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DUNCANVILLE HIGH SCHOOL "Dress Code Suspensions" 2014: School Administration's that have "A.D.D. & Poor CONDUCT" Need REPRIMANDING ... The "Schools Out" Edition (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.10)

Part 10 of this series will be a look at the so called "unrest" or "non- conformity" that went on the other day at Duncanville High School (a suburban city in south Dallas County). The problemo? ... is frankly too many senseless stupid conformity rulz that are being challenged by student's, and this is a Hell of a time to just suspend and yank kid's out of school, right during the study period's for critical testing, without even notifying parent's or having much regard for anything else ... and this these dayz is becoming an old familiar tune ... I mean, look below at some of the restriction's, codes and mission of the school district in the below news link from Dallas Morning News for example. They alwayz tell kid's to stand up for what is right, to alwayz question and to stand for their/ our freedom/ liberty, diversity and for what democracy mean's ... this is exactly what these American kid's are doing. I'm NOT saying that '"riot's" should break out either or are the solution, but this school board acted spontaneously without no warning/ notices or a thing, the response was also as spontaneous in return from student's blindsided, eh?

School dress codes were given a more serious look like back in the 1980's to try to suppress somewhat increasing gang violence in major American metro area's, LA (Los Angeles) got pretty strict year's back as example, a guy I know (Marcus) for example grew up in South Central LA, and told me that when he went to school there in the 1980's (or just walking home or whatever), he had to not wear the wrong colour T- shirt or have a bandana/ handkerchief of a certain colour hanging from his pocket, these colour's determined basically if you would be victim to opposing neighbourhood gang's or whatever (like drive- by shooting's, etc), similar went on in Dallas on a smaller scale, so Dallas adopted from LA on their codes/ guidelines year's back, as well as many other U.S. cities following this (Duncanville is not part of Dallas' school district, Dallas- Fort Worth has multiple independent school district's unlike the LA area where you have a mass regional school district called "unified" that incorporates many of the area's suburban type cities too). What has happened though over the last quarter century, is a slippery slope that just get's deeper and deeper of restriction's and even some get fined and penalized, like another "money racket" of sort ... to where some of the school's today have just went completely overboard as far as penalizing kid's for the most stupid thing's ... yet saying it's done strictly for health and safety reason's. 

Being a father and grandfather with grandkid's in school ... I cant help to notice what many school's have become today ... more and more like institution's of incarceration ... and if/ or you dont smile and conform or raise any worthwhile questioning ... you all of the sudden are diagnosed with an atencion deficit disorder or similar trash ... then basically counseled into being prescribed dangerous mind bending "good drug's", which frankly are worse for you than the most potent marijuana (evil drug)! It sincerly break's my heart when kid's have told me thing's like they simply like hearing some of the stories from back when I was a kid, because they never experienced the freedom we had ... I am almost lost for word's on how to respond (I went to school in the 1960's). Then they bring in the contract counselor's to hustle the kid's into over- priced student loan's and career's that they may not even think of, and have them into lifetime debt damn near (all carefully planned and marketed by mega- banks and major investor's/ shareholder's, etc) ... push packets in class on the kid's instead of one on one contact with 40 lb bookbag's of homework, while the teacher is online entertaining themselves or doing something not related to the job, only following the chain of command orders from the administration's, meeting their quota's or whatever. Jeff Bliss (also a student at this school) sum's it up straight to the point right here.

Well it's clear to me these dayz ... who in Hell has the atencion deficit disorder's (ADD) and poor conduct ... and that's some of these administration's and board's ... not the kid's. So when these kid's rise up and question and demand answer's or even feel like reprimanding these education board's and administration's is necessary ... it is in 'order' or 'needed' ... and credit to those parent's that actually stand by their kid's in this new system. And congrat's to these kid's that stand up to this! Some read and video below ....

Enough  for now ... Word Out ....

Over 150 Students Suspended for Dress Code Violation in One Day ... Thanx to SANVIC

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: 150 suspended for breaking dress code at Duncanville High

***** DALLAS OBSERVER: Duncanville High School Suspends 170 Kids For Dress Code Violations, Nearly Causes a Riot



***** PD/ RCJ: "THINKING OF THE KID'S (?)" PART'S 3 THRU 1  ... a related series to show some of what we do to our children, while we politically boast in public of how it's all about "thinking of the kid's"


Alice Cooper- Schools Out Wacken (Germany) 2010 ... Thanx to MRSPECKY666 **** a song here dedicated to students from rock music icon Alice Cooper ... after all ... summer break is about here ... Enjoy! {: ) ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

***** POST NOTE (Sun. 18 May 2014) If you say live a life of 80/ 90 year's or so ... only a short part early in that life is spent being a "kid", I mean, after 18 or so ... your tossed into the conformity arena as it is, so to me, it is importante also to let kid's be kid's as well during that short period, we have been lacking that and pushing and demanding them more to be like us and even repeat our mistakes. I dont see this as a positive, any more than being over- protective of kid's for the wrong reason's. I actually see what we do to our children as you can see throughout this series/ journal, as abusive to our children as much as an adult who sexually forces children or whatever. Or putting them on these mind- altering drug's ... drug's approved for pharma companies that have no track record or long term studies on how it will impact the child's mind or health year's down the road, simply to make them conform and make the shareholders a big profit, which I see as abusive as a street corner dope slinger/ dealer who peddles hardcore dope to them. We tell them to go fight and kill at age 17/ 18 in manufactured war's of corporate/ banking/ political interest's, yet tell them they are not yet responsible enough until 21 to drink a beer (when I was a kid it was 18 to drink beer), so your old enough to kill for political or economic reason's, but not to relax with a beer and just go out and have fun with friend's doing so? We also try to programme them to keep voting over and over for the same ruined policies and deadwood failure politic's that have taken this country downhill, and to repeat the same mistakes.

That's abuse ....



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Infidel753 said...

Authoritarians seem to love imposing dress codes. I've just been reading about women in Iran protesting the dictatorship there by flouting the dress code; it's too bad some of our schools are putting kids in the same positing.

Oh, and their describing the school as a "place of business" suggests an awfully depressing idea of what education is about.

Ranch Chimp said...

"a place of business" (?) ... well Infidel, I actually agree with official's on that statement, that's exactly what they treat our children as ... product for sale and use ... I look at children as some of the most abused part of our society today, and when these leader's are questioned, or met retaliation ... it's in order and justified!