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POPULATION REDUCTION, RESPONSIBILITY & PROSPERITY: The Inevitable Reality ... Be FRUITFUL Yet FORTIFY ... The "High on the HOG & Living like DOGS" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.32)

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***** NOTE (monday 05 may 2014): I have alwayz been an advocate for selective type breeding and eugenics, (not in the negative sense such as justification for folks actions like the Nazi's, but some of the research into it and idea's of it, to educate ourselves ... I think many ideas old and new should be explored and researched if it's beneficial to our species as a whole) I am pro- choice and pro- life both, just not in the popular sense. I dont or wont reproduce with a woman who has defects ... physically or deformed, mentally, or deficient in some way or have a familia history of such, etc ... or a woman who is addicted to drugs legal or illegal, including alcohol (the woman's body nurtures and feeds the fetus for 9 months), I'll engage in sex, but no reproduction, and I am very strict about this ... and breeding those mentally and physically strong if possible. I am a step beyond "pro- choice" folks because I believe in government paid/ sponsored birth control, abortion and even sterilization (in extreme cases, to where the children/ offspring would simply live a life of suffering or misery) ... and I am more humane, compassionate and supportive of life than the "pro- lifer" since I'm opposed to reproducing illness and defects and putting more humans in misery, with more respect for human life in so by at least trying to reduce some of the misery and suffering ... so by todayz wimpy politipop standard's/ definition, I would be considered as "extreme" both left and right ... which I have pointed out throughout this journal at one point or another.

This subject has a lousy public opinion view though, and associated with racism, nazism, etc, in our pop- culture pre- programmed thinking. I dont base my support or practice of this on race, hair colour, nationality, cultures/ religions, financial/ class status or other things that this is popularly associated with, but base it on basic science and nature. Nor am I into any of this you hear about the rich folks wanting to kill off masses of people or whatever, but the top wealth knows that there is a need for this reduction and planning of future population too. My reason and interest in this, is to not over- breed more of the same in defective, unhealthy, or other people with related problems/ issues. I simply believe in education and research in this area and also things like supplying teens with paid birth control/ contraceptives, etc. We selectively breed our animals and plants, yet when we talk about selectively breeding humans, it is frowned upon and associated with Nazi's and conspiracies to wipe out certain races or classes of people, and has alot of other negative history as far as human rights ... and that is one of our weaknesses when we dont think and just go on negative media. Medical science has come a long wayz and alwayz finding wayz to improve our lives, so being open to ideas and research has been very positive for the species, of course there are some with ill intention's like with anything else.

***** HUFFPOST/ SCIENCE: Let's (Cautiously) Celebrate the "New Eugenics"


Part 32 of this journal's "Global War'n'ing" series is just that ... a "warning", but NOT strictly environmental, but a warning in so many other wayz from our economies to our social atmosphere, stability, prosperity, etc, etc, which I will explain in my part after. This is not a popular issue either, I believe this week the popular news that has so many worried and bent out of shape, would be the racist rancher or racist basketball team owner ( I also read that the NAACP was just fixin to give the basketball team owner an award of honor of some sort ... um, um, um ... imagine that ), while getting hammered with stupid Geico insurance commercials in between ... BUT ... this is very importante. Part of this posting's title was inspired by a popular phrase out of the Book of Genesis/ Holy Bible (no ... I dont follow any of the pop- culture religion's or ever did, for me 'God' is defined through nature, not some written word of a man, tribe, guru or cult ... and 'morality' is found in other animal's too, not just human's ... but yes, I enjoy biblical writing's/ stories) ... where it sayz to "be fruitful and multiply" ... being we have done a great job at that already and congratulation's ... so it's all part of life to be fruitful, but also to fortify and sustain a decent living standard, just as any person would want from the richest to poorest. But first I was going through various video's to find one that would be appropriate for this somewhat sensitive issue, so I chose the actor Alexandra Paul for this posting, who sum's it up fairly well at this TEDx gig ... then a few linkread's below that on opinion's, fact's  and thought's, then I will add some to this after.

