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This posting will also serve 2 series for this journal ... "Not Cool 4 School" & "How to Privatize America", this posting to take a look at the Charter School fool's game and what all is involved, especially the money that is casually and loosely just tossed into it and the accountability of such funding, after all, this is your money and your kids, eh? I chose Farron Cousins and his guest Josh Holland video piece below of "Ring of Fire Radio" to open this post since Farron get's straight to the point and dont waste any time with the usual political lolligagging, and Josh paint's this well ... plus Farron can spot a pick- pocket from a mile away, and that is all this is basically ... we are slowly getting our pocket's picked by the usual Washington crowd and their sponsor's, okay? ... a few news links after the video ... then I will add my part explaining some of this rubbish after to close with.

This will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" posting for reference.

Systemic Fraud Uncovered In Privatized Schools ... Thanx to RING OF FIRE RADIO

***** WASHINGTON POST: New report cites $100 million- plus in waste, fraud in charter school industry


***** THE NATION: Despite Shocking Reports of Fraud at Charter Schools, Lawmakers Miss Opportunity to Increase Oversight






Holding Charter Schools Accountable ... Thanx to REP. GWEN MOORE

Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas

This is still a great nation with alot of great folk's that contribute to it, and was even greater at a time in the recent past too, which mean's we can be even greater than before and preserve democracy as well as the integrity that helped make it. There are so many folk's in these times of desperation looking for answer's to the issues that are mostly created by the cesspool of politic's with a side dish of Wall Street as their appetizer, but still for the most part, this nation still has a strong moral fiber and a great democracy and Constitution to support it, and these parasites that do this to our nation and especially to our youth know this, and they want to destroy that ... why? ... the same reason as in every other era throughout human history, so they can own and control everyone simply ... they have failed throughout history ... and trust me ... they will fail as well here too ... in time. These corporate charter school businesses would love NOTHING more than to educate your children from a young age ... why? ... because it is another way to programme the thinking and education of America's youth, to teach them that they (corporation) is like a saviour to humanity and all our problem's (problem's all mostly caused by them to begin with), to buy more into their conformity of how to act, what to say, what to think and do, to make you submissive to their wayz only and never to question them ... to create a slave- like mindset. They dont want you to question, protest, or have an opinion of your own ... get my drift?

It's bad enough the way they do our kids on higher education as far as student loans, etc ... they lock them into a life of misery and debt basically (which is more like neo- slavery and corporate obedience), but it is also importante to them to start on the younger kids and start training them younger to follow and bow to their command, puppetizing them younger through their privatization kingdom method's, then picking their pocket's more over the year's. We cut and cut budget's for public education, then when times get tight, we as desperate citizen's try to do everything we can for help, including sacrificing our pension's, paying more taxes hoping to dig ourselves out of debt, while these culprit's hand's are in the back door taking the money, cutting meal's, nutrition, etc, so we can have special interest's come in and run that, teacher's and administration's obeying new corporate inspired rules that make the public education system's weaker and less efficient, etc, etc ... the whole thing is to weaken what we have, crush rights, unions, pay etc ... so these power's are looked at as the saviour's of our system, society and democracy ... while they try to desensitize us to their bullshit.

The above video from Congresswoman Moore is a start at least, but is so damn weak, this show's how weak we have got in our expectancy of proper representation, and Congressman Kline of Minnesota and Congressman Miller of California are downright disgraceful and worthless. NO! ... you DONT bloody ASK for 2% of that money to go to oversight ... if anything you DEMAND IT! Anyone in any part of the private sector who depend's on government funding should be accountable, not even a person drawing any social assistance in this nation is not overseen ... no one ... and I'll be damned if it is appropriate to just toss a few hundred million bucks here and there while you debate and tell us that no one need's to ask where in Hell every bloody dollar of that is going, especially with the track record of fraud that we have evidence of! And where the fuck do these parasites (Wall Street) get off telling us what we will do with our own money, taxes, children, education, social security or whatever else ... who in Hell do ya'll think ya'll are? ... just because you have these pansy politically correct puppet's on the payroll in Washington, doesnt mean this is what the majority of the nation want. That is our problem ... we "ask" and cry, wait and pray too much, and frankly are too polite ... we need to "demand", take and preserve what is our's. This is taxpayer's money, just like our social security, and these are our children and country ... so you shut the Hell up and listen, and be grateful we put up with half your shit to begin with ... that is what our attitude should be ... not this weak ass shit about, well I disagree with my friend but am willing to meet them halfway or other nonsense ... in the word's of former Congressman Anthony Weiner ... "YOU DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!"

Being a parent and grandparent myself, I can understand the frustration from many parent's who simply want the best for their kid's as far as education, etc, and when these charter school's come in and show how neat and organized and smaller they are, parent's may think that is the solution to failing school's, but what they dont see is why this was created and by who, and so that these biggest investor's can grab the cream of the crop in kid's with the most talent so they can lock them in with their monopolies and own them as new puppet's and take control and own everything they contribute to society. The answer is not pumping 100's of million's of dollars into these corporate ventures while cutting billion's from our public education ... we should be pumping them 100's of million's into our public school's to repair and fix any issues, not giving it to a bunch of CEO's to decide what is best for our buck/ dollar and children, and that is truely the most sound way to spend our tax dollar's ... that even the most fiscally conservative spending person could understand or the most liberal spending person can understand ... I mean ... you want what you pay for, eh? You dont just squander and waste money without even wondering what in Hell it is spent on ... what is a few hundred million here and there may not seem like alot, but after time it get's on a roll and becomes larger and larger, then we get to the point of another entity that is too big to fail with too much control and we lose again more of what we once had.

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