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SAMANTHA FISH BAND: "I Put A Spell On You", "Black Cat Bone", "Lay It Down" & "Shake 'Em On Down" ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.14)

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***** KANSAS CITY STAR/ ENTERTAINMENT: KC's Samantha Fish, 22, gives the blues a fresh twist ... a good recent read here from Kansas City Star/ Timothy Finn.

This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society is to showcase and honour guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter Ms. Samantha Fish & her crew ... which she will also be included because of her talent and beauty in the "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal too. And Mike Zito has done a great job on producing and direction on this project too. In 2012 she received the Blues Music Award for "Best New Artist Debut" ... a lil bio- background on her at her website linked above and Kansas City Star/ Timothy Finn article.

Dont let her beauty and age fool you if you dont know much about this artist, this gal is about as gritty down- home blues as it get's, with also some excellent slide work and smooth riff's, she can take it on down to that old school Mississippi Delta blues like Sonny Boy and Muddy Waters or blend some rhythms like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and it is Keith's unique guitar work/ tuning strongly inspired by Chuck Berry that was the base foundation structure of the Rolling Stones music (the band followed him basically) ... Samantha I see as the foundation structure of this band too. I only wish Stevie Ray was still around to hook up with her (which was also an idol of her's) ... that would be a treat to see! Listening to her vocal work (which I would like to bring up a tad as far as "live" sound engineering) is the best of the best, almost like she had one of them gospel background's in vocal's like such great's as Diamanda Galas, Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin or Aretha Franklin ... right on time and smooth.

Samantha though is no rookie, she been in the trenches since a teen in the local midwest Kansas City blues joints and even sitting in as a teen jamming with folks like Watermelon Slim and so many others. Her blues guitar work is first class and as down- home as it get's, getting it on with the likes of folks as Stevie Ray and even Seasick Steve. She has a couple album's out currently and has been working year round basically, been doing very well in the America's and Europe too (working on an inde label called "Ruf Records" in Germany). I look at this artist as one of the great's historically to come out of the 21st century in this genre, so expect alot of to come and a real versatile mix too. Trying to select only 4 was a tad difficult, but I managed here. Samantha really has been kicking ass ... she is ruff, tuff, and frankly I cant get enuff of her stuff! Thanx for the great worx ... and wishing you and your crew much success! Enjoy ....





I Put A Spell On You ... Thanx to MARK NOTELL (2013 North Atlantic Blues Festival, Rockland, ME)

Samantha Fish "Black Cat Bone" ... Thanx to SHOEJOSIAHSMNW (Knucklehead's Saloon KC, MO 2012)

Samantha Fish- Lay It Down (Official Video) ... Thanx to DENIS MOJOBONE

SAMANTHA FISH BAND "Shake 'Em On Down" ... Thanx to BLUESBROAD






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