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MICHAEL BROWN/ FERGUSON: The Circus of MISERY In MISSOURI ... "DEADLY Force IS Police COURSE Policy" ... The "Should've, Would've & Could've" Edition ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.18) ... w/ UPDATES!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/michael-brown.jpg

Mike Brown!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/michael-brown-protests.jpg


***** CNN/ U.S.: Missouri Police officer on leave over video in which he says: 'I'm ... a killer' ... (added saturday 23 august 2014) ... for those who think that all officer's are level headed, to protect and serve and the rest ... I encourage you to watch the top video in this link before you read anything else on this page. This St. Louis County Police officer (Dan Page) was assigned to work the protest's in Ferguson, and since his statement's popped up, is now put on administrative leave as usual, pending a psychological evaluation. I wouldnt even put a man like this on leave ... his ass if I were a chief would be out the door in a heartbeat, with no goddamn pay either! I mean ... the man is certainly entitled to his opinion and I have no issue if he is a racist, anti- gay/ lesbian, and anti women, I frankly dont give a shit ... but you sure as Hell wouldnt have a goddamn job in my department ... you can bank on that!

African American's are in particular targeted probably more than anyone that I have seen, and this is all over the country, and even within the black population, not just young black men ... but even women as you can see throughout this series, and at all ages ... it actually is worse now in some cases as far as targeting innocent citizen's, as I told some kid's I talked to (along with my grandson) who were asking me question's about the 1960's and civil rights era, and NOT alwayz class has to do with it as much as just basic race/ skin colour. Remember this particular case 4 year's back or so of Janice Wells ... just look at the video posted here, this is a respected citizen in her community, late 50's African American, and a school teacher, who called the cop's for a suspected burglar ... you know ... the folk's that you call that are there to protect and serve, the ones that get paid from your hard earned tax dollarz as well. That and these are just a "few" of the cases, again ... I would have to devote this journal/ blog full time to rights violation's of citizen's, abuse of authority and the persecution of African American's to even list a fraction of the cases ... so Yes ... African American people have every damn right to be furious as Hell over this, and that resentment should roll over to every American whatever race, culture, religion or political affiliation, even civil libertarian's should join in especially ... this is NOT democracy at all. Everyone from these preacher's to politician's who alwayz call for peace, forgiveness and love, obviously have some kind of fantasy world they themselves live in, getting too soft, fat, and lazy sitting around too much, making easy money off us ... this is not the world that our average citizen's live in.


However, the outright firing an officer from the job can get a lil tricky and complex, but some of these officer's in many cases dont seem to get reprimanded in any way ... so alot need's to be addressed in these area's, and that need's to be addressed in the legislative area, and with police union's/ organization's, which is currently kind of screwed up. I mean ... I seen cop's in the Dallas area for instance that got fired for outright offenses such as armed robbery to slinging/ dealing dope/ drug's, sexual assault's, etc ... but also seen cop's that were fired for say use of excessive force of some kind that just ended up working for some other department somewheres else, like in more smaller town's throughout the state. Also when a chief does seriously reprimand an officer, it can cause some interdepartmental and morale issues with officer's, kind of like when cop's dont like cop's that snitch on cop's for example ... a cop so called "standing his/ her ground" and doing what they were "trained" to do get's more complicated.

Dallas Police recently have started a new type training system for officer's on the usage of force, because we had 12 fatal shooting's by cop's this year, 3 this last week ... this will have cop's in Dallas relying and focusing more on non- lethal force with more usage of new type taser's and other equipment and method's to apprehend suspect's. But these type changes are needed all over the country, especially in the larger urban areas. One of the thing's that were forgetting here, that in many, many cases of death by law enforcement in our country, is that these people were not armed or even much threat in many cases to officer's or anyone ... that is a problemo ... I mean, even back in the dayz of the wild west, shooting a person in the back or unarmed was frowned on ... NOT acceptable ... that is not forward progress or even fair defensively or any other justified reasoning, it's just reckless behaviour on law enforcement's part ... so dont bitch and whine about the behaviour of rioting and looting ... or how you feel threatened by word's from a suspect ...  stop being a unionized crybaby ... or whining about how tough your job is! ... go find another damn job if you cant do the job! ... ya'll in law enforcement instigated this yourselves, period!

Another thing to realize, when our leaders whine about violence, crime or whatever ... violence just like gun's are embedded in our nation's culture even, have been since the start of it. We start war's over corporate, mining interest's (which contributes to breeding terrorism too), and even sometimes just to sell defense contract's, after all, money is the No#1 God of this country (as my Dad told me as a kid), we let cop's get away with abusing and killing citizen's, we abuse our children and manipulate their thinking, pump them full of mind altering pharma drug's, push crap food on them for profit's, bankrupt them to get an education, and drive many into poverty, and do every crooked thing in the book (we even wrote the book at that). Yet you call our children "criminal"?, or bitch when they decide to retaliate the year's of abuse? ... and you wonder WHY? ... do you ever stop and look at yourselves at the top and the reality THAT YOU mostly created? So when they come at you in defiance or for revenge ... dont whine and cover up and act dumb, talking about how "right" you are ... ya'll created your own reality, did you not teach them?


