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TOLL ROADS AMERICA 2014: Public/ Private Partnership of Government Sanctioned Monopolies ... The "RIDING the Hershey Highway" Edition ... (How To Privatize America PT.10) & (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.8)

This posting to also be for both series of this journal "Corporatcommunazica" & "How To Privatize America" ... will take a look at another domestic American issue that I havent even paid that much atencion to, but it has been brought up to me time and again, over and over from folk's ... many who have various complaint's about it, so I decided to look into it a bit and do a posting on it since I havent yet. And just dont think that this is a local issue across Texas ... this is coast to coast, Edward and I were discussing this the other day who moved here from Brooklyn/ NYC (and a shout out to Ed if you catch this post ... Coney Island and Greek Pizza ROX! {: ) and was telling me of the enormous fee's/ toll's now in New York/ New Jersey just going to work for folk's, I had other neighbour's who moved here from Los Angeles recently telling me the the toll's now in LA & Orange Counties are insane, folk's I talked to from Cleveland ... same deal in Ohio, and been now reading about this all over the nation.

But first while digging up stuff for this posting, some link's and video below ... and I thought that Terri Hall of TURF here in Texas summed this up straight and clear without any of the side dishes of bullshit, who also partly inspired the title of this posting, and the part about the Hershey Highway (no NOT in Pennsylvania) inspired, because that is what I see this as ... basically getting another shaft up our asses riding us via our legislator's, which I will point out after.

**** This posting will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS (PT.1)/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

Toll Road Scam: How to Avoid HUGE Fines, How Public Roads Make Private Profit/ The Truth Talks ... Thanx to PSYCHETRUTH

***** TURF (TEXANS UNITED FOR REFORM & FREEDOM): Texas for Sale: Texas roads may be handed to private, foreign toll operators / ... / Final vote on SB 1730 includes I- 35, Hwy 183, Hwy 290, Loop 1604 & more!

***** KHOU/ HOUSTON: Harris County Toll Road Authority mistakenly bills thousands of drivers


***** DALLAS NEWS: LBJ's fluctuating tolls peak at $2.45 during rush- hour debut

***** REUTERS: Are private toll roads a losing idea?

***** DAILY KOS: Fed Plan To Allow States To Toll Interstate Highways





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

I can understand that government is just trying to do something for our infrastructure need's and the whole public private partnership gig getting money from business to create business, open market, etc, etc ... it all sound's great on paper. But understand that as you can see throughout this journal, many of these same investment entities are simply into profiteering ONLY, they could care less about helping this country do a damn thing, or frankly give a shit about this country except for what they can milk it for ... some of these same neo- pro free market folk's are the same folk's that have their hand out trying to milk every government tax dollar they can get their hand's on, and are more like fraudulent welfare recipient's than anything else, trying to take control basically at the same time of every public service this nation has. Some of these same mega entities are the same who milked this country to austerity, and affiliates that have us in these endless war's/ occupation's that drink's up all our surplus if we have any, just continuing to rob this nation and other's.

Also understand that when you give some of these entities full power, they may take legislation a step further and can push to possibly even shut down your vehicle from operation using the technologies that todayz vehicles are being built and equipped with, over past due payment's or whatever ... who know's what's next? Perhap's naming these new toll road's after themselves? Can you imagine driving down Bank of America Highway, Exxon/ Mobil Highway ... Pizza Hut Highway? And dont think for a minute they wouldnt try to name these with some tasteless, and tacky bland title ... look at any of the major stadium's across the nation, or just in the Dallas area ... they actually named our soccer stadium in Frisco for the FC Dallas team ... "Pizza Hut Stadium" (and that is tasteless, tacky and uncreative as Hell!) and now it's Toyota Stadium, Texas Rangers (MLB) Ballpark stadium in Arlington is now Globe Life Stadium (insurance), Cowboys (NFL) Stadium next door to that is AT&T Stadium, Dallas Mavericks (NBA) arena downtown is now American Airlines Center, SMU Mustangs (college football) Stadium in central Dallas is at least a lil less obvious and tacky at least naming it Gerald J. Ford Stadium, not after the former President Ford, but this guy is the former CEO of a major California bank that sold to Citigroup, now chairman of the board for a banking insurance holding company and on the board of director's for the world's largest extractor of gold and copper ... now Cotton Bowl Stadium (for college football bowls) in Fair Park/ Expo Park is looking to sell naming rights as well ... same thing in other metro area's around the nation.

