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AC/ DC- BON SCOTT: "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Dog Eat Dog", "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" & "Shot Down In Flames" ... A Tribute To BON SCOTT

****  Bon Scott

This posting will be a tribute to the Scottish born Australian vocalist/ lyricist/ songwriter and a cornerstone to building the mega hard rock crew AC/ DC, to honour in this journal's music/ arts honour roll society ... and I was really in the mood this morning for some of the early AC/ DC with Bon to kickstart my day {: ) Of course this crew has quite a history with award's, Hall of Fame induction, a long line of music, one of the top seller's of album's in history, record arena sellout's, etc, etc. And many when they think of this crew as far as vocal's think of Brian Johnson, who is a really powerful vocalist himself, and even on covering the work of Bon as you can see here on "Highway To Hell" or later work of his after Bon like "For Those About To Rock" and other great pieces. I remember the dayz of Bon Scott and his energy he brought to a show as if it was just a couple year's ago, even though it's been 34 year's now since he passed away (interview here with Bon Scott).

Bon Scott to me was one of those trademark vocalist's, inspired as a kid by "Little Richard", who the fan's were No#1 to him, focusing alot on being an arena type crew and presentation, not out to sell singles, but album's and great live show's, with lyric's that related to so many folks, and keeping it basic and raw, with the outstanding rhythm and lead guitar work out of Angus and his brother Malcolm, which was simply to me just basic progressive amplified blues guitar work ... I mean ... I look at Angus as a blues guitarist. Over the year's this crew and Bon has inspired so many in the industry in various genres of contemporary music as well (a really nice cover here from My Ruin of "Have a Drink on Me" ,and Joan Jett cover here of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"). So this posting I wanted to focus on those Bon Scott year's, and some of my favourites of his and the crew, the show's were as basic as it get's despite large arena type production, with not much stage show, lighting or anything, just basic raw in your face hard rock, and some of the best of the best at that! ... and Thank You Sir for all the great music and show's! ... Enjoy!







AC/ DC Whole Lotta Rosie LIVE: Nashville Tennessee August 8, 1978 HD ... Thanx to NITROANGUS23

AC/ DC- Dog Eat Dog ... Thanx to ULTIMATEACDCFAN

AC/ DC (Paris 1979) Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be ... Thanx to ANDREY ALEXEEV

AC/ DC (Paris 1979) Shot Down in Flames ... Thanx to ANDREY ALEXEEV


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