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RT/ RUSSIA TODAY (PT.1): SOS John Kerry calls RT a 'Propaganda Bullhorn' ... "BULLHORN'S & BULLSHIT" ... The "NEW Cold War & INFORMATION Assassination" Edition ... (NATION of BS PT.11)

First of all Happy May Day ... Part 11 of the "Nation of BS" series will be in support of the media network "Russia Today", since there is a type of cold war going on again between Russia and United States concerning information it seem's ... more like an assassination on information in my opinion. Secretary of State John Kerry recently called RT a "propaganda bullhorn", and of course President's Obama and Putin arent exactly chummy {: ) RT is a station/ network that I have recommended to quite a few Texan's locally as a great news source for alternative news/ views, several people I have talked to knew nothing about it or even heard of it until I brought it to their atencion. But first below a link to the story from RT with some read and video, then after I will add my part.

***** RT/ RUSSIA TODAY: 'Propaganda Bullhorn': John Kerry attacks RT during Ukraine address

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Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

You know ... what "Malcolm X" is saying below is so true ... and also folk's feel disappointed at times when they find out that not everything they were told may be true ... that's how information and media is simply, you have to gather info and read between the lines, you just cant take everything as the "gospel truth" ... not even the Gospel itself ... it's sad, but it's the reality. There is an unofficial media war going on all the time these dayz, I listen/ view all myself, some may limit what they will listen to, place some sort of self restriction's or whatever. The thing is ... we have free speech (of course with consequences in some cases) and the right to view what we want, and everyone has a slant, no matter who, even myself with my slant on what flavour I favour or dont in this blog, regardless of how unbiased and tripartisan I try to be ... it's our nature. Being an independent very small blogger with no support whatsoever financially or otherwise, I have a lil more flexibility on what I can write and freedom to express my view's/ opinion.

Russia Today is state sponsored (explained here) of course, and I expect a lil national patriotism for Russia from them, there isnt a thing wrong with that ... I am the same bloody damn way ... I love America and Texas and am not shy in this journal about it. Look at several of the mainstream media's of America, they all have plenty of influence from multi billion dollar corporation's, investment banker's, government, etc ... and certainly damn near smother you to death with their repetitive commercial's that nearly take up half of the air- time these dayz, so it's all propaganda to some extent, eh? I mean ... regardless of how great Russia is ... I dont think they can even match the 110% USDA bullshit that you can find in this country/ USA ... when it comes to the best of the best in bullshit, America is 2nd to none! {: ) Kind of like fictional Hollywood, with many bleeding heart celebrities drying their eyes of tear's over all the oppression, poverty, war, etc, etc ... yet living large in multi- million dollar mansion's and places in Beverly Hills (LA) ... several of our politician's/ representatives lie too much, and some seem to have a disability and are habitual liar's even, etc. Media cost's money, and every media that depend's on that financial support has producer's and certain thing's/ news that are priority or swept under the rug, plain and simple ... it's the nature of the industry.

Russia Today has been doing a great job at presenting an alternative view, and it is in my opinion a mainstream media, and thank goodness that we have alternative media's like RT or even the new Al Jazeera America large enough to get their opinion out in large bulk ... I mean ... that's what America is supposed to be all about eh? Or else here in America, all in Hell we would have is the corporate owned media's with the constant repetitive left- right bitch fight's, since every bloody issue in America these dayz damn near fall into them two voices and partisan divide ... regardless of how liberated, loving, worldly, understanding or other bullshit we brag to be. Our media and partisanship in this nation is also 2nd to none, and you find bigotry on the popular left and right both ... and both telling lies, out of both of these polarizing parties.

As far as Secretary Kerry's opinion's on the media or bullhorn propaganda out of Russia, that's fine and his 'paid for' opinion ... nor does Secretary Kerry's opinion or even many other's in Washington's clan speak for me or my view's ... I myself have my own opinion and what I choose to listen to or view, and even my own opinion as far as the Ukranian Crisis. Perhap's Secretary Kerry can explain the U.S. support for neo- Nazi's in the Ukraine better than his assistant Nuland done here (forgive me ... I meant neo- Nazi grandmother's with flower's) ... or perhap's Secretary Kerry can explain with his spin to American taxpayer's who exactly is paying for these hundred's or formerly Blackwater mercenaries currently deployed by us in Ukraine, eh? Is this all anti- American propaganda? ... if so ... why do we have American representatives on camera testifying and admitting to their participation? ... why the video and solid- proof of these mecenaries ... certainly makes the USA look alot more full of shit, eh?

Those who represent and speak for us here in the U.S. that just choose to criticize RT and folks alike, or when they ignore or disrespect them in their press addresses such as US State Department spokesperson Jen Paski, should also examine their own policies, media, and even propaganda to see even the bullshit spin's and twist's that exist within our own country as well ... enough from me on this ... and Thank You RT ... keep up the good work!

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'Abby can criticise but Cenk Uygur lost his job': Martin & a Young Turk ... Thanx to RUSSIA TODAY ... a lil closing video I wanted to toss in ....



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