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ANTARCTICAN MELT/ NASA- JPL 2014: A "Slippery Slope" with LOST HOPE ... The "Antarctican MELT will be FELT" ... the "Range of Change" Edition " ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.33)

***** NOTE: I am one who agree's with both sides to this "global warming/ climate change" debate to a degree ... on one side you have those who say that global warming is natural and NOT caused by human activity, on the other side you have those who say that it's because of our activities, pollution, etc. There is evidence that the Earth has went through various cooling and warming trend's, ice ages, etc ... so I do believe from listening to all sides and research that I have so far, that the earth IS naturally getting warmer because we are leaving the last ice age, however ... I also believe that the warming has been accelerated even multiple times more ... BECAUSE of our activities, we know that the way we pollute has to have an impact to some degree, but instead of coming to this conclusion, we have spent year's trying to justify our filthy habit's and greed to rape the Earth UNNATURALLY.


Part 33 of this series will be the latest news this week from NASA- JPL concerning the melting going on in Antarctica, it didnt get the media coverage it deserves due to all that's going on in the news, but is importante enough to have in this series/ journal. We are so preoccupied with so much else, I dont think many of us realize just how delicate life as we know it is, or how vulnerable we are to the extreme weather and changes we been seeing, or how sensitive all life on this planet is to a simple change in temp's like 5 degrees. This IS a BIG thing though, and not some Hollywood movie or fictional story out of a book to entertain ourselves ... and it shouldnt suprise anyone that they are now saying that we are at a 'point of no return' ... pretty much lost for hope right now on this part. I myself have been expecting this for year's now ... I mean ... common sense show's you that there are some thing's we are NOT going to be able to do a thing about, and sadly it has been evident for decades at that ... and alot of our misery is self- made, including this accelerated rate of warming, you dont need to have a background in science or even be a devoted environmentalist to see what is happening ... it's clear as day ... and as simple as expecting a flower to blossom, or knowing what will happen to your car engine when you lose water and oil.

However ... since some thing's are not easy to repair or even hopeless on some thing's, that doesnt mean we should just toss in the towel, besides, its never been in our nature to. We see what the problem's are ... and for centuries we have also built so many of the greatest and most economically importante cities on Earth on coastal region's. Antarctica is very large and the melting of just it alone will have a big impact on the sea levels. And forget about the talk of it may be melted in 200 years or whatever ... the impact of this will be felt I expect alot sooner all over, and just imagine, were already getting more than we can handle as it is, and this is just a mild beginning phase, what a slippery slope this can create! I mean ... I expect alot of problem's with not just the sea level rising, but all kind's of changing weather pattern's, changes in the ocean's, current's, atmospheric, jet stream's etc, etc ... just in this century alone, and the first half of it at that. I expect this to be Hell on the economies of the world as well ... in time. Which mean's we are going to have to re- think our infrastructure planning, construction, engineering, even the abundance of nuclear power plant's location's etc, especially in these critical coastal area's that are so importante to our wealth and economies, and even inland is not immuned to climate change catastrophe, flooding, drought, etc. And were really fracking, mining and drilling this Earth too much ... fracturing every bit of solid land beneath us.

So for now we can forget about the climate changing, its already done ... what we need to focus on is the new wide range of changes were going to have to do as a species to survive the best we can through this storm. Some read and video below.

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***** PBS NEWSHOUR: Ice sheet in Antarctica has melted past 'point of no return' NASA says (audio and transcript read)

***** NASA/ JPL: West Antarctic Glacier Loss Appears Unstoppable

***** NASA/ JPL: The 'Unstoppable' West Antarctic Ice Sheet: A Primer

***** NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record ... High? (I wanted to add this one from 2012, which is one of those articles that say that sea ice is expanding ... this can get a bit confusing to folks and make them think that global warming may be a myth)

Videofile: West Antarctic Glacier Loss Appears Unstoppable ... Thanx to JPL RAW




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