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PRESIDENTIAL BRUSSELS $2.9 MIL VISIT: ... Washington's "SHAME & BLAME" Expenditure Culture ... The NO TELL HOTEL Edition ... (MO of YO MONEY PT.12) & (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.10)

This posting to serve both the "Mo of Yo Money" & "Yall Street" series of this journal. This really isnt very big news as far as mainstream media, but it is very importante to look at. And first to open it will be Lori Harfenist of RT America in a short to the point video, then some newsread from David Martosko of MailOnline linked below it, then after I will add some input ....

Obama's 1- night stay in Brussels cost $2.9 mil ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

***** MAIL ONLINE: Shock on Capitol Hill as Obama's one- night stay in Brussels cost a whopping $2.9 MILLION- just for hotels and rental cars!





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

First of all to our allies, neighbours and citizens of Belgium and Europe I want to apologize sincerly for ya'll even to have to pay any of this due to the circumstances ya'll even face financially ... it is shameful and an embarrassing blemish on my country's (USA) image. As ya'll probably know, we especially in America have a terrible expenditure culture in Washington when it comes to this sort of thing.

When I first heard this, I didnt believe it and had to read up a tad on it, then I asked some folks locally in small chat to try to guess how much a trip/ visit like this cost's? ... and a few had no idea, but had no shock or question when I told them (they expected that much), one guy answered $4 million and one lady answered $6/ $7 million ... that there was what I found appalling, the fact that average working American's were not suprised and expect this. Of course for political reasons some Republican's stated how in shock they were ... but that's pure bullshit, if they are truely shocked, they dont need to be working in their positions or getting a paycheck from us ... because a reaction like that would prove that they have no idea what in Hell is going on in Washington, so that's a lie, you cant work in that environment and not know what is going on with this kind of spending, especially ya'll on these budget committee's and those who work for you, then whenever it comes time to tighten budget's, propose and draft legislation to cut mainly public and social services to us who pay the bloody taxes and expenses to begin with, cutting our children, veteran's and elderly on down the line! This is just more nonsensical horseshit to blame the Obama Administration for these expensive expenditure trip's, because of these crummy election's coming up this year, and most will sweep it under the rug, because so many in Washington has way too many expensive trip's, vacation's, rental car and expense  reimbersements, tax write- offs, and all kind's of treat's all paid for by tax money ... this culture is deep.

And I'm not trying to be some cheap tight- ass and saying that the President or any of our representation in government need's to eat and lodge cheap at places where everyone else goes, I know that would be impossible considering how they are likely targets, especially abroad. Transporting his armoured vehicle (aka "the Beast") for example is a plus and good expense decision. It is very importante as well for all that go on these visit's, vacation's or whatever down to a person just shuffling paperwork and running errand's to be protected too, because they are even more vulnerable to get kidnapped or harmed to negotiate, be a bargaining chip, make a statement, avenge/ revenge etc, etc, but with some of these tabs/ bills, I know that better expense planning and measures can be taken ... just as you would do in any business. And despite the comedy or wisecracks about the President living large or whatever ... I believe that he would even be a tad appalled if he had the time to sit down and go over these expenses himself.

This is not only the shame of this culture in Washington, but their to blame as well ... you know damn well that the President doesnt sit down with a paper and pen and fill out forms/ requisitions to travel, needed "x" amount of vehicles and 900 of his closest buddies, etc, etc ... or handle his own security, and probably doesnt even know how much each trip is going to cost until after the fact, providing he has enough time to even investigate it, but he probably suspect's that it cost's out the ass, otherwise he has no way of telling. All of those in Washington who plan and figure out these trip's and visit's should be responsible for such outrageous spending and planning. You cant tell me that there is no way to tighten the budget on this sort of thing, and still have tight security to protect our President's crew, and still have first class type accomodation's ... that is pure bullshit! And as far as Republican's or anyone naming the President on this, as if he plans and writes up what he need's to travel or whatever ... ya'll know damn well whoever is in the Oval Office, even if it was Mitt Romney this year ... the same thing would have been spent ... this whole culture of these expenditures needs to be tossed in the trash can and started over from scratch, and do it over and over if necessary until you get that shit right!

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