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RON PAUL: The "Non- Interventionist & Libertarian" looks at the REAL Re- Distribution of WEALTH ... (Off the WALL with Ron PAUL PT.1) & (Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible PT.6)



Part 6 of the "Funding & Stupidity" series will also be a Part 1 for a series called "Off The Wall With Ron Paul". Previously in PT.5 of the "Funding & Stupidity" series I linked to a Ron Paul interview with his thought's on the Ukranian crisis, which I thought was straight up as you can hear these dayz out of many political folks (and no, Paul is retired and does not hold any political office) ... we are just smothered in pure bullshit these dayz, and struggling to get anything straight without endless rounds of left/ right bitch fights and corporate/ banking inspired gridlock which makes it nearly impossible, especially with these bullshit 2014 mid- term election's around the corner, even making it worse. Just the other week the US Supreme Court also made a new ruling as far as campaign donations, which basically in my opinion does nothing more than securing the endless gridlock of a two party system with more year's of the same partisan bitch fights over and over, strengthening the two parties with the most money (because they see that the majority of people in America are fed up with it), thus eliminating alternative thought, idea's, action, etc, etc. ... making the two party system even too big to fail (and yes, I'm a voting Democrat).

Now Paul and I certainly have some different views and I gave my reasons throughout this journal, so I certainly dont agree with things like elimination of government and taxes as much as he perhaps does, again ... in a more perfect smaller society, it may be great, but as diversified as this nation is, we need something further that is out of the mainstream to fix the problems that we have as I point out being part of our awakening ... thus government representation need's more transparency, and to be far more diversified than simply left and right. Again, I feel a certain amount of socialism, conservatism, liberalism, individualism are healthy for the type of capitalism and democracy that we need in 21st century America, and I feel we waste too much time on simply dead ideas that have proven to not work efficiently in the best interest of the nation. And like Paul, I dont even really like politic's much, never spent much time listening to it before I even got online in 2008 to be honest. A gal just the other week was viewing my blog and asked me "why" I feel politically depressed? ... I had to laugh, she looked so serious and the tone of her voice showing me sympathy ... I told her the blog/ journal's title was simply out of humour, nothing else {: ) I'm frankly more bored and disgusted with our politic's than depressed.

We commonly hear about the re- distribution of wealth, and/ or being fed tear- jerker stories by corporate propaganda machines/ mouth- pieces, that the people are out to take all the money from the rich, when in actuality that is nothing but another smokescreen, when so much of our wealth is being re- distributed from all hard working American's, smaller businesses, companies, middle classes who pump so much into our domestic economy, and given to a bunch of wealthy folk's abroad to put in place puppet dictator's. At the same time were told that we are helping these oppressed people in these nation's and/ or making them freer ... which is so far from truth. And I'm not a hard- ass who dont like to help folks abroad in need, especially our allies, but what I see going on is not helping as much as it's contaminating our relations and image, as I point out throughout this journal time and again. Folks like Ron Paul speak out of the box in todayz politipop society media, many would say that he is off the wall or a whacko ... maybe, if that is what you think ... but at least he speaks with honesty, that is more than I can say for many who so call represent America ... cause frankly as far as getting the job done, I wouldnt trust half of these folks in Washington to do something as simple as changing the oil on my damn car ... without fucking that up! Listen to the man below with a non- partisan open mind and learn a thing or two.

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Ron Paul: Anytime US gives intl aid it takes money from the poor at home and gives it to the rich abroad ... Thanx to RT


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas

***** POST NOTE: (wednesday 09 april 2014) Concerning our military intervention, I also notice that some folks may blame our military, when they intervene and go to combat in some of these nation's.  Understand that they are following orders and during them orders our troops unfortunately are under attack, these wars are not created by our military/ veterans, they take an oath to serve our nation and do their jobs ... it is those in power behind the scenes for whatever reason that instigate wars in many cases. I just want to mention that since I am 110% supportive of our military/ veterans, and will continue to be. I myself would not have the amount of intervention in some of these nations with military we have, it has became more of a profit making racket for many than being about defense or human rights, or spreading democracy. Let's face it ... and understand the reality of why we are in some of these countries, it has to do with favouring certain powers, not a bloody damn thing to do with helping their people.

