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CLIMATE CHANGE/ GLOBAL WARMING: A Portrait of Progress 2014 ... "The RICH Man's CRISIS" ... Developing Countries into a SEA of FILTH ... The LAYING DOWN the LAW Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT. 31)

Beijing, China

Part 31 of the "Global War'n'ing" series will be Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour with guests Robert Stavins and Maura Cowley in the below PBS link talking about some of the challenges we have as far as how we will clean up this mess, especially with our polarizing political atmosphere (all created by special corporate/ banking interests to keep us desperate and at each others throats, debating, and wasting endless years in such), and right now the main media's are pretty heavy on the 2016 candidates for the 2- party choices for a Presidential run, those choices are both awful regardless of which side, etc. So this is not the biggest news, but an issue that ALL nation's need to address a Hell of alot more than we are right now ... so NO ... it's NOT good enough. The pictures for this posting was to look at our progress as far as so called "developing countries" ... a portrait. Part of the posting's title was inspired by Charles Lane of Washington Post when he quoted former President G.W. Bush saying that "climate change is a rich man's issue" ... I have to agree with Lane and Bush on that one ... cause believe me .... it sure as Hell will be in the longrun. First the video/ transcript below, then I will add some.

***** PBS NEWSHOUR: As another report urges action, how can U.S. overcome obstacles to effective climate policy? (video/ transcript)

Southeast Asia

Being a father and grandfather, this is the kind of thing that I cant stress enough to our kids, they are the future as Ms. Cowley points out. As far as Mr. Stavins pointing out about making some kind of economy- wide carbon pricing system ... well ... it's a start, and will hit importantely the pocketbooks/ wallets of those with the most money to pour into this international developing cesspool of filth, but NOT good enough. I say that because basically what all you propose in doing such is telling folk's they have to pay now to pollute, that's about as good as addressing this as the recent proposed laws in Dallas to charge a .05 cent plastic bag charge to clean up the plastic bags littering the Metroplex ... you dont charge a goddamn tax to pollute, you simply look at what's causing the problem and outlaw it in some way, bottom line. Like I say it's a start, but we need to cap some of this activity, simply taxing a few bucks to do more of the same is more horseshit like fining an insurance company who refuses to give you life and death needed surgery, basically the insurance company would choose a $10,000 fine over a $100,000 surgery (ding- ding- ding ... think!) ... your telling these that create this carbon and other pollution, they can keep on just trashing everything and keep paying fee's, fines or taxes? ... this is where international laws come in, they want to make money? ... they need to be forced to do things like Hyundai Steel , or make folks do things like in Malmo, Sweden for examples. Their spending money as it is paying fines, penalties, and property damages/ losses or whatever ... spend that money on investments in the industry for alternatives and you'll get more bang in the longrun on your investment, eh?




As far as developing countries? ... what the Hell are you developing them into? ... as far as progress? ... are these pictures of progress? Global Warming is still questionable if it's man- made? ... well what are these pictues of progress on this page? ... is that man made? ... or does it need a few more decades of dumb debating? ... perhaps we can call in some scholar rent- a- scientist's to analyze it more for the next 20 years, eh? Maybe I can just toss my old oil from changing the oil on my car into the curbside sewer in our advanced progressive civilisation and not worry if it will affect any of the drinking water around town, eh? How much is all this damage and degradation going to cost not only the masses of population, but all those largest investors? Can the climate related disasters drain and bankrupt some corporations? ... it sure as Hell can, the thing is ... where does new revenue come in after the fact and damage? ... the clean up?, reconstruction? ... isnt it alot more of a sound investment to pay the money now to advance with real progress into the alternative future energies, have a head start jump on the marketplace in doing so, then enjoy the benefit and  wealth later that will come from that investment? Simply telling ya'll to clean up your act wont do it at this point alone ... we need hardline legislation and international law to put a cap on this, or else it will put a cap through nature in time on all our economies, and all will lose ... rich and poor. Try to talk to a piss drunk friend and tell them that they dont need to get behind the wheel and drive ... you DONT if you really care ... you take their goddamn keys and make sure they dont ... their shit- faced intoxicated ... do you think they can think straight? ... of course not ... neither can one who is financially intoxicated think straight.