Overpopulation facts- the problem no one will discuss: Alexandra Paul at TEDx Topanga ... Thanx to TEDX TALKS

***** ABC (AUSTRALIA): Environment: Population is not the problem

***** ECOLOGY & SOCIETY: Revisiting the Enviromental and Socioeconomic Effects of Population Growth: a Fundamental but Fading Issue in Modern Scientific, Public, and Political Circles

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Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

This can be a sensitive issue for many folks, my wife and I both come from fairly large families too. This is an inevitable reality that were all going to have to address at some point, and dont expect our puppetized leader's or the 1% puppet master's to deal with this issue, as a matter of fact there are 1001 thing's to read on conspiracies of the so called 1% paper doll elite or New World Order to depopulate the world ... I cant say that it's true or not, or that they are even thinking about it either much at this point. But you know that especially the 1% have no use for the million's in masses of folk's that are unproductive or dont contribute to their new capitalistic ventures of consuming, spending, etc, etc, besides in some third world countries to have a rapid population growth to have young kids abundant to hand mine/ pan for gold or do other slave wage detail's ... the 1% or their puppet's frankly dont give a shit whether we live or die ... and would be happy to see the population downsize to the point to where every living remaining human would be an asset only to their paper and plastic kingdom's ... most of who are living high on the hog, and could care less if were living like waste dump dogs. Some like myself feel like them 1% about the 1%, that we dont need those 1% either, what in Hell do they do for us? So depending on most of these dictator leader's, fruitloops and so called 1% elite to solve our problems when push comes to shove is like pissing in the wind, that is why it's our responsibility to pull together more, educate, and work on it ourselves for ourselves ... for our own prosperity, not for just the concern's or prosperity of the 1%, which we do too much for.

When it comes to jobs for instance, one of the thing's that I stress throughout this journal is that due to the losses of jobs over the last decade, even in America it would be a huge challenge to try to catch up and really get out of the red mathematically looking at it, regardless of what any of the pie- charts show you, just common math and sense shows you what were up against, so that's mostly political talk, sure were creating job's which is a positive over losing anymore, but not nearly enough, and we cant even touch the demand for such of the new young graduates and workers that will be entering the workforce annually. The fact is that the job arena is changing, kind of like back over 110 year's ago when electricity, car's, industrial manufacturing, etc, etc was the new thing, then year's later it helped create the strong middle class that this country once had, and still has better than many countries ... you see now, were going through another transition over a century later, and it will be rough for many as back over a century ago when many folk's had to change over to the new to develop into the new industrial age and move forward. Back then it hurt folk's like my great grandfather's livery stable business where he leased horses and carriages because of the mass production of the automobile, it hit the blacksmith's, then when big tire manufacturer's came with their contract's for buses, it hurt the street car business (buses can take you places rail's cant and are easy to change routing, so it was a "new" thing), etc ... electricity became in large use, and thing's just changed. We are going through that again with new tech's ... and thus it does create job's, but also eliminates alot more, just as I was a pre- press man in the printing industry, my skill's today in the field are obsolete because of technology and robotic's have replaced us. So like of over 110 year's ago, it will take at least a generation to get a decent hand on making this new system work for the majority ... is about as clear and uncomplicated as I can put it.

Whether or not our carbon footprint harm's the environment as much as some say or not, I cant tell you, but our waste couldnt be too positive, eh? But so far I have also no reason to think that masses and masses of new people will be any environmental positive to the earth, but we should be concerned on the impact that it will have on us, which is evident right now. As new technologies and sciences evolve and expand, manufacturing will also change even more drastically with so much being made from 3-D printer's, I even seen this video the other day where in China they used a 3-D printer to make 10 houses or so in one day as example. This so called 1% dont care about much of this besides just having enough people to overpopulate the work arena to keep people desperate and willing to reduce their payscales in competition to keep their head's a lil above water. There are still famine issues, health issues and all that need to be addressed, and this hog wild bunch arent touching it much they're so intoxicated financially right now.

It is importante to take a serious look at how we populate ... the idea of old on this issue of the more the merrier may not be so great of an idea to embrace like we once did. So it's importante to focus strongly on birth control and new idea's where it is needed too ... otherwise we are going to just drive ourselves into more misery than we have. Everyone and new entrepreneurs are trying to jump into this new arena as a future investment, which I also point out through this series on the big business going green will become as far as future investing and getting a foot in the door and market. And you will have many big winners as you see now with the money that some are making, but you will have 1000x times the amount of loser's that will have to wait till thing's catch up to where we can all prosper, which will take at least a generation or two, but it will get better, rest assured ... again, same way it happened with new rising star's and innovative thinking entrepreneur's/ investor's, inventor's, engineer's and such with also alot of folk's losing their ass during that transition back over a century ago. So right now focusing on our reproduction is very importante, and to not overdo it.

Enough for now ... Word Out ....



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