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IMMIGRATION Order @ The Border 2014: "... Look at ALL these Little KIDZ ... Takin Care of Serious BIZ ..." The "SHOW Your LOVE" Edition ... (HISPANIC/ LATINO STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.3)

Part 3 of the "Hispanic/ Latino Stimulus Package" series will take a look at what is being called a "crisis" or even an "invasion" of immigrant's from mostly these central American countries ... but not just here in the Southwest from Texas to California, but the nation ... and the politician's of course are scrambling to do and say the "correct" thing ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... which makes me find this whole issue as politically entertaining and absolutely hilarious, which I will explain in my part after the newsread and video below. Big Thanx as well to CNN ... cause when they cover any issue, they stay on that shit for sometimes week's at a time and are all over it like a cheap suit on sunday, with every angle, conspiracy, theory ... you name it! {: ) Also this posting's title was inspired by the lyrics of the classic 1978 of Van Halen called "I'm The One" ... a song that I loved covering myself back in the day on vocal's!


***** NOTE: (wednesday 09 July 2014) There has been news talk that human smuggling cartel's have some kind of "game/ hustle" rigged up spreading rumor down there that U.S. and this administration are giving "amnesty" to those that can make it up here (telling folk's that legislation that never happenened went through). I have been able to also clarify and confirm that this week first hand from 2 sources of folk's that are here from Honduras and El Salvador, I had no idea this scam was going on (it is big money for some, so it makes sense), but my sources are very reliable on that info, they as well made that journey.

To try to explain how this worx, I will tell it as explained to me, okay? This is from my Honduran source, and I wont mention his name here because he is a friend. Basically the total cost to get a kid or famila member here is about $6000 in American dollars, in Honduras you have to pay about $3000 up front to the cartel (in many instances the money may come from American familia already here), when you get out and into Mexico before you get passage through the U.S/ Mexico border region, they (cartel/ coyotes) have to get another couple thousand (or else you dont get access through Mexico), for additional paper work of some kind to carry on your person to say if caught that you have legal immigrant status of some kind, you pay an additional $1000 basically for that (not mandatory, but added confidence in doing so). Alot of the money transferring is done through places like Western Union and usually at them check cashing/ payday loan joints and convenient stores here in U.S. .

My friend's older brother (who is early 50's in age) was recently killed in Honduras because he didnt pay some small back money that he owed on some deal, he had a small convenient store in Honduras too. They came to his home, his brother was scared and suspected it wasnt going to go well, and tried to grab a gun he had in his home, they shot him 5x times in the head at point blank range, his 2 son's who were early 20's and one late teen's were also shot in the incident who were at home, the older one in the stomach and chest and died right there, the younger one was shot trying to run in the back and his spine got hit, he's alive but cant walk. His teenage daughter and wife are up here in Dallas.


***** CNN/ U.S.: Showdown over immigration: 'This is an invasion'

***** THE WASHINGTON POST: Protestors in California block busloads of immigrant children and families




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

First of all, I want to congratulate these kidz who actually made it here through this rough experience and being so determined at such a young age to get away from some of the shit that goes down in their part of America, but they also need to understand and will in time, that they will also have challenges here, but this strength and determination at such a young age will even hone your survival skills better, trust me (much of my own strength's and weaknesses that I learned over the year's comes from my childhood, which I am so glad that I have experienced). These are some strong kidz ... which I look at as the "iron youth" ... and some of which will become the true "elite" of our future.

The great thing about this politically is that it makes many politician's either have to make up more lies to cover their past lies, or to just come right out and say what really is their view, opinion, stand/ position ... they are under pressure because of these mid- term election's and the big one coming up in 2016, it also awaken's us as American citizen's exposing more of the hypocrisy that we promote in our nation ... this is all over every political show across the nation right now, so Thanx as well to these kids on that end. Many of these same politician's would otherwise be down in town's like Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, Del Rio Texas all the way up to San Antonio/ San Marcos and beyond eating taco's and hugging immigrant latino children during their campaign's for hundred's of photo shoot's trying to get the votes of these immigrant's families and friend's. Already all over Texas and the nation many politician's are blaming each other for this (most blame Obama, as usual) ... and just having to listen to some of their whining so early in the fucken morning on the news is irritating ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Many politician's especially here in Texas even, and those who pump 10's of thousand's of dollars into their campaign's, hire some of these low wage worker's to do everything from gardening/ landscaping to being nannies of their kids, use the contracting services of such because of how great of a bargain they can get, etc. My daughter's fiancee/ boyfriend came here from Mexico as one of these immigrant kidz. He DID come here legally though with his sister and mom, who left his dad, his dad had a good education and well paying career with the Mexican Government, property in Mexico, etc. He graduated from the University of North Texas @ Denton and today represents a major U.S. based company in marketing relations in Latin American countries ... his mom BTW, was a maid for the Cheney's (former Vice President) here in an exclusive upscale Dallas neighbourhood ... the same Dick Cheney that told us that he "lived" in Wyoming when he ran as Vice Presidential candidate with Presidential/ GOP candidate G.W. Bush.

You would figure that there may be a different reaction from some of our leadership, especially in this so called "age of globalization" (corporate/ banking globalization is more like it) ... "being a big free happy familia" ... with all the so called "borderless free trade" (major corporation's and investment banking ONLY ... I mean like ... you or I cant legally trade or even invest our own damn money without their approval or the way they do, eh?) etc, etc ... with our love for children, our wanting to free people who seek political asylum and refuge, etc ... I mean ... these ARE American's, they are our neighbour's, they are culturally the same as us even, they struggle and hope for the same thing's we do and true democracy, just like you want them to ... do we not inspire this? With our swollen head's and bellies of how worldly and liberated and loving we are, eh? ... should we NOT live up to what we been preaching all these year's?, or like everything else, speak out of both sides of our mouth's on this one too, when these children's lives are on the line? So here we are with many who seek what we told them they should all along, and told them we are there to help as usual in times of need ... and have them in detention facilities set up like many of the privatized prison's in America that are in the prisoner's for profit's business ... knowing that all these top hypocrites may be some of the same people who would later exploit these children in some way.

NO! ... if ya'll are going to tighten the border as ya'll claim for year's and decades to have done ... just bloody fucken do it, dont beat around the bush over and over and ignore it ... Hell ... ya'll dont ignore us as far as tightening up everything on us as citizen's, ya'll have us all under lock and key and watched 24/ 7, searched/ monitored (many times illegally at that), fined/ penalized, etc, etc. In the meantime, these kids who made that long rough journey here ... I would financially support and even personally set up account's for some as an investment for their education and the future of our own nation. Why? ... why not ... I mean ... we spend billion's on fossil fuel/ oil/ energy subsidies (corporate welfare), we fund the same terrorist's that threaten us directly or indirectly with more million's to billion's in middle eastern/ African/ Asian countries and their dictator's, with slush fund's out the ass ... we spend billion's invading and occupying nation's over there so we can get more oil, coal, lithium, copper, etc, and support financially and politically some of the same dictator's in those countries who are so culturally different, that they wont even let a woman drive a car, or they would even stone to death gay people on video at that ... or kill women and children, for just being women and children ... somehow the money and gun's we pump into these latin American drug war's even mysteriously get's into the hand's of those who are killing and raping these same children and supplying much of the dangerous drug's to our nation ... is this NOT FACT? ... of course it is. I mean ... supporting these kidz financially even, is stimulating our regional/ local economies ... something that we lack doing these dayz ... this is money that will be spent and generated here for a change and a future investment, while truely helping those neighbour's of our's, eh? As the song sayz ... Show Your Love!

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