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OPEN CARRY TEXAS 2014: OCT Worx the DFW Metroplex ... It MAY be TIME to Re- Evaluate Gun- Rights Preservation Strategies ... The "DISMAY in MAY" Edition ... (SELF DEFENSE PT.27)

Part 27 of this series is to take a look at the recent support for the open carry law in Texas and "Open Carry Texas" strategies on this issue. The above photo is a nice display of arms, friend's and familia just out on the town for the day catching a bite to eat, shopping or whatever, etc ... look's fine by any of us who are comfortable with this, but there is more to this than what meet's the eye, that every gun owner may want to look at ... some video and newsread below, then I will explain and add my part after.

OCT: Dallas Cedar Springs/ Oak Lawn News Coverage ... Thanx to EPI CAMACHO

***** 5NBCDFW.COM: Chipotle: Don't Bring Guns in Our Stores

***** STAR- TELEGRAM/ ARLINGTON: Gun- rights activists: No more long guns in businesses




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

I am also a supporter of open carry, concealed permit, home/ self defense, started with gun's as a kid, including archery, throwing knives and hunting, and still enjoy the gun sporting to this day. When I seen this the other day in the Oaklawn community, I seen some problem's though. This is a district with many inde shop's, restaraunt's, bar's, etc ... it is also the heart locally of the Dallas LGBT community, so I didnt see any reason to have this display of sort here, and regardless of us that dont feel uncomfortable with it, it leaves many in dismay. One problem is that I seen, was so many folk's with rifles of substantial power on display, and I realize it's just to get folk's desensitized or accustomed to it, and retaliation because you cant have pistol's open carry, in a planned designated area for protest, support and gathering it would be different. Folk's will naturally feel somewhat uncomfortable especially in these times with increased shooting's by nutcases, I know these folk's are not going to go on a shooting spree ... however, when I seen this, I realized how easy it would be for someone who dont belong to this rally to slip in unnoticed if they wanted and planned well ... trying to blend in, and go on a suicide mission to kill as many as they can before they get taken out ... this can create a problemo, this recently was done also in Uptown Dallas' large entertainment district and over in Arlington, a large suburb that has alot of entertainment from sport's, nightclub's, a large university campus, to theme park's saturated with children.

Also I cant blame Chipotle for turning away folk's that walk in with these arms ... if it was my business in Oaklawn or Uptown, Lower or Upper Greenville, Bishop Arts District, etc, etc ... I would not want you bringing these arms in like this, it would be bad for my business or any business in our urban area's ... I am very pro- 2nd Amendment, but very pro- business too. Also it is illegal to carry arms in establishment's that serve alcohol ... the TABC can take/ suspend their liqour sales liscense and stiff the owner's with hefty fines. I dont feel this is necessary to express our support for our 2nd Amendment rights, or maybe the best strategy to preserve rights, I think it can damage our rights, and also bring trouble unexpected from loonies who dont care if they die and just want to kill a number of people, especially in the LGBT community, where some anti- homo nutcase can just get the red- ass (angry) and plan on killing a number of folk's that are gay/ lesbian, and then all the straight's that could possibly get caught in the firing or kids that just may be shopping or stopping by a restaraunte. This is the most recent in suburbia Southern California with this lil sniveling undisciplined spoiled brat, who claim's he couldnt find a girlfriend (which I dont believe), so he went out to kill other young people, whether they had a relationship or not ... so these fruitloop's have 101 reason's to go kill, it can be a bad hair day or whatever. And if ya'll took out the crazy guy, with all the fire power and people around it could lead to several accidental casualties ... I mean ... if everyone pull's their piece to defend and it all moves fast, there is that good chance in a situation and environment like that to make a mistake.

I do agree that with open carry it is less likely for a armed robber or the likes to walk in and hold up the place, but these loonies that go out to hit large number's of innocent people are not out to rob or hold- up a place and mentally their beyond the point of return in a way. But after seeing this the other day ...  I just think we need to re- evaluate how we support in public ours rights, I think this is taking it a lil too far, and it's time to just step back for a minute, think and take a deep breath is all, eh? There are many simple wayz to get the message out for support without carrying half the home arsenal over your shoulder out on the street, in the eateries, shop's, etc ... and many wayz and places to have public rallies, etc, etc ... I advocate all the time locally here in Texas, talk to quite a few folk's about it, etc ... I dont walk around Uptown, Oaklawn, or wherever carrying high powered rifles or dressed for combat, get my drift? Often and sometimes a couple times a week in this town, we have shooting's in or outside nightclub's also, I mean ... how many this week? ... at least a few? ... I cant even remember, I wake up, the news is covering another shooting that happened outside some nightclub or whatever overnight. I also dont think alot of these folk's at these rallies actually live in the central part of the city and/ or experience these thing's first hand like some of us has. However ... this is about it for now on this.

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