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IPCC CLIMATE CHANGE 2014 REPORT: Acting on a "Window of Opportunity" to Revitalize the EARTH & ECONOMY ... The "Too LATE To DEBATE Edition" (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.30)


Part 30 of this series will be to review the recent report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) ... and it's sad that this has been going on for decades as it is, just to come to this point of realization ... again ... there is SO MUCH damage already done that is beyond repair the way I see it, but the reality is clear as day, just look around the globe throughout each new year. As far as debates ... there is no bloody damn debate, it's pointless, useless, and more destructive, playing these distracting guessing games over and over decade after decade ... like executing an innocent life, then coming to the conclusion year's later that you made a mistake. Then you have the "Nongovernmental Panel on Climate Change" to say that the IPCC is all bunk in their report, so you can see how this can damage straight thinking all around on everyone ... the bottom line again is "we are doing our fair share of damage" ... you cannot deny and say that putting all the trash we do into the atmosphere, water's and land's has NO impact on anything environmental ... that is impossible. The first of the debates was to determine if there was really "global warming" (which was a couple wasted decades alone), denied by every expert in that field of corporate/ oil sponsored rent- a- scientist's time and again from one decade to the next ... in the 21st century "they" changed the tune and acknowledged the earth "is" warming (after only a whole buffet of weather related disaster's), but to sugar coat it and try to get focus off of human's contribution's to it ... they came up with the politipop- culture term "climate change" ... again, so human action's can be exempt and no one has to feel guilty, and keep screwing up as usual.

For year's you had a majority 2 sided view (as usual with many of us on various issues), being the extreme of both sides ... the ones denying it exist's or is human accelerated want to just ravish and rape the planet more and more ... the ones that are extreme on battling it, want to have us riding bicycles and living like the Amish folk's or in mud hut's and shut down all energy companies. Being one myself with neither view's of these polarizing sides, I tried to look at it with a more logical, moderate and common sense approach, and see it as a window of opportunities ... to the environment as well as the economy ... which I tried to do throughout this series. Again ... whether or not who or what to blame is NOT the issue, just more political and corporate inspired 110% USDA bullshit. No doubt that we lose nothing and can only gain by cleaning up our act and our backyard ... we have been relentlessly and compulsively lazy, spoiled, and have shit on this earth for our gain only for a century, and now the stench is overwhelming!

 The economic impact of good business alone should make all those denying and debating this be looking at a way to make a buck/ money, since that is all they think about most of the time ... yet they go about it in the wrong way, and in my opinion are economically semi feeble- minded, while other's with vision, know just how to make it work and can make it happen, and it is OUR responsibility, no one else created this mess, and no one else will clean it up for us. At the same time some folks blame it on consumerism, our demand for cheap abundant energies, and saying that these energy giant's are just supplying our demand. But that isnt the whole clear picture, the fact is that we are only sold what they find most profitable to sell and what serves their interest's only, there is so many new energies out which you can also see throughout this series, new wayz of doing thing's, and NONE of it would drive anyone into bankruptcy, despite the whining you may hear out of their lobbyist's and speaking as if thing's like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is evil and out to destroy business, job's and free market, and out to send all the oil companies to the poor house etc, etc. ... the whining is incredible. Change the line and choices of product's you sell and we consumer's will adapt as history show's consumer's alwayz do ... so dont try to lay all the blame on consumer's and tell us petty crap like for us to buy more bunk electric car's or whatever ... these energy giant's need to do their job's as well. Enough from me here and some read and video below.

This IS the REALITY ....

***** NPR: U.N. Report Raises Climate Change Warning, Points To Opportunities

Can we change climate change consequences into opportunity? ... Thanx to PBS NEWSHOUR

***** NPR: Is The Latest Climate Report Too Much Of A Downer? ... you know, you can look at it as a downer or depressing or whatever you choose, we have a serious problem any way you slice it, and it will cause many in the longrun to weep in some way ... and NOT just the "poor" as they think or are banking on. How should we sugar coat the issues that come from this to make it more politically correct or pleasant sounding? What we need is to take that warning from nature and awareness and utilize it, bringing all sort's of newer energies into the marketplace, even if it isnt the end of the world right now. Otherwise ... they say we should "ignore" it? ... what then? ... weep more later?, play the blame game some more?, then try to lie to ourselves some more, telling ourselves that we can just trash out everything on the planet which gives it life, and our problem's will all miraculously go away?

***** HUFFPOST/ NEW YORK: Despite Troubling IPCC Report, Most Americans Still Aren't Worried About Global Warming ... whether folks are worried or not doesnt matter much, folks generally dont show too much concern until it hit's home ... such as flood's, drought's, landslides, heat strokes, or whatever else catches folks atencion. That doesnt mean that we should not do everything we can to clean up the way we degrade the earth ... there is NO EXCUSE with all the new technologies and sciences that we have, as well as the mega wealth around the globe who loves to INVEST and be FIRST beating out the other competition on innovative idea's, investment's and such. We are at a point where we have everything we need to really make change right now. I mean ... I'm not worried either to where I'm losing sleep or biting my nail's ... I'm thinking of simply doing a lil house cleaning and turning it into good business at the same time, and giving the earth a break for awhile on the ass- whipping we been dishing out to it.




NASA/ Ask A Climate Scientist- Extreme Weather and Global Warming ... Thanx to NASA GODDARD


Large waves @ Porthcawl Harbour, South Wales January 2014




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