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ARMED CITIZENS UNITED (ACU) 2014: Strengthening & Defending what LIBERTIES we DO have "LEFT" is a "RIGHT" ... The "No One Else Will" Edition (SELF DEFENSE PT.26)


Part 26 of the "Self Defense" series will be a shoutout to support and highlight a fairly new gun rights organization in America called "Armed Citizens United" ... and part of this posting was inspired by a sad and unfortunate incident that happened yesterday up round the Kansas City area, where people were once again attacked and killed ... for basically nothing more than their religion or culture. And this kind of thing has become more common around the nation these dayz ... the thing is ... the accused has a fairly long history of anti- Semitism, so many knew about it ... but still regardless of the history and knowing about it, there was not sufficient security or anything done to look further into who was behind this, of course till after the fact/ tragedy ... it just shows how vulnerable we are ... and how much we can depend on getting protected. Thanx to all those who lobby and organize to protect our rights as citizens as these folks, since in todayz America the people dont nearly have the lobby that so many foreign country dictators, corporations and investment bankers have in Washington {: ) Some video below from "ACU" and "sootch00" ... then I will add a few cents after.

ACU's Five Tactics ... Thanx to ARMED CITIZENS UNITED




Armed Citizens United (ACU) Gun Rights Organization ... Thanx to  Guns Reviews 2


RANCH SANTA (Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") & ELVES

There is a reason why I focused on putting the word's "left/ right" in the title of the posting, even though it may not sound that way at first glance reading it ... it is because self- defense should be a right and supported by even voting Democrat's like myself ... defending what rights we do have left is importante regardless of what political side you favour, and our responsibility too ... we are one of the lucky countries left in the world where we actually do have a right when push comes to shove to defend ourselves, our nation and constitution, not many folks have that these dayz in this new 21st century, some that once did then lost it like folks in Australia as it slowly gets chipped away may regret it too.

Everytime one of these nutjobs or just someone with the red- ass (angry) gets their panties in a bind, losing control or whatever, and goes out and kills folks over it, all we hear about is the gun as to blame ... when something happens like the other day in the Pittsburgh area where a kid went on this stabbing spree ... it even goes to show you that we dont even have "peace without guns". Not enough is done to point out the positives in having gun rights or pointing out that the vast majority of folks that do have guns and concealed carry permits are not the problemo ... and are really good decent citizens ... even organizations like the Oath Keepers and so many others ... all you hear is the negative. We get the lunatic fringe news more than the importante news on this kind of thing, I reckon it sells copy and gets anger's flaring, etc.

I have had folks tell me even that they dont care about gun rights, because "so what" ... they dont have or carry guns ... so its no biggie whether their outlawed or not ... they never needed one, etc ... and that's great ... I certainly understand, but many folks like that may have never been in harms way in that manner to where they may wish they did have some way to defend themselves or familia members ... of course, you never would think about that much until it happens to you ... and that fear and tragedy gets a hold of you. So even if you dont carry a gun with you, or do not even hunt or are into gun sporting or whatever ... it is still an importante thing to support in some way ... and even if you join as a member of some gun organization lobby, it doesnt mean that you have to carry a gun and holster everywheres and be a cowboy. You can do what you can, simply to support that right is all ... its part of America and our culture ... and strengthening, defending, preserving those rights.

This isnt about being left or right, it is simply about being an American and loving what liberties and rights we do have as Americans, and to not let them fade away like so many others. It's also to show a tad of respect and honour to all those over the last couple centuries that have put their lives on the line to build the kind of democracy we wanted as citizens and to protect our children and families and future ... this is just as importante as protecting our rights for all people, Social Security or many other things we cherish and worked hard to build and sustain ... this is an issue where we should be bipartisan. It is to take care of ourselves and families ... cause who else is doing it or going to?

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Aaron Weiss, Iraq combat vet, speaks brilliantly to Dutchess County against the 'Safe Act' ... Thanx to MECALECAHI MECAHINYHO ... a lil bonus video I wanted to include here from a veteran and law enforcement officer up in New York concerning their 'Safe Act' legislation 2013 ... I mean ... how "safe" are ya'll keeping us, eh? This is one county and state and the gradual chipping away here and there of gun rights is how many Americans see it, with these few nutjobs here and there all over the news shooting up places and killing innocent people, it makes it easier to pass these tidbit's of legislation here and there. I'm not saying that there is a conspiracy in government to take away all our guns, I am saying is that when these instances or mass shooting's come up, there is alwayz a lil chipping being done at our rights to bear arms, as if that is some silver bullet or fixem up solution ... obviously going about it this way isnt doing much good and making anyone any more safe, which is "why" more than before we need these folks like ACU and others to at least stand up and say something. Also notice that when these nutjob's or folks with just the red- ass that cant control themselves "do" go attack places ... they attack area's with gun restriction's like "gun- free" zones ... such as schools, churches, mall's, theatre's, etc ... and how safe has these area's been that are gun- free, eh? ... not many of these folks would pull that shootem up shit in a place where folks are armed, you can bank on that. I think ya'll get the point here.

NRA News/ Ginny Simone Special report: "Sarah Merkle" ... Thanx to NRANEWS ... here is a teenage lady talking more "common sense" than some of these political representatives we hire in Washington and pay six figure salaries to with a line 2nd to none of lifetime benefits ... you know, the "masterminds" that are keeping us all safe, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )




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