to talk in many cases. This campaign financing of today has to have some cap put on it, more transparency, etc ... I believe in equal voting rights, and those 'so concerned'  to spend million's of their own personal money to pump into these election's (which probably get reimbersed some how with tax subsidies), should be equally concerned enough to stand in line, mail- in or any other way that everyone else has to vote or be heard, they should not get special treatment, only fair and equal opportunity to voice their opinion and vote.

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As a voting Democrat, I EXPECT alot more, especially here in Texas to see a lil more diversity and is why I voted Wendy Davis for Governor, considering what this nation is up against that I write so much about throughout this journal, and I dont expect to have to vote for someone like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or those in that circle of Democrats. We are in some real challenging times as you can see daily all around you, and frankly too much of Wall Street has gained too much power and too much voice in our politic's ... so we must have more progressive and even if you like to say ... "extreme type measures" to tackle the corporate/ banking challenges ahead, lolligagging around with these pop- culture candidates and those who proven to be weak will not do. And just because President Obama may support one of these pop- culture candidates doesnt mean a thing, I like the President and appreciate what he has tried to do ... but we need something stronger with some kind of track record to go up against this cesspool. I am not against Hillary Clinton, I feel she is not suited for the job to serve the best interest's of the people of this nation ... Obama was more bipartisan and cutting edge than her, and even he ran into endless obstruction. Meaning we need something much stronger if we at least want to really put up a fight.

Sanders and Warren are two that have that resume so far ... although I know that many of the big money people will not like putting too much on them, but we dont have much left ... there has to be a real progressive overhaul especially in the Democrat Party, or else there wont be much difference between them running things and mainstream Republicans, besides some social issues on sex, marriage equality, womens rights. etc ... but the money issues wont be addressed in an efficient manner, we have been getting milked dry continuously across the board, and because of the actions of the mainstream of the left and right, that is a serious issue that need's to be ADDRESSED, NOT just talked about during speeches showcased. We have not had action ... Warren and Sanders have had much action in their resume. I dont care if it would be Sanders/ Warren or Warren/ Sanders, if Warren doesnt want to run for President, ask her to run as a VP choice at least with Sanders or the other way around, etc  ... but the two would go good together at least to raise some action, although I know how much of a challenge they would face, but we need something different. In 2016, I dont want to hear the same ole nonsense again out of these mainstream Democrats about, it's either this evil or the other, etc, etc ... or how there is no other way, etc, etc ... I want some real choices, and millions of other voting Democrats and American's do as well ... otherwise ... trust me ... you will lose us.

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