Monday, June 16, 2014

DEAD BROKE HILL (PT.1): The Clinton & Harris GHETTO to GLITZ Story & The American Dream ... The Capitalism Hill "TEARJERKER" Edition

This posting will kick- off a new series for this journal called "Dead Broke Hill", and special Thanx to former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who inspired the series title, and my prayer's are with ya'll.

Times are tight all over as we know, we are alwayz told by our representation how tough it is on money and how much more cut's we need to make from our social services and entitlement's to our schools to wages, pension's, cutting military veteran's and even the elderly ... you name it ... it need's cut's (ALL thing's I may add, that WE SOLELY pay for, including their goddamn salaries and livelihood's). Well it isnt no different on our supportive politician's, even they too are having hard times, and there are as many tearjerker stories in our states capital's to even the big daddy of all "Capitalism Hill". Illinois Senator Napolean Harris is somewhat confused where he lives and even where his wife lives, and my heart goes out to him, he believe's he lives in a blighted urban neighbourhood, but mysteriously find's himself waking up in a much nicer suburbia neighbourhood and home. In recent past, Senator John McCain of Arizona didnt even know how many bloody damn houses he owns ... former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr (who also thought he lived in the ghetto) and his wife both claimed to had bi- polar disorder's that led to luxury spending spree's, etc ... so perhap's this is an illness eh? Former Secretary of State Clinton and hubby Bill left the White House dead broke and yet achieved that American Dream with her husband former President Bill Clinton ... making speeches. Some question the Clinton's being dead broke, but it makes sense eh? ... I mean ... some of those pant suits Hillary wore looked like some of those 1970's double knit thrift store outfit's ... and we all know ole Bill couldnt even afford a motel room.

So this series is dedicated to the tough times financially that all our politician's have to experience, and to show also in this posting that the American Dream IS POSSIBLE ... I mean ... all these folks went from ghetto to glitz almost overnight through their hard work running their mouth's ... more below ... Word Out ....

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