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PRESIDENT OBAMA/ AUSTIN 2014: Lame Duck President? ... NO ... PATRIOT (P)Resident ... The "How the BUCK Stopped the DUCK" Edition (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.32) & (PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, JR PT.5)

This posting will also serve these 2 series for this journal, which will highlight the President's speech on the economy and the condition while in Austin the other day ... he also made a stop to meet with city and county leader's of Dallas the same day and spoke concerning the immigration issue, (Dallas offered/ agreed to take in numbers of them in the thousand's, 2000 of those immigrant's will be children, many are being processed now, and the Federal Government is deciding now who will do the contracting for it here). I am also glad that he didnt fall for the push for him to go down to the Mexico/ Texas border, where he was getting pressured from both political sides to do (especially Texas Gov Rick Perry) ... there was no need to, and it wouldnt have done a damn bit of good Sir ... your meeting with those who will possibly house and support thousand's of these immigrant's here in Dallas County was far more importante than taking pictures in 100 degree heat on the bank's of the Rio Grande River. In my opinion as well ... Gov. Rick Perry just carried a redneck attitude toward's the President while here and complaining even after they met. And all this barbeque and beer talk about Texas through the Governor's office constantly talking about Washington's spending or of this administration and about secession talk, Texas independence, etc, etc ... is also a bunch of crap when Washington is dishing out money ... Gov. Rick Perry is first in line holding his hand out and Texas get's enormous funding on various thing's from Washington/ Federal Gvmnt ... but I'll leave that there.

I wanted to highlight this speech he gave here at the Paramount Theatre in Austin the other day, because it was so straight to the point and because all you hear these dayz is about the lower rating's in the poll's of the President, a do nothing, lame duck President, etc ... this man is doing his job and frankly doing a damn good job at that. I am also happy to see that he been using his executive power's and pen a bit more, which I suggested long back he should do myself, due to having to work with such an unproductive, dysfunctional,  and non- cooperating work crew, in any of the private sector's (and they in the GOP should know this very well), they would be fired in a heartbeat and looking for a new bloody job! ... and what does the President get for doing such and his job? ... well now they want to sue and impeach him (which is solid nonsense) and frankly in my opinion the President shouldnt even respond and play in such stupid nonsense (which is about as stupid as the birth certificate garbage) ... better yet ... if they want to ask you any related thing, discuss such with you, or any damn thing on this nonsense Sir ... instead of taking them to dinner or to play golf anymore (and John Boehner as a man is a likable guy too I will add ... I just dont agree with this last stunt he pulled) ... tell them jerk's to go through the proper legislative and legal proceeding's ... other than that ... shut the Hell up, or deal with your attorney. Wanna SUE? ... SO WHAT ... go ahead! (I would figure that someone like Speaker Boehner would be AGAINST "frivolous" type lawsuit's, eh? ... at least that is what they preach). This Congress in particular has spent their entire time not working for America's interest's, but working night and day to try to nitpick and buck this President like some sort of cult fetish.

Sure you can label him as a lame duck or whatever, and blame everything in the world on him ... but considering the mess that this country was in when he took over office on day one ... it is in better shape than would be under anyone. The only thing that stop's this duck (President) from getting through any deal's ... is the $$ BUCK's $$ that have been contaminating Washington, they even ripped apart his blueprint for a public option in Health Care and tried only to milk the Hell out of that ... the same people who claim that they DONT WANT government money, big government or anything else ... like Rick Perry of Texas ... are those first in line with their hand out to take and milk all they can get. He may not have done everything everyone would like ... I dont agree with everything that he does or sayz as I pointed out throughout this journal, but many of the issues and his decision's I do ... and he has been the most bipartisan President I seen in my life (and I was born back when Dwight Eisenhower was President) ... I myself am bipartisan. He has done well on rights for all, well on defense, done good on business (more than many conservatives at that), done well by our veteran's especially and the First Lady as well with their families ... and he gave an honest dayz work for his pay ... and has had one Hell of a load to deal with. And he dont have to prove his residency with me or show his birth certificate or wear a flagpin on his jacket lapel ... he's a resident and good President and in my opinion a public patriot. He sure as Hell is doing his job ... that's more than I can say for many other's ... more from the President below ... Word Out ....

***** WHITEHOUSE.GOV: Remarks by the President on the Economy- Austin, TX ... (transcript)





The President Speaks on the Economy ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE


***** POST NOTE: My point here is that the man is doing his JOB, the man has been doing his best to try to work with all sides. When thing's get rough economically or otherwise, people will direct their frustration  as a result of the main leader ... if thing's are well ... no one cares and they like the leader ... when shit hit's home, folk's care ONLY. Most of the troubles we have started way before he became President, and took the action's of both these polarizing sides to establish. I hear all the arguement's that the President does too much secret deal's, he is creating a police state, etc. There are alot of other factor's that help create the condition, not one person. And I dont even agree with some of the trade negotiation's, or imposing tougher restriction's on our privacy etc ... but it's not this one person creating this, he is moving on the hand he has been dealt and on the advice of many. And personally speaking, I would have used my veto/ executive power pen a Hell of alot more than he had ... they wouldnt want to sue one like me, they would want one like me hung, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I dont buy the talk that he is just the evil character that he been being painted as, I believe he loves this country and trying to make the ride for ALL as smooth as he can through this transition which is global ... cause we have some big challenges ahead of us, whoever is in this office, bank on it.

And I dont understand Speaker Boehner's move on this lawsuit business or who inspired or supported him to pull this stunt (maybe they took a trip down memory lane and had the red- ass, from when Atty Gen. Holder filed a lawsuit against their $$ buddies $$ at British Petro), I seen Boehner and Obama as possibly a couple guyz that can be buddies and iron out some of their political differences, John seem's like a likable guy too I mean. I can only imagine in a position like being President of how lonely it must be, and thought it was healthy for Obama and Boehner to play some golf together or have some guyz to play basketball with on the court, etc (you need some leisure in such a stressful environment) ... you are surrounded 24/ 7 by stuffed suit's, ton's of paper's to review and security, having some folk's to hang- out with, socialize with and down time is importante and healthy. It just seem's like such a cramped environment, almost physically restrictive, like being in jail or some shit ... (even in jail I/ you want to shoot a few hoops on the basketball court and socialize) , or being stuck in some fluorescent prison type office/ cubicle type job, but like for 2 and a half shift's back to back. Congress sure as Hell makes and takes plenty of time off, Hell ... everytime they get the red- ass (angry), they just walk out and take off a couple week's or whatever ... and threaten to close down the government, public amenities and other thing's American's need and pay for themselves!



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