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LGBT Rights 2014/ HOLMES- PHARISS- DE LEON & DIMETMAN: Texas' UNofficial LAW- "FIRM" on Justice & Equality ... The "Judiciary Roleplay" Edition ... (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.33)

(left to right) Victor Holmes, Mark Phariss, Cleopatra De Leon, & Nicole Dimetman

Part 33 of the "Public Patriots" series will be to highlight the case back in February over ruling the ban on same sex marriage in Texas unconstitutional by Judge Garcia in San Antonio, which was a sort of 21st century battle at the Alamo calling this time for judiciary roleplay to get involved. But this posting mainly is to honour Victor Holmes, Mark Phariss, Cleopatra De Leon & Nicole Dimetman as public patriot's for taking this to the challenge and all those who stood behind them ... and congratulation's on this first round too, and for standing up for the rights of Texans!

And I want to add, that I dont have some fetish for writing about marriage or wedding's at all, to me they are boring, whether it's gay or straight marriages or the joining of cat's or dog's in matrimony, I could give a shit less one way or the other, nor has it ever bothered me or offended me in any way what other couples/ peoples sexual practices are ... it simply dont matter to me. My wife and I been together for over 30 year's (even before we were officially married), we would be together whether anyone approved it or not, plain and simple. This posting is about basic rights for ALL citizen's, "marriage" has alot of legal odd's & end's that come with it, as well as financial advantages (and sometimes disadvantages), custody and property rights, taxation status, etc, etc ... all falling under the umbrella in our nation of state recognized "marriage" for it's citizen's ... again ... this is simply a matter of FULL rights and EQUAL rights, it hasnt a thing to do with our opinion's as far as same sex marriage and what we may feel about it.

But it's really sad that still another freedom and right has to be fought for this late in the 21st century, and still is a national battle, it's almost endless, when you get my age and hear constantly for decade after decade that were ALL free, liberated, equal, and understanding ... yet decade after decade this endless battle over and over and over and over because of politics, institutionalized religion's, cultures, or whatever of still having to battle just for basic rights ... it's actually sickening, boring and hypocritical. And basically many politician's who get paid decent salaries BY US, claim they represent the people and their interest's, yet pussy- foot and dance around these issues for political reason's ... and this posting is nearly 5 years back , this is the best we got by now in 2014 from our political representation? But still it's the people that have to fight them (politicians) ... what a bloody contradiction, eh?

Mark Phariss and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (Greg is running for Governor as well, and he sure as Hell wont get my vote) have even been friend's since college kid's, Mark ran to his side when Greg got injured and paralyzed, which is a true friend, yet Greg wants to challenge his friend in court on equal rights for his friend and fellow Texan's? ... I dont think I will ever understand that way of thinking ... and Thank goodness I cant. Ms. De Leon and Mr. Holmes are both Air Force veteran's as well ... these are fellow Texan's who came up to serve and defend our nation and state ... and these folk's have to actually fight here at home for the right to be equal? ... our veteran's? ... that's not only a state of Texas disgrace, but a national disgrace! It's just a matter of time and this will be all over, and need's to be, and get on with marriage equality as a basic right ... more below.

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Couple challenges Texas ban on same- sex marriage ... Thanx to MARIO MONTALVO

***** TWC NEWS/ AUSTIN: (added 29 july 2014) LGBT Families Try to Deliver Petition Seeking Marriage Equality ... the children of gay/ lesbian couples in Texas yesterday tried hand- delivering thousand's of petition's they carried in kid's hand pulled wagon's to the Attorney General's office ... they were declined and not accepted to be delivered, the office said they dont accept anything that is "hand- delivered". Now ... I see that as a lie, although they can say due to terror threat's and increased security measures, they may enforce that rule. I see it as a "snowjob" or "half truth", because all day long these and other offices get hand delivered packages/ envelopes through private/ contracted courier's, which is common ... I mean ... they know what these children were delivering, they got the head's up, even mainstream media's were there covering it.

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***** DALLAS VOICE: BREAKING: Federal judge strikes down Texas ban on gay marriage, postpones action pending appeal

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