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SEN. WENDY DAVIS (PT.3): America's "Barbie Doll Politic's" of STUPIDITY, RACISM & SEXISM ... The "Abortion Barbie" Edition ... (BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S PT.9)

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This posting to serve 2 series of this journal ... "Battle of the Doll's" & "Sen. Wendy Davis", which will be to look at the level of stupidity that our country has sunk to when it comes to politic's, in this posting look's at the political attack's on Texas Senator Davis that she was greeted with when stopping by Los Angeles the other day. And to any reader of this who never read a thing in here or doesnt know me personally ... I am not a Democrat or a Republican ... I am a tripartisan type free thinking independent who just happen's to vote Democrat at this time. After actually following politic's now for around 6 year's or so (since I been online), I realize now just how fucked up politic's are, I have talked to folks that think I'm dumb as shit to begin with just for voting too, many see it as a waste of time, just like these posting's I do on such ... but ... I do it anywayz. First some newread and video below from HuffPost, then I will add my part after.

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Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

Of course we look at this as creative art, and it is catchy, cute, clever, entertaining, etc, etc ... which is nice and all that good shit, but the reality behind these smokescreen politic's, is how distracting it is in these times from the importante issues that we face in our state (Texas) and the nation, and unfortunately politic's is  importante because these folk's are who legislate the law's that we have to follow, and manage through legislation also our tax revenues/ expenditures, etc ... which in turn has an impact on our lifestyle standard's and prosperity. While these clown's are trying to entertain us with these silly treat's and anonymous insult's (no different than anonymous coward's that hide online) where they cant be sure who is behind it at times ... were being fucked left and right on the serious issues that put food on our table and our children's bellies, put's a paycheck in our bank account's, strengthening our economies of the middle classes, preserving our rights as American's, and doing right by our children, veteran's, elderly, etc. So despite how intellectual, educated, civilised and swollen our brain's are over our so called liberation ... when it comes to some thing's, we act as stupid as religious moron's in some shitbag ran nation like Sudan (Africa), who let doll's/ Teddy Bear's get the masses all worked up and ready to kill over such. This type of Barbie Doll prank, even though it is humorous to some, actually makes many American's sick, angry, and in belief that these effigies or images have some real value and meaning, same as fictional movies do ... thus distracting us from addressing the real issues that make and break our nation and people.

At the same time if you look at these cartoon's, all they do is insult the voter's, in the Barbie one at the top of the page, it show's Wendy holding in her left hand at her side an infant of colour, saying that she is out to kill babies of colour, at the bottom it sez that she has no regard or sensitivity for children or women/ mother's, and in the middle, they try to portray her as a Nazi ... an insult and slap in the face to Jewish American's, this is the level some have sunk to in most critical times ... and show's just how they insult American voter's and continue to try to push more stupidity on us. Even for the last couple week's here in Texas, the airwaves have even been saturated because of the Republican run- off's (being held today in Texas), with Republican's actually televising messages, of accusing other rival Republican's of criminal act's, and having affiliation's with communist's, which I agree with some of it as far as acting "criminal" as legislator's/ lawmaker's, however ... there is no evidence of any of this, or else there would have been criminal investigation's and/ or charges, and even accusing each other of income tax evasion and cheating ... yes ... their own party member's! This show's you just how much of habitual liar's that they are, and how stupid they think we are.

I was talking to some Libertarian's outside of Dallas last weekend, and was asked ... how could I even think of voting for someone like Wendy Davis for Governor? (since they know where I stand on so many issues that they agree with me on) ... I said ... "are ya'll kiddin?" ... what have we got with Rick Perry and his crew? ... good business deal's? ... how good of a business deal is when he gives $25/ $50 million dollar's or so for example of tax money to a place like WalMart to open another store in an area that dont need or want one?, which are all over the Metroplex and Texas to begin with ... where does our Lottery profit's for education go? ... where has education and support for our children and student's went? ... where is all of Texas' tax money going? ... how many more oil/ energy welfare subsidies do we have to give to companies that are raking in a fortune to begin with and taking all their serious investment's offshore?, etc (just to point out a few that I brought up) ... needless to say ... they seen my point clearly after. Your damn straight I voted for Wendy Davis, and already did in early voting at that, and will again. I dont expect her to have all the answer's, I do expect some consideration for a change for the people and families of this great state, our school's/ education, children and those that make this great state work, something this state has been losing during this neo- right wing domination for a couple decade's now, and just any amount of atencion on these issues for our people will do, since there hasnt even been a minimal of such in Texas.

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