Part 18 of the "Police Brutality" series will be to look at the police shooting death of Mike Brown and the related circus of misery that these folks have been going through in Ferguson and the St. Louis area, after all, just within dayz of the Brown shooting during the Ferguson protest's, another young man who shoplifted a couple can's soda pop, Mr. Kajieme Powell, got also killed by St.Louis police (video of the Powell shooting and newsread here), Powell clearly taunted police, they say he had a knife, and started to approach officer's, yelling to kill him, etc. And my heart and thought's go out to the families of these men, despite their so called criminal action's, because I sure as Hell dont think either that Brown was a bad kid at all, and I feel sorry for the young children of this type small community who live in suburbia to have to experience this and their families, with all the outsider's and all the militarized police involvement, this is a shame, period.  But I also wanted to say something about the way this investigation and so called jury presentation is looking, what the law states, and the possible outcome of this at the rate this is going, which is how I see it only, and maybe I'm wrong, so hope that I am for those who are looking for a murder conviction of any of these officer's.

I hesitated to even cover this till now, and because this whole thing as simple as it is, has just been a confusing mess (as far as information release by law enforcement), with more that would leave folk's scratching their head's in question or saying something like ... so and so "should've, would've or could've", with very shakey and very unsatisfactory dissemination of information, delayz in releasing the officer's name (Officer Darren Wilson), even after they knew that they had the officer as protected as you can get, with conflicting testimonies from witnesses and police changing their stories, only releasing part of the story piece by piece, lack of video, to where the only video is post mortem of Mr. Brown after the shooting lying dead, etc. But the coverage of this has been a constant, and I will just link CNN below, because despite any criticism to CNN, they have at least stayed on this case day and night and seem's to have tried their damnedest to get all information possible, and this has also came up in discussion with several here in my community and I told a few of these folks that I WILL do a posting on this, this weekend for sure. Some link's below, then I will add my part after.

***** CNN/ U.S.: Dueling narratives in Michael Brown shooting ... this has several links and video's in it, which CNN been covering night and day


***** CNN/ U.S.: (added tuesday 26 august 2014) What's next in the Michael Brown case? ... this is screwed up of course, because this is one of those closed door type grand jury review's, nothing being made public, even though all the juror's also are somewhat tainted, they have to be, if they were chosen from the community ... your telling me none of them heard nothing about this case? (all from St. Louis County?) Why do I find that hard to believe? There is also new released audio from another anonymous phone (supposedly FBI are reviewing) with 10 gun shot's linked here, first 6 shot's then a pause for roughly 3 second's and another 4 shot's? ... they say they want to review it to see if it is authentic? (your telling us that weeks after this case, you still cant release the amount of shot's fired? ... c'mon now) I have to wonder, with even "NO" testimony as far as the officer's version, and now your telling me, that the number of shot's are in question? ... how can that be? ... do they not have the officer's gun after the shooting to determine exactly how many shot's were fired? Forensic's should be able to determine exactly how many shot's were fired, you didnt even take that gun to check on such a high profile case with supposedly a lack of evidence? ... why do I also find that hard to believe? I'm also not familiar with Missouri law, but here in Texas when there is a grand jury review for an indictment case, although they are generally closed door, by law the possible defendant who the indictment is being reviewed for, and other's involved in the case can petition/ request to the court to be present and even testify before that jury panel ... (maybe it depend's on type of indictment) ... so I dont understand what in Hell is going on here?, and dont like it frankly. I only hope that the people really question this ... Brown and Johnson's attorneyz certainly sound like they have some question's ... and you can bet your ass I would. I dont even see ANY transparency here to be honest, nothing but one piece of bullshit after another ... where the Hell is any transparency in this?

***** I'm not trying to paint officer Wilson here as a villain ... but this is supposed to be all about transparency and truth, and since there is so much talk in media, of transparency, hugging, love of community, etc, etc ... shouldnt there be a lil more? ... and officer Wilson living up to his oath to serve and protect and the rest to the community he loves? I also dont understand after so much time since the shooting, why officer Wilson would be reluctant to make a media appearance (besides his attorneyz telling him not to), being that he is confident that he was acting in defense of himself, I mean ... I would want to tell my lawyer's that I have nothing to hide and demand that I am allowed to give my side of the story in public, no one can shoot me (him) on a tele/ TV screen, eh? And IF you have NOTHING to hide (as police alwayz tell us citizen's when the want to search and question without probable cause or warrant) ... practice what ya'll preach and DONT hide ... just come out with it, it's simple.