But when you have these type of so called "partnership's" ... YOU MUST have some regulation's, oversight, accountability, etc ... taxpayer's have to account for every damn dollar we have and spend, and do a Hell of alot better at managing our money than Wall Street or Washington combined ... and that is where once again our legislator's/ representation are failing ... just like giving billion's to other entities from mega investment folk's to energy/ petro corporation's etc ... yet NEVER asking for a contract, almost with no term's and condition's, and no transparency, etc, and when one of these folk's fail, either get bailed out, re- financed, file bankruptcy and take everything off shore, etc ... where is ANY oversight? That is NOT free- market, competitive business, good business that pays off, or a damn thing balanced business wise about it, and just creates monopolies that cant even stand on their own 2 feet without government money, yet brag constantly they they are all this and that and removing government from everything. Can you imagine what shape we would be in letting these folk's do as usual ... and have no oversight of a damn thing? ... Hell ... many would dig their own graves, and take us all in the hole with them ... like us having a relationship with a dopefiend ... which is not a healthy "partnership".

Some of this is absolutely mindblowing, almost enough to make you bust out laughing if it werent such serious issues involving economic's or whatever, I have never witnessed such incompetence in my life, especially out of some of our political representation, who have decades in some cases of experience in business, economic's, law, etc, etc ... where in Hell are your bargaining/ negotiating, salesmanship, marketing skill's? You sure as Hell sell some crafty campaign packages to the voter's during election's ... is this all ya'll can do when dealing with some of these prospective investor's? These are everyones tax dollar's ... we need to do better than this on how we spend, period, regardless of which of these two political sides you belong to. Again ... I am not a hard ass who is anti- business at all ... but Geeeezzz ... when your making a DEAL ... at least "sell me something" ... I want your business/ investment's, I want to give ya'll a tax break ... WHAT DO WE/ US get in the package/ deal? ... I'm just talking basic straight business, nothing complex. I mean ... these kind's of haggling and bargaining is insane in ANY business ... SELL ME/ US!, show something ... not word's that I/ we can get from a used car salesman or someone flipping houses/ real estate, this isnt some nickel & dimer street corner crap ... these are BIG deal's and contract's ... we need something on paper/ in writing, a contract like ANY business does ... conducting business this way is NOT business! And we need some control, regulation and input from taxpayer's, since it IS tax dollars being shelled out ... this shit has just went hogwild and now their even tolling the damn interstates in rural area's!

As far as the toll's that I hear complaining about from folks time and again, from the scam's to overcharging, etc ... try to avoid tolls ... as a matter a fact if this continues to grow rapidly without no change ... I would hope that a majority of American's will flat out boycott in some new movement of sort. Dont get me wrong, I have used them a few times, most times I avoid them ... an instance a few weeks back or so when I had to run my daughter to drop her during morning rush at DFW airport ... I had to get to McKinney in less than an hour, was exiting the terminal's at the north exit unto LBJ Frwy and didnt want to deal with that LBJ and North Central Expwy morning traffic with all that construction ... I used the Rayburn Tollway which was pretty smooth and good time ... and all those overhead camera's that read your plates/ tag's, make it so you can breeze through easily at about 85 mph if you choose (although the posted speed limit is 75 mph), without having to slow down which was nice, getting me up there in a half hour or so. But yeah ... they dont miss a beat and had my bill in the mail in a couple dayz. For those who dont pay the toll's and ignore them, because there are so many thousand's of people doing such, and figuring that they wont issue a warrant or whatever or track you down ... well ... when you try to renew your liscense, registration or whatever ... they will put a hold on it and not renew ... because it's all connected in with the TxDOT and TxDPS computer's, if you got too many unpaid's like some who owe thousand's ... they are now having DPS unit's on the tollwayz, that scan passing plates, and they will pull you over and nab you if their computer in the unit red flag's you.

Other than that ... Word Out ....



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