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CHRISSIE HYNDE/ THE PRETENDERS: "Boots Of Chinese Plastic", "Middle Of The Road", "Break Up The Concrete" & " Don't Cut Your Hair" ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.15)

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This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will be to view and showcase some of the worx of Chrissie Hynde and her crew The Pretenders, which is also past due, and to be included as well in the "Beautifil Girlz" series of the journal. Chrissie is really a work of art in my opinion and a class of her own, she has also been in the business for year's and still after all these year's has stuck to her roots. I admire this because too many times I have seen artist's that have achieved reasonable success, and after so many album's, something got lost (?) ... sometimes I see folk's trying to outdo their last work and getting too complex in so, which in turn can lead to becoming either too homogenized and repetitious, or over- orchestrated, over- produced, watered down or whatever, sometimes it's just trying to explore other avenues that dont work as well, alot of times it can be the label's, contract's, producer's, and/ or listening to the bitching about what the stock shareholder's think when you have to meet quota's or something in the big label industry and related pressures, etc, etc, just to keep it brief, because it's a deep subject ... cause I could write about this shit till the cows come home!

I'll let the Wikipedia and link's above handle most of this, because it is lengthy ... but Chrissie basically as a high school kid from Akron, Ohio didnt take as much interest in school's social activities and spent alot of time hanging out and checking out band's in town's like Cleveland, she wasnt really groomed for the industry, but more of a fan it seemed who went to the right places, and met alot of folks that were musicians, tried for several band's to take some interest, played guitar, sang, got let go from a couple band's, and played with several band's ... Hell ... she was even with what officially became The Damned as a guitarist, and with guyz like Mark Mothersbaugh who later was what became Devo (also out of Akron) ... she was also with The Moors Murderers, and a bunch of folks, dabbling into this and that, lot's of ambition too. Chrissie just had a bundle of talent within her and trying to fit it in somewheres, but having fun while doing it ... she's a natural!

She then decided to move to London for awhile and spend some time next door in France, and had that real hustling attitude while still in the trenches of the scene ... and that London scene can really ignite your ambition's ... a great town as far as the underground music scene, especially back in those dayz of the 1970's and 1980's! After getting The Pretenders together ... it also took alot of up's and down's, with tragedy/ death in the band, and a Hell of a turnover as far as member's ... and frankly Chrissie let go of several folk's too ... she seem's to be a workaholic and very determined to do it the way she thinx it should be done ... she is a leader basically, and damn good  songwriter (and a mother with 2 daughter's I believe, I know one of her daughter's dad is Ray Davies of The Kinks too), and I have alwayz been blown away by her distinct vocal trademark. But in all the turnover and changes (still good to see drummer Martin Chambers with her), she has managed to stick to her work and maintain that foundation root of it. And she is business savvy enough to know when to let go of that, that doesnt work, at her decision, even had a unique restaraunte business for awhile in Akron until a few years ago, and has homes in Akron as well as London. She and her crew are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and has had many big cut's in the mainstream arts. She is in the "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal because of all this and because I think she is dropdead gorgeous to be honest, something about those mid- western women, eh? {: )

Chrissie has a new solo album about to be released next month called "Stockholm", and I'm looking forward to it. It was hard for me to select song's for this post, so I have went through many, and actually had probably a dozen or so song's that I wanted to post at that! I decided on an old popular piece well known of her early 1980's stuff called "Middle Of The Road", and then I wanted to post 3 off her 2008 "Break Up The Concrete" release with her crew ... but enough from me on this ... and wishing Chrissie and her crew the best ... Great Worx!





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Boots Of Chinese Plastic- Pretenders @ Letterman 10/ 06/ 08 (HQ) ... Thanx to GUSTAVO JACOB

The Pretenders Middle Of The Road Live in London 2009 ... Thanx to KILLER VID'S

Chrissie Hynde and the City of Akron, Break Up The Concrete ... Thanx to BLUEGREENFILMS

The Pretenders- Don't Cut Your Hair (Live in Sydney) Moshcam ... Thanx to MOSHCAM 




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