Papantonio: Right Wing Media Defends Michael Brown Shooter ... Thanx to RING OF FIRE RADIO ... a piece here from Brown's attorney Daryl Parks, and also attorney Mike Papantonio ... and yes ... this is already becoming "political", and right wing media is the ones mainly responsible as well for the now hundred's of thousand's of dollarz that been pouring in for defense of officer Wilson.

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***** PD/ RCJ: "CITATION VIOLATION NATION" PART'S 10 THRU 1 ... (a related series)

***** PD/ RCJ: "TRAYVON MARTIN HOMICIDE CASE" PART'S 2 & 1 ... (just figured to add this case too)


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

Hell NO! ... the people shouldnt be satisfied and blindly just trust this investigation, I sure as Hell dont, and if I did I would say it here, plain and clear with no beating around the bush. Especially with the history of these investigation's and the outcome across our nation ... and No, I dont trust this caller named "Josie" who done a radio testimony of what happened that day, that was consistent to Officer Wilson's story (although officer Wilson's story hasnt even been officially released, so we are having to go with what you tell us? ... this is kangaroo court style), there is no way I trust anything of someone who hides their identity to testify on something this critical and importante whether it's on the radio or any other media, making up excuses as to "why" they hide ... as far as I'm concerned, if you cant come right out in the open with who you are and prove anything, I havent much reason to believe anything you say as having ANY credibility, period. And No ... if I had any kind of power over it, I would NOT let St.Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch handle the grand jury case on this ... no way in Hell with his history and background ... and I am NOT saying he is a villain, it just leaves too much room for him to be partial because of his family ties to law enforcement and the death of his father in the line of duty who was a cop as well. And as far as I'm concerned even the President (Obama, who I also been a strong supporter of) hasnt done enough to address this, but I understand what kind of load that the President has on him, especially with the troubles in Iraq and Syria currently and having to explain to the American people that he may have to break his promise of no boot's on the ground ... a statement he should have never made to begin with, knowing that insurgencies will later take you up on it. But at least sending in Attorney General Holder and the federal government to oversee some of this is a start ... because frankly we have some civil and across the board rights issues in this nation that are serious. But so far all I seen from the federal side (since they all talk of this being about transparency) is simply hug's, a few tear's with the victim's families and alot of talk from law enforcement and government folks, especially coaching the family of Mr. Brown to ask for "peace" ... but NOTHING else, or ANY question's being answered.

The character assassination of Mike's partner Dorian Johnson has already started, before even a trial, which you have to expect, it's funny how they alwayz question if any of these kid's/ people ever been busted/ arrested or smoked a joint/ blunt? ... where they are over reluctant to even question any of the officer's in these instances background's, or if they (officer's) EVER smoked a goddamn joint?!! No ... after looking at this closely as I can ... I dont believe even that Mike was a bad- ass ... I just believe he was a big kid, and may have even been influenced some by his buddy Dorian, being that Dorian is 4 year's older than him ... I mean, when I was a kid (and I grew up in some tough street's, believe me), I was kind of an on the edge kid, with alot of let's say "energy", who done some dumb thing's because of older kid's who knew my vulnerabilities and would "dare" me ... and ... I fucked up a few times myself. I dont believe that Mike even had the slightest clue that his action's or intention's and response (basing this on the video in the store they identify as Mike and Dorian) in that store is technically "strongarm robbery", he was just flexing his muscle to this store owner when the store owner resisted and/ or took an attitude toward's Mike, it was just spontaneous, if Mike would have really wanted to harm the store owner, he would have beaten him, plain and simple, not got in his face and do a push and shove dance with him and shooting word's (there is also conflicting report's as what Mike and Dorian were actually doing in that store video, that it may have been an argument instead of any kind of theft) ... but this is where Mike fucked up ... just like this other angry young man Kajieme, maybe not expecting the police to just shoot him in broad daylight in the City of St. Louis after Mike's killing with all the witnesses and heat in the area.