Mexico City, Mexico

One of the things that I pointed out for years as well as since the beginning of this journal, is that it does not matter how green we go in America, when all the money, especially our money is being taken to the new so called developing countries to be invested to make this cesspool of filth even larger ... as Mr. Stavins points out, we need to focus more on places like Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Korea and Mexico, they will and are outdoing us as far as damage to the environment. Even G.W. Bush when he was President criticized the Kyoto treaty because it didnt hold the same standards to folks like China ... is that not true? ... of course its true, while we are being told to buy several thousands of these bunk ass electric cars or whatever, they are putting a million new cars on the roads per month in countries like China, opening up new coal plants monthly, etc, etc. Sure we feel great or folks in Malmo or other places actually trying to do something, but what about the other countries that hold the majority of the earth's population? And who will feel the pinch from it? ... the entire earth, thats who. All these folks massively investing in some of these countries are thinking about is profit's, not the conditions of which the folks have to live or any of the catastrophes they have to encounter ... just as long as they can get truckloads of cheap labour, resources, and an abundance of population growth to produce and consume more ... their happier than a junkie with a couple pounds of heroin, and distracted from the damage they are doing to even themselves.


Haiti Garbage Canal

As Ms. Cowley points out, the growing voices and votes of that millennial population means alot, despite how Judy Woodruff points out as far as what these poll's say ... these folks are going to turn out in the near future in record numbers opposed to this crap and especially opposed to this ancient left/ right political polarization nonsense, they are not dumb and can see through our baby booming shit well! ... they know their getting the shit end of the stick more than ever. That is what many of those with the big money are missing, like this 1%, they just think that the masses are a bunch of dumb- asses that sit around not thinking of nothing but tweeting, stuffing their faces with junk food or whatever ... they are smarter than what ya'll think, know the score and frankly are sick and tired of the shit! They hear about things like alternative/ renewable energies and are in the thick of working/ engineering on them, and know damn well that there are other possible abundant fuels such as Thorium ... and that is where the 1% is dumb and intoxicated when they dont see and know that ... they are just as dumb and pre- occupied with their wealth and profits, which means they are missing the boat as far as financial investments of importance, weighing gains/ losses etc. You dont think these young people all masked up to go out on the street in Beijing see what is happening and feel it? ... my nephew spent a couple years in Beijing and told me about how bad pollution is in China first hand, the way he described it was almost unbelievable, multiple times more harsh than the worst dayz I seen in LA (Los Angeles).

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

We people/ citizens dont just need to change our thinking because of the crises we face weather related or otherwise, but especially the big money needs to change, because they are going to get hit with the crises of their investing lifetimes as well.

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Mumbai, India



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Infidel753 said...

The best thing we can do to combat the poorer countries' greenhouse-gas emissions is to develop non-fossil-fuel forms of power generation to the point where they become cheaper than fossil fuels (solar power is getting close to that point already). Once they are cheaper, poorer countries will adopt them out of self-interest. They're motivated to help solve the problem -- most poor countries are in or near the tropics, areas which are already pretty hot, and stand to suffer the most when temperatures really start to climb.

As for forms of pollution that don't contribute to global warming but have effects localized near where they're produced, that doesn't really affect us much, and it's those countries' own business how they deal with it. The sheer amount of garbage in a lot of the world might seem intolerable to us, but they themselves may have different priorities, such as raising their economic output or fighting disease.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your input here Infidel ... I agree that introducing the non fossil fuel alternatives to these countries is a big plus (and even the entire world at that, and a damn good investment), those investor's dont seem to feel the same way unfortunately, and I dont see much introduction of much in some of these places other than what outdated trash idea's and supply they are pushing in mass, that is why I see global intervention as far as laws needed. We buy/ consume what is for sale/ offered, eh?

I really didnt intend for the trash pollution photos to be related to burning fossil fuels though, I just kinda wanted to add them photos (and many more I couldnt) just to paint a picture of how "developed" as a globe we are, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... this trashing done by all has simply spread even diseases more, damaged waters, etc, then when you do have them "tropic" temps as you mentioned, that increases the vulnerablity of such too. A portrait to the other side of our so called 2014 development looks the opposite in some cases on a larger scale.