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INDEPENDENCE DAY 2014: Celebrating the DECADE of American ENERGY INDEPENDENCE & A DILDO Up Their ASS ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.20) & (Gas Prices At The Pump- 2014 PT.6)

This posting will be the Independence Day 2014 posting and to serve both series of this journal "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" & "Gas Prices At The Pump" ... I figure what better topic to do for the 4th of July than exposing more of the bullshit were fed in America, and how once again ... this so called energy independence thing is nothing more than a few more inches crammed up our asses in America. Of course as I stated in the start of this journal it is simple to celebrate when you get a deal let's say ... from gas prices that started at $2.00 bucks a gallon ... then they shoot it up to $5 ... then drop it to $3.50/ $4.00 through various manipulations ... you end up thinking you got a deal (typical sales gimmick), when you actually got jacked up 200% ... get my drift, eh? And the excuses for the increases are endless, I believe this week it's the civil conflict in Iraq, or the hurricane that's fixin to hit the east coast, a tornado touching down in PoDunk, Arkansas ... but it can be anything, even nonsensical shit ... I mean ... the Pope can get a "sign" via email from the Virgin Mary and it would go up ... just bullshit and speculative market crap.

For a decade now, all we been hearing about is "energy independence", "energy independence" and "energy independence" from all the oil/ energy giant's to politician's, media's, etc, etc ... and every five year's or so they have a new projected date of when we will get there. Meanwhile thoughout that time, you see the production, supply and profit's skyrocket like never in it's history, yet the prices dont really go down at all ... how is that? ... how is that, that when they go up ... they go up at the pump 20/ 30 cents in less than a week and ONLY drop a few cents at best throughout an entire month? If your lucky to get a 30 cent drop at the pump and put 10 gallons say in your vehicle, you just SAVED (another big word they use) a whopping $3 bucks ... how thrilling, eh? ... while mysteriously on that end were still hypermiling or whatever, trying to pinch and squeeze every cent of that $3 bucks, while driving ourselves into deeper debt ... so SOMETHING must be economically not working or thought out and designed/ planned well.

All we hear about now as well is the Keystone XL Pipeline extension, how Houston which is now a world leader in refining will become even twice as big in the industry to where the entire metro area will be doing it around the clock, jobs, jobs and jobs galore ... and more independence etc, etc, like a broken record, but you see hardly nothing change in our economies ... why is that, eh? ... still yet out of the other side of their mouth's pushing for more cuts and politicians whining how broke they all are, etc. Whether your politically right, left or in between ... a minimal wages contract worker who depend's on your vehicle to make a living, or perhap's even a small company/ business owner who uses many vehicles for your business, or just the average working commuter ... you may be finding yourself asking ... with all this so called independence, free market, etc, and boom of drilling, mining, fracking, etc that is going on ... when in Hell will it pay off and how? ... I mean ... it's been going on for a decade, and nothing has done any of our economic issues much of any good.

I mean like ... what exactly in America for example are all these oil profits doing for our country and citizens? Have they helped any of our social programmes, infrastructure repair's/ update's, funding of our school's that need much? ... reduced our homeless population? (Hell ... we still have thousand's of homeless veteran's who fought in countries for oil company profit's directed by our political representation), how much has went to any of the budget cut's we are having proposed and legislated left and right on a monthly basis these dayz? How much has been used in healthcare for American's?, etc, etc. So when all these politician's and oil giant's boast and brag of this energy independence and/ or how proud we should be or whatever ... you must be asking yourself at some point ... Why? ... what has any of this improved for most folks in our country?

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is taking the sensible approach to this and asking the sensible questions below, he is not the most highlighted celebrity politician, not the best hairstyle, or has that popular shit eating grin everytime a camera is on him ... but he makes sense, so give the guy a listen. As for these other politician's selling word's and phrases (Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh (: ) ... I think a few of them actually start believing the bullshit they talk themselves) that endlessly highside while chanting "energy independence!, energy independence!, energy independence!" ... "were almost there" ... every 5 year's, etc ... tell them to put some Tabasco Sauce on it and shove it up their asses ... they certainly shove it up our's.

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