I think part of Wilson's story may be true, "if" being that he just told them to get the Hell out of the road, and he didnt get the robbery suspect call till second's after then decided to pursue them, so far there is conflicting evidence even if there was a real struggle with Mike and Dorian as the police and officer Wilson say, or how injured the officer was or just how much of an assault on the officer occurred, which I have no reason to believe whatsoever that this kid Mike tried to take the officer's gun ... I dont think he is that kind of kid (I knew some real bad asses in my time, and Mike doesnt fall into that category). However, I have not heard any bit of confirmation that even the store owner reported the incident, nor any confirmation that the robbery call was even dispatched, usually in any case, especially a homicide/ robbery, 911 calls and even the dispatch call is made public, both must be recorded and be available on record, neither has the store owner made any statement in media, or supposed witnesses at the store. I mean, we live in an era where hardly a thing is missed whether it's on our cell/ smart phones, or much else we use ... you even have hard drive forensic's, dash cams on patrol unit's, your key strokes recorded, call's, email's, video record of walking down the street to driving down the street, overhead drones that you cant see with the naked eye ... that could read even how much money you have in your wallet if they wanted, nothing in public these dayz is private in other word's (very, very little is private, and you have to make an effort for that), etc ... and your telling us that this is all you got week's later? ... why do I also find that hard to believe? ... you know right there that it's a lie, buying more time to cover up and wind down angry people. Only all peoples phones at the scene where Mike was killed were confiscated and law enforcement officially after all this time has kept tight lipped and released nothing at ALL. So someone is covering up here and clearly being less than honest after further review of this, I have no doubt now. Because you know that the media's combined havent withheld nothing, they grab everything they can get, the witnesses at the shooting scene have talked publicly, and even Dorian ... so who does that leave that hasnt gave any info of substance? ... you got it ... so there you know.

The jury looking at this will be told something like ... all this cop know's is that he possibly according to the call has a "store robbery" suspect in reach who look's big (and so far even the reported "call" and what it said hasnt been released to the public, it should have been since the start of this), and NOT enough info as far as how dangerous this suspect may be, and respond's with full force that he is allowed and trained for by law, it just happened too fast and even the officer didnt think much ... but yes ... this officer "was shooting to kill" from the autopsy report's of any/ all ... and in my opinion ... this is just excessive force permitted frequently these dayz, that can easily be avoided. I mean ... this shit/ tactic's like anything else can have a slippery slope, there is a flip- side to everything. So to me ... trying to get a murder indictment and/ or conviction on either of these cases will be difficult (this here is clear cut cop murdering Oscar Grant for example, and even this case was not justly handled), if everyone is impartial and unbiased even. Dont misunderstand me here as far as the issue of cop's using deadly force, this is an example of one case with Capt. David Huff in Oklahoma that I support the use of deadly force, not all cases are alike, so deadly force shouldnt be used just casually as the only way either. What need's to be addressed more than anything in this nation is the USE of DEADLY FORCE, the whole goddamn thing need's to be re- evaluated, or else you are going to have more and more of these cases increasing ... same as the stand your ground law's need to be looked at a lil more carefully and revised (and I am a pro- defense and gun supporter even).

As far as the police response to the demonstration's and the concern's over the militarization of police forces in this nation, this should be carefully looked at as well. But also understand that this is a sign of the times simply as far as force ... the police know in this nation that they have a VERY well armed citizenry and alot of angry people, they are going to build their defense stronger than we have ever seen in our lives. At the same time the response from government/ law enforcement in these demonstration's was disrespectful the way it was handled and an over- reaction from Governor Nixon, and understand that yokel's dont know how to deal with typically big city issues like these that are more common in big town's like New York or Los Angeles ... and panic too quickly (Ferguson is part of the City of St.Louis area and even within the freeway loop belt that surround's the city, but as a suburb town has independent government ... so it's not rural). As far as the looting of businesses? ... you have to expect that element, it actually hasnt much to do with race either as some whites may think ... if your young, restless, angry, under- employed or unemployed or related, regardless of what skin colour you are ... this is alwayz a possibility and doesnt represent the overwhelming majority and their anger or grievances. Example: I was involved in a protest in London (UK) back in the 1980's, many of the people with us went to overturning and spray- painting and vandalizing police car's and property (police used tear gas, and water hoses, club's, bullhorn's, etc, to resist us) and some broke into a couple local stores in central London, stealing beer/ ale or whatever they got their hand's on, there was several thousand's of us, I was right in the thick of it, and misbehaved myself (even though I was American, with some local's I knew) ... most of the people looting and vandalizing building's and police vehicles I all seen were white/ anglo protesters.

Again ... this is an issue that should be concerning of all American's, regardless of race, politic's, religion or whatever. Many American's, especially the young, will start to see that we need a new civil rights movement, and to revolt against this while it is your right, something I talk about on occasion with the younger folk's (teen's/ 20's), because they are asking many question's and feel the pinch today, and heard about our problem's in the 1960's, wondering if it's starting all over again ... they know something aint right somewhere, just on their gut feeling, when you listen to their concern's. The people expect some goddamn answer's and progress on this, and rightfully so ... so dont get too cocky thinking that they will just wear down and forget it, or you will just roll out the tank's every time they get angry and it will be a cakewalk ... cause it WONT ... you cant win and it can only disrupt your monetary empires and market's, so wise the fuck up and do this at least as right as you can, and SHOW instead of just talking.

Other than that ... it's NFL pre- season and the Oakland Raiders are at the Green Bay Packers tonight, which I am going to enjoy now ... Word Out ....


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