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MARLENE PINNOCK: To "Serve & Protect" ALL Those in Danger ... Except THOSE IN DANGER ... The "Ranger Danger" Edition ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.16)

Marlene Pinnock

Part 16 of the "Police Brutality" series will be to take a look and review at the beating of a woman Ms. Marlene Pinnock in West LA off the Santa Monica Frwy @ S. LaBrea Ave. the other day. These instances are a constant, especially in the LA area going back for year's, but it is also what you see more of over and over again in all your major urban area's across America ... and I ONLY been covering widely publicized cases in this series ... Hell ... if I were to highlight so many other's, I would have to devote this entire journal to these cases there are so many, and would still be behind ... that's how much of this goes on. And there can never be enough media/ blogging about this in our nation as far as I'm concerned. First some video and newsread below, then I wanted to add some to it after.

Marlene Pinnock Press Conference ... Thanx to LOS ANGELES SENTINEL NEWSPAPER

(VIDEO) California Highway Patrol Officer Beating Woman in the Head on Side of Road ... Thanx to WMI News

***** CBS/ LOS ANGELES: CHP Answers Excessive Force Charge In Beating Of Woman On Side Of Freeway

***** THE GUARDIAN: California highway patrol seizes records of woman beaten by officer

***** KTLA5: CHP Commissioner Promises Swift Action After Videotaped Beating





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

First of all in all fairness based on what Democracy is supposed to be about, and taking the proper legal investigative proceedures ... I will give CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow the benefit of doubt and hoping that they in their department make the only acceptable decision once they have all their evidence and investigative work completed. But too many times you see it prolonged, haggled, swept off to the side, twisted into something else etc, etc ... as you can see though, this is a clear straight case of excessive force and brutality on this woman ... and Thanx also to Mr. David Diaz for catching this all on film/ camera.

Once again, the thing that get's me about these cases across our nation, is when these officer's are being investigated by their IAD's (Internal Affairs Division) and affiliate agencies, they are alwayz given "paid" administrative leave and shifted to desk/ inner office detail's or whatever. And NO ... this is not necessary at all ... you can immediately reprimand the officer in at least some way, the firing of an officer can be a lil more difficult/ complicated (and a commissioner/ chief has the legal power to do that prior to any investigation at his/ her own discretion) and if the officer is CLEARED, you then can reinstate the duties and make up back pay and/ or any damage to the officer ... THAT IS FAIR, and can save the court's and taxpayer's money in further lawsuit's. In this case as well ... although they had no problemo getting the release of the name of Ms. Pinnock (and now even digging up her record's as if she is criminal) despite her non- cooperating to voluntarily give her name, but it takes too long to release the name of the officer ... why is that? In this case I'll just name the officer "Ranger Danger" since America has several of these ... those who are sworn to protect and serve all ... yet are never there enough to actually protect those who are really in DANGER in our communities ... while at the same time being a danger (officer) themselves to other's.

This case is about this instance ONLY, NOT her past record or history, and they cant say they knew her past history to assumed such, since they never even knew her name to run a make on her to begin with, or had her in the squad/ patrol unit to run her print's on their pad. She had no weapon's displayed, she was walking between car's but not attempted to assault anyone or vandalize anyones vehicle, she did not make any motion to harm the officer, she only tried to protect her head from the blow's he was dishing out in a radical un- professional manner. The insane part of this, is that these officer's are trained to where he could bring down this woman in a split second and even gently at that from what their taught/ trained (I could have myself and I'm not even an officer and older than him or her), while able to restrain the subject so easily, not even using a taser or mace or anything but a couple simple moves. When he was beating her in the head he also had her secured with his body and weight easily, and wearing leather gloves instead of bare knuckle, so he even had all the protection for his fist's at that. There is nothing to justify or to twist this into but what it clearly is.

And it is more likely to get targeted because of your race and class, but the race end has been going on for decades ... I mean ... I been seeing this shit since the 1960's ... and it has only gotten worse in America and far more frequent and acceptable ... and it should never be acceptable ... this is America ... this IS NOT what this country is about, nor need's to be. And who can argue when people throw "race" into it? A couple young men I was talking to the other day (both black men) about this and related ... one in his early 20's described our society and such as people that see black people and especially lower income as "subhuman" ... the other guy in his late 20's told me that so many people just hate black people and would like to just kill them if they could get away with it. Both of these young men had job's (lower wage job's), pay taxes, dont harm anyone, or have a history of trouble with the law or whatever. And they werent angry when they told me this, they were more disappointed and at ease as if it is common ... why do these young men feel this way and are so sincere about it? You should never accept this!

I was on the train/ rail the other day coming home from work in the early afternoon (1:30pm or so), the car I was on had me and only about 7/8 other passenger's ... a Dallas Transit fare enforcement officer boarded the train at the Burbank Station (Greenline to Carrollton), he walked past me and went to the other's who were all black passenger's in my car, and asked to show their ticket's (confirm they paid fare), he never asked me (he was also a white officer) ... he walked to the next car to check ticket's, I actually got up and followed him to the next car and said ... (loudly) "Excuse me officer ... you never checked my ticket ... " ... he just said Thank You and didnt even bother to read it ... what should I think? Are African American's not disproportionately targeted/ profiled because of race? With these instances and similar with the brutality, illegal searches, and all other ... how can you argue their not?

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Infidel753 said...

It seems obvious that he just flew into a rage over something and lost control. They need better training, and screening of candidates.

Internal investigations are worthless in cases like this. A tight-knit organization always tends to protect its own. It reminds me of the way the Catholic Church protects molesting priests from justice.

This cop was especially foolish to do this in a place surrounded by cars, where inevitably at least some people would be able to film him without being seen doing so. Think how easily they'd be able to hush it us without the film.