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BLACK VIOLIN: "A Flat", "Rock Anthem", "Fanfare" & "Triumph"

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This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will be to highlight and honour some of the work of 2- 21st century upcoming classical schooled strings master's out of Fort Lauderdale (Miami metro area), Kev Marcus & Wil B of Black Violin and their crew. When it comes to bringing classical strings into the contemporary, this crew I consider as the cream of the crop, similar to how I see with what Yngwie Malmsteen done, I would even like to see these guyz with Jennifer Lynn or/ and Johnny Arco.

The name of this crew came from the outstanding 1920's through 1960's jazz violinist "Stuff Smith", being that "Black Violin" was the title of one of his album's (and Stuff is really kick- ass too). Oddly these gent's Kev and Wil never even wanted to play these instrument's as a choice as kid's, so they were just coached to give it a try, both attending the same performing arts high school as kid's and playing the orchestra, so they been together for quite some time and formed this company back in 2004. They have put together 2 album's since forming, their first in 2007 and followed up with another in 2013, and they have been actually swamped with work, being booked in dozen's of places and countries, from small venues and even elementary schools, to the President' Inaugural Ball, to NFL SuperBowl celebration's, to large venues, to working with icon's such as Alicia Keys at the Billboard Awards and so many other's in the industry, Broadway sell- out's back to back, or up in Harlem at the Apollo etc, etc ... these guyz got the circuit covered, so these gent's were certainly in the right place at the right time as well, especially in these tight times as far as work is concerned, which is a big plus!

The cornerstone of this crew come from the composition's of Kev on violin and Wil on viola with the instrument's complimenting each other well, where they created a fusion of classical, jazz, rock, R&B to Hip- Hop and just about anything else actually, so they cover just about any genre, age group, and from the classic to the contemporary, so a very versatile selection. They do have a steady crew to back them (depending on what kind of show they are doing) that are really solid musically with Dayal on turntables, McQueen on percussion's and Valbrun on cello, nice vocal blend's and the instrumental strings part add's a special emotionally energizing touch without getting too over-orchestrated, and still keeping it raw on the sound end.

Also, both Wil and Kev are producer's as well as writer's ... and they have really pulled this so far ... the right way, being that they are doing the independent label and production thing themselves, and this is smart in these times to have that personal hand's on in this area on the business end, and also the constant work ( get it while the gettin's good and your young enough to handle the touring) is a plus because it cost's money in this industry to do it right and fulfill your production need's! Building your own company/ label and being able to have the top hand in your production as well as investment's/ cost's is a plus and way to go if you have that opportunity, which ya'll do.

I hope to see ya'll stick together for awhile too, which I know can be difficult sometimes due to ya'll both being writer's, performer's and producer's ... I have seen many split and go into seperate direction's/ project's, but still didnt keep that special chemistry they done as a team. However, below I selected a few pieces to sample this crew's worx, that I wanted to mix both studio as well as some live choices, older and newer ... and wishing ya'll the best of the best ... ya'll kick ass!





Black Violin- "A- Flat" (Music Video) (2012) ... Thanx to BLACK VIOLIN

Black Violin- "Rock Anthem": SXSW Music 2013 ... Thanx to SXSW

Black Violin- Fanfare (Video) ... Thanx to CHAKRA BLOOD

Black Violin- "Triumph" (2011) ... Thanx to BLACK VIOLIN




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