Also I will add that I am not against personal wealth at all, I met several people over the years even that have done well for themselves, they worked hard to gain all they had, and damn well deserve the rewards of their work. I speak against some of what is going on concerning the concentration of wealth, and feel like Dr. Paul on some of that, so I am far from one of these folks that despise or hate those people with money, nor am I against the corporate world at all. When I speak of corporate communism, I am speaking for an element of that world that has soured so much ... and in their action's have damaged free- market and capitalism to a degree. There are many good corporations, banks, etc out there, and even CEO's that earn their big bonuses and make good decent profits without manipulation and ripping off folks. I dont think of wealth inequality in the way that it's painted publicly by some, nor do I think we all should have the same pay and wealth, any more than we should all have the same taste in music/ arts, foods, fashions/ clothing, belief's, or anything else ... that would just be a super boring existence. At the same time like Paul I am against controlled wealth and manipulated monopolies, and what we see today is far from a free marketplace.

Dr. Paul also speaks alot I've noticed about individual rights and property rights, it is true that folks dont have enough say these dayz when it comes to property rights and what is happening on their land as they should (Texas does have a lil stronger policy on those rights though when it comes to property for example), or how thing's like eminent domain laws seem to be growing ... when those rights are diluted in any way, thats a negative on freedom. Also he has pointed out about not being in favour of "special rights" for folks, and like many conservative or libertarian folks I have talked to, I have to agree with them ... I believe in "equal rights", so I dont support any special rights for a person based on their colour, gender, sexual preference, religions, etc. When I do posting's for instance on womens rights, or same sex couples right to marry, or a persons right to believe and practice their religion, the rights of maybe African American's or other's ... No ... I do not do them postings to try to advocate a need for "special" rights, but because many of those folks simply are not given the rights in society as everyone else (regardless if it is in writing), so they are "lacking" equal rights, I like him dont believe in special rights, which also applies to those with or without money.

***** On the issue of socialism ....

Listening to Dr. Paul quite a bit over the last several years, I notice that he has stated time and again that he is against "socialism", as many conservatives and libertarian's, but this is more of an extreme view when they portray it. No doubt, to have alot less government and to be damn near a tax free society, many whether their left or right would like, it's a perfect vision, where we can all simply live well, achieve the best that life can offer based on merit, rugged individualism and/ or what we contribute, and having the ultimate independence and liberty, etc. But when some of these folks talk about socialism, they take it to an extreme painting it as something like the former Soviet Union or nearby old school Cuba (and we have years of record to show how that extreme socialism or communism didnt work so well), no incentive to do anything, move forward, and just a bunch of zombie population's waiting to be told next what to eat and do, and to be fed by the machine, etc ... but they paint these extremes and lump socialism and communism as one in the same in such. I dont even know of a most left liberal or any I even met that would like to live in a state like the old school former Soviet Union or Cuba ... so it's not realistic, and social programmes are also healthy, this is why I say a certain amount of socialism is healthy ... especially for 21st century American capitalism.

We have a diverse population, and many talented folks that have been left behind that can contribute alot, and we have another extreme of how and what capitalism got twisted into. The majority of folks that live in poverty or even get government assistance "dream" of the day when they can get out of the rut and even neighbourhoods that many are in, the system doesnt work in the interest of all people as it is designed to ... in other word's it's great on paper, but has alot of flaw's. We spend a Hell of alot of tax money as even Dr. Paul and so many of his kind sayz ... lining the pockets of these wealthy dictator's abroad for our corporate/ banking interest's only, ask why these large and supposedly strong finance and investment banking institutions and corporations being as strong as they are, depend so much on the little people and socialized gifts, government subsidies  and welfare to pay for their ventures? Common sense tell's you that to have a certain amount of socialism and programmes to help our people that are in a rut is a damn good investment (and we are a country that can actually afford it), a Hell of alot better investment than giving it all away to a bunch of dictator's and hedge fund gambling junkies, especially when it comes to education and our children, when we ignore them, we miss all the talent that may be out there who can do better thing's and contribute greatly to our future ... these dictator's, investment bankers, etc ... will never contribute a goddamn thing to the future. A certain amount of socialism and programmes such as education and health care creates a freer and better society and a more robust economy in the longrun that strenghthens the positives of capitalism, individualism, liberty, is what I am saying ... so taking these thing's to the extreme on either side serves no purpose but to rehash the same problems over and over.





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