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SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN/ "A FIGHTING CHANCE": Elizabeth talk's about her New Book with Charlie Rose ... The "CREAM OF EXTREME" Edition (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.10)

***** The Book: "A Fighting Chance"

Part 10 of the "Elizabeth Warren" series of this journal will be to highlight a 23 minute video interview linked below from the "Charlie Rose Show" the other night, Elizabeth talk's about her new book "A Fighting Chance", but much more when she is questioned by Charlie on her stand of these importante issues. I also want to say I dont do these posting's because I have a 'thing' for politics ... I really dont ... a buddy and musician "Mikey" was browsing through my blog a couple weeks back and found alot of this stuff concerning politics, money, etc as "boring" and too lengthy ... although he likes the music or humour posting's alot he sayz ... but I have been told this on several occassions by some folks in the past, but as I explain in the welcome posting linked below, I am not a writer, and this journal is just that ... a personal and inde journal more or less, or like one keeping a sort of diary. I write about these thing's because I see them as very importante, especially when we see so many of our neighbour's, friend's, families struggling at times to get by ... sometimes these issues are politically and economically more importante than some of the petty social issues we nitpick each other over, whether it's sex, religion, culture or other pop- culture related issues we waste valuable time debating and arguing over.

Also let me add that simple "fix- all" politipop buzz phrases like "Tax the Rich" is NOT a silver bullet, and Elizabeth know's this well ... importantely she talks about when we loan/ bail- out money to entities with "no string's" attached, something that I point out through this journal as well, in other word's, everybody in the arena of finance, borrowing, taxation, etc, should have to pay to play. I'll give you/ corporate/ banking a tax break, but it will be a contractual bargain/ deal to have you as well contribute back to the country, eh? ... it's just common sense ... neither do any of these too big to fail entities even loan out money, give break's, or bail any of each other or us out without string's/ contract's ... and neither should we, eh? And every corporate CEO would agree with Elizabeth or me on that as far as the "rules of the game", so DONT feed us your nickle and dime used car salesman bullshit about how business is a one- way financial subsidies street. I understand helping folks out financially, whether their business people or poor working class, I am a self educated street kid who went through plenty of trying times financially and otherwise in my past and even slept on the New York City Subway as a kid ... but help and compassion is a two way street.

Elizabeth and I grew up around the same era, where we had a chance to see just how great of a country this can be, she came from the trenches, a school drop- out, married at 19 year's old and attended a $50 buck semester community type college at a time to try to get some further education, like millions of other American's, she been around the block and stayed true to her values, never forgetting where she came from. What really get's me is how many in todayz politipop culture look at folks like Elizabeth as "extreme" which inspired part of the posting's title ... she is called an "extreme leftist", even a communist by some, and many on Wall Street either fear her or outright hate her ... you have to wonder ... why? ... that should tell you something and "who" is spending the money to publicize such nonsensical propaganda. What is this woman saying that is so extreme? ... she doesnt hate bankers, and is VERY pro- business (more than I can say for some of the most conservative folks on Capitalism Hill) ... is it wrong or politically unfashionable to not want to get burned by their bank or mortage holder, credit/ debit card company or whatever? ... are alot of the things that she talks about, not what everybody from the poverty stricken to the successful business entrepreneur concerned about at some point in their lives? ... what is so un- American about anything she sayz?

I have wrote plenty about this so called crisis we have in America throughout this journal ... why? ... because it is a bunk street hustle done on a larger scale is all. As Elizabeth point's out as well ... where is the help to our smaller bank's who depend so much on the largest investment banking establishment's? ... why have these that we bailed out, ratholed everything offshore and not let a dollar trickle down to where it came from hardly, besides their workcrew's that they hire? When I started this journal back in 2008, we were recognizing how bad too big to fail can be and what it can do to our economies, everybody on both the left and right and inde agreed on that ... yet ... we contributed through our legislative action's to come to a point in 2014 where these very institution's that are way too large, are now nearly 40% larger than then. Whenever you talk out of the box of mental confinement today, you are extreme, politically incorrect, a loser, a commi, a bigot or whatever. But if you want truth ... that's about the only place you can find it ... so listen to this so called radical anti- corporate/ banking extremist Elizabeth below while trying to remain as unbiased and bipartisan as you can ... and ask yourself ... what is so nutty or extreme about any of what she sayz?







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Infidel753 said...

It tells you something when saddling our college students with crushing debt at interest rates nine times as high as banks get (something other advanced countries don't do) is [i]not[/i] considered "nutty or extreme", but objecting to it [i]is[/i]. Wall Street has an outsize influence over what is and isn't acceptable to say, even now.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Infidel ... Thanx for your voice on this ... it just seem's to me that whenever anyone speaks about the truth, mysteriously ($$$$) they are quickly labeled as a nut or whatever. I have listened to some of the conservative and Wall Street related radio show's for instance while driving or whatever, and it is incredible what they label this woman as ... she understand's banking, law, the economy, and even like myself (I should have pointed out in this post) she was a former straight voting Republican like I was, because like her ... I as well tought for year's that they were actually "conservative" and pro- business, support's small business, hard working folks, etc, etc ... yet they have shown in recent year's to be working against most of these folks and what they value in business and their lives, econimically putting America finacially in a rut (I also realize some Democrat's are too blame as well, but the GOP has been 1st place in sponsoring this kind of anti- business and anti American prosperity thing) ... even most appallingly hurting the finances of working America, neglecting our children's need's and families ... it's just incredible the amount of bullshit we